Huffman Trucking. an established hauling company since 1936. has late requested the execution of a new Benefits Elections System to help direction in tracking and describing the benefits of both brotherhood and non-union employees. A database system will be utilized to hive away critical informations such as employee information. along with the benefit bundle of their choosing. Storing such information requires necessary security steps to be in topographic point to guarantee the entire protection of the information within. The hazards associated with hive awaying critical information must besides be exhaustively addressed so Huffman Trucking can develop effectual action programs to forestall possible menaces from harming the organisation. Regardless of the storage method when managing critical information. security steps must be implemented to efficaciously protect the information. every bit good as the company assets from possible menaces such as larceny or judicial proceeding.

Security Requirements

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When it comes to efficaciously protecting company informations. any organisation has the great duty to place every bit good as implement security policies. values. schemes. procedures. processs. and best patterns to to the full guarantee informations protection. every bit good as guarantee that organisational ends and aims are continually being met ( Reiner. 2008 ) . The information that will be stored within the Huffman Trucking database will include: employee names. societal security Numberss. birthdates. etc. The loss of such informations can finally non merely harm the employee. but the organisation as a whole. In an attempt to cut down and/or eliminate such hazards. security demands for the Benefits Elections System should include: firewall security. encoding. and password protection and reclamation.

Firewall security is an absolute necessary security demand to efficaciously protect the database from malicious onslaughts such as hackers. Firewall security refers to a web device that will barricade certain types of web traffic. organizing a roadblock between a trusted and an untrusted web ( “Dell” . 2013 ) . The intent of this security step is to forestall the spread of computing machine onslaughts by barricading entree to information from unauthorised beginnings. Due to the sum of sensitive informations that will be stored within the system. it is recommended that the firewalls should be configured to back up the default-deny policy. in which the allowed web services are listed. and everything else is denied ( “Dell” . 2013 ) .

The usage of encoding will besides heighten the security of the information that will be stored within the Benefits Elections System. Encoding is a simple security step that will falsify the information contained within an employee file so that it can be viewed merely by the authorised users who have the proper encoding key to decode it. Much like firewall security. it will barricade unauthorised users from accessing confidential information by doing the information impossible to see.

Password protection and reclamation are important security steps that must be enforced by Huffman Trucking to guarantee the protection of informations stored within the Benefits Elections System. Authorized users should protect their watchwords at all costs ; unprotected watchwords leave critical informations vulnerable to entree by unauthorised users. Recommendations to guarantee a watchword is protected include: * Password length: A watchword should ever be at least eight characters long.

* Complexity: Make a watchword every bit complex as possible by utilizing a assortment of letters. Numberss. symbols and punctuations. The more complex the watchword. the better protected it is. * Variation: Change a watchword at least every three months. if non more. * Assortment: Use different watchwords for different histories. Never use the same watchword for everything. * Confidentiality: Never portion or compose down a watchword. Writing down or sharing a watchword leaves critical informations vulnerable in ways that most people can ne’er conceive of.

The ability of an organisation to regenerate watchwords often is a important measure towards enhanced informations protection ( Brown. 2010 ) . To heighten the effectivity of watchword reclamation. system users should non hold the ability to utilize old watchwords when regenerating the current 1s. Implementing watchword reclamation on the Benefits Elections System will guarantee security steps are continually enforced. particularly in the event that if an unauthorised user were to derive entree to the system. the watchword would merely be good for a specific length of clip before it will be changed. Possible Hazards

“Risk” is a term that most people. every bit good as organisations. are familiar with. Hazard can be defined as the chance of any possible menace turning into a catastrophe. which is why important steps are frequently taken to cut down and/or eliminate such possibilities. By using a SWOT analysis ( Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. and Threats ) . Huffman Trucking can efficaciously find the exposures associated with implementing a Benefits Elections System. and develop action programs to rectify the exposures to forestall the hazards from going world. Several hazards are frequently associated with the execution of a new system. nevertheless. the chief hazards that must be considered by Huffman Trucking include: database corruptness. human mistake. and hacking and other malicious onslaughts.

Database corruptness is likely the most common cause of informations loss within an information system ( Mulvey. 2006 ) . Database corruptness amendss the database and impairs functionality. Memory mistakes. web mistakes. power bugs. Personal computer crashing when the database is unfastened are all illustrations of incidences that can take to database corruptness. Data corruptness is unluckily inevitable ; nevertheless. there are several patterns that can be done to avoid such a menace. These patterns include. but are non limited to: * Guaranting the web is set up decently.

* Runing Scandisk and Defrag frequently to guarantee difficult disc functionality. * Refraining from utilizing databases during electrical storms to avoid power bugs. * Guaranting the database is implemented right. and is ready to be utilized by all system users.

Human mistake is possibly one of the biggest menaces that can take to data corruptness. It is of import to maintain in head that the greater the figure of system users of the Benefits Elections System. the more opportunities there are for important information to be leaked or mishandled. Taking the proper safeguards to safeguard the information ( this should include a thorough preparation after system execution ) to guarantee the information is suitably handled at all times is critical to the wellbeing of both the employees. every bit good as the organisation.

Given the sum of sensitive information that will be stored within the Benefits Elections System. it is obvious that Huffman Trucking must be cognizant that cyber-criminals will seek to derive entree to such informations should it be left unprotected. Interrupting into information systems for malicious purpose is something that has made security what it is today: thorough and inflexible.

Hackers are smart presents ; they can do usage of a figure of tools and techniques to allow them entree to information. which can hold detrimental effects on the victim ( s ) . The possibilities of what a cyber-criminal will make one time he or she has entree to sensitive information are endless ; nevertheless. one thing is for certain: the victim ( s ) could virtually lose everything. Without the proper security steps that were antecedently mentioned in topographic point. the Benefits Elections System will be vulnerable to hackers and other malicious onslaughts.

Thoroughly analyzing the possible hazards with the execution of any information system will let an organisation to efficaciously develop action programs and implement the necessary security steps required to cut down and/or eliminate such hazards. A thorough and effectual hazard analysis will show how firewall security. encoding. and password protection can cut down the hazards of database corruptness and malicious onslaughts. Like any information system. the Benefits Elections System will turn out to be vulnerable to possible menaces if non protected at all costs.

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