Other than Caesar himself two of import characters are Marcus Brutus the deuteragonist and Caius Cassius the adversary. Brutus is an idealistic Roman who is much celebrated for his aristocracy. Married to Portia he is held in high respect by every Roman. He is the pretor in the senate and is of baronial lineage, is Caesars most sure friend and is of high reputation. Cassius on the other manus is besides a Roman of high reputation, but is non idealistic as Brutus and is alternatively a realist. He is an experient military general and is really astute. He is married to Brutus ‘s sister and is therefore called by lucius “ Brutus ‘s brother ” in the grove scene when the plotters come to run into Brutus. He is manipulative by nature and knows how to utilize his words to alter the heads of the sternest work forces. Thus it is rather apparent from the really basic debut of the two characters that there exist certain factors which draw close and draw them apart. They are brought near by the high reputation they portion, by the fact that Cassius is Brutus ‘s brother in jurisprudence, both are from good to make households, and both are besides members of the Roman senate. There are besides contrasting features which are brought out by this debut though. Brutus is an idealist whereas Cassius is a realist who thinks things through. Brutus is respected in whatever determinations he takes while Cassius does non bask such huge power over the multitudes. Cassius is a adult male who is manipulative and beats around the shrub boulder clay he is certain that he can show what he wants to state to his audience while Brutus is a relatively consecutive frontward adult male, he does non believe much before stating anything. He might seek to believe things through but his determinations are affected by his idealistic thought. Cassius takes into history anything and everything while taking a determination. Thus it is these few things where we see a divider between these two characters and their political orientations.

We are ab initio introduced to these two characters in the 2nd scene of the first act where we see Cassius seeking to motivate Brutus against Caesar. It is in this scene that the two characters start coming near to each other. Cassius uses their friendly relationship as a footing for guaranting that he can do Brutus audience for his wicked programs. That is if we recall he says to Brutus that he is non been acquiring the same love that he is accustomed to acquire from Brutus. This suggests that the two were one time close friends but have now to a certain extent an estranged relationship the cause of which Brutus says is some struggle which he is traveling through which disables him from demoing his loved 1s the love they deserve of whom Cassius is figure one. Thus it is here we see two people who were one time good friends, who had drifted apart from each other for some while coming back together.

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The following clip that we see the two together is in the first scene of the 2nd act which takes topographic point in Brutus ‘s grove where the plotters come to run into him. In this scene we see the differences in the political orientations of Brutus and Cassius going more and more apparent. Cassius wants all the plotters to curse their declaration. Cassius acts practically by stating this as if an curse is taking there is no opportunity of the confederacy leaking. However Brutus opposes Cassius ‘s determination. Under the influence of his idealistic nature he says that if the times abuse is non ground adequate for their motivation they should merely trash the confederacy and travel to their beds. Harmonizing to him curses are to be taken by priests, cowards and cunning work forces. Cassius so moves onto to propose Cicero ‘s name as a member to the confederacy. He knows that if he is associated with the confederacy so the people will believe that the confederacy was his thought and the remainder were merely following his orders. Brutus nevertheless negates even this suggestion of Cassius stating that Cicero can ne’er follow what other work forces start. Even when the subject of killing Antony is brought up Cassius stands in its favor but Brutus calls it as “ to bloody ” and that the plotters should non kill Antony after Caesar as it may look as though they had done it out of personal enviousness and non for the good of Rome. Thus we see in these three events the difference in the thought procedures of Brutus and Cassius. It is the manner they think that easy starts to pull them apart.

The following clip that we see the two together is during the scene of Caesars blackwash. After the blackwash when Anatonies servant brings a message to the plotters Cassius tells Brutus that he fears that Antony might travel against them and can be unsafe if he uses all his resources. Brutus pays no attentiveness to this and says that he will be a friend of theirs in the clip to come. Brutus even allows Antony to present the funeral oration for Caesar despite Cassius ‘s warning. Even though he lays certain conditions on Antony, the consequence is lay waste toing for him and the plotters much like a decease enchantment. Brutus and Cassius ‘s friendly relationship is given the true trial in act four scenes two and three where they quarrel. The battle begins with Cassius speaking to Brutus as follows: “ Most baronial brother, you have done me incorrect. “ Cassius blames Brutus for the apprehension of his general Lucius Pella. This quarrel easy takes a unsafe bend and turns into a full boom fire where even Brutus who is as he says every bit timid as a lamb besides gets angry and starts to lend to maintain the fire raging. It is at this point that their friendly relationship is at the brink of snarling. Fortunately the two cool down really shortly. Both realise that it is non wise for two generals to be in such a verbal combat when their ground forcess are to travel in a war against a common enemy. Furthermore when Brutus speaks of Portia ‘s self-destruction Cassius non merely fling his choler but declinations holding troubled Brutus the manner he did.

Therefore Shakespeare pushes the already interrupting down relationship to the border, nevertheless brings them back as closer friends. In the class of the war Cassius dies and is paid a rich testimonial by Brutus as the latter musca volitanss his carcase. Brutus calls Cassius the “ The last of all Romans ” . Thus it is here that we come to cognize of the true respect Brutus had held Cassius in. Soon after this Brutus dies, but it is apparent that he dies with regard and love for Cassius.

Therefore here ends the narrative of two work forces who were ab initio good friends, but so separated, so once more came near, so started to slowly sway off from each other. Then came a clip when they were blazing with choler against each other. But so they once more became good friends, and even when they died, they died with regard, honor and love for each other. What is interesting to observe is that whenever Brutus made an visual aspect at any point in the drama, Cassius besides made an visual aspect. It was in possibly merely a manus full of scenes that Brutus should look in the absence of Cassius. It was about as if the dramatist wanted to demo Brutus and Cassius as to entities who were non meant to be separated from the friendly relationship they shared. This fact gives us a prefiguration that no affair how much the two would dispute, in the terminal they would come back as one, which is what happens in the terminal as is apparent from the drama. The friend ship of Brutus and Cassius ( even though the two were non like minded people ) is of import, so are the other friend ships such as that of Caesar and Antony as these reflect Elizabethan values which were present at the clip when this drama was written.