In order to place the function of the Quantity surveyor in the modern UK industry we will reexamine his deductions and responsibilities during all the different phases of the building rhythm.

Besides and for information we will reexamine how a Client appoints a Quantity surveyor and when, in order to understand his early engagements in the procedure.

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And eventually we will explicate how the surveyor claims his fees and how the Client paid the QS services.

But foremost, allow ‘s travel in the past to understand where the occupation of measure surveyor comes from and when it foremost appears in the UK.

3.0 History

The measure surveyor profession can follow its roots back to the rebuilding of London after the Great fire


Measure surveyors are the comptrollers of the edifice profession – planning and managing costs of building undertakings from start to complete. Quantity surveyors ( or QSs as they are known, since it ‘s a spot of a mouthful ) either work for a private QS pattern and act on behalf of clients or for a catching house which carries out building work.

This profession is surely non all difficult chapeaus and wellies. In fact the function of the measure surveyor has changed so dramatically in recent old ages that the profession does n’t ever reply to the name of measure appraising any longer!

You will frequently see private patterns mentioning to themselves as ‘cost advisers ‘ and ‘project directors ‘ because of the nature of the work they now handle. Due to the recession, QSs have had to accommodate or decease and there are now fewer, larger private patterns than of all time before taking on a broader remit of work.

No longer do quantity surveyors merely step and monetary value work, they have a more strategic function. Nowadays the QS is involved at all phases of a undertaking from fixing stamps and planning costs to fixing concluding measures of measures ; basically, doing certain undertakings are planned and completed to be and quality, on clip.

UK building professionals are respected abroad and, partially in response to the down place market, many UK houses have developed an international mentality.


In order that maximal benefit can be gained from his accomplishment a Quantity surveyor should be appointed by any client every bit shortly as possible in the life of a undertaking, sooner at the origin of a strategy, so that the QS ‘s advices can be provided on:

The costs of the undertaking ( run into the Client ‘s budget ) .

The best procurement path can be selected harmonizing to the Client ‘ demands.

Choice of others advisers and contractors.

It is recommended that a Client and his Quantity surveyor should run into and discourse the assignment before any understanding is reached, unless the services provided by the Qs is to be restricted in the procedure.


There are three methods available when it comes to choose a Quantity surveyor ;

Choice based on bing cognition

A Client may choose and so name a QS utilizing bing cognition of the surveyor ‘s public presentation and repute. This may a consequence of past succefull undertaking, good relationship or by recommandations from others.

Choice from a panel maintained by a Client

A Client may keep a panel of Quantity surveyors. He will hold records of their experience which will enable him to do any choice or assignment.

Choice from an ad hoc list produced by a Client

If a Client can non do a determination utilizing any of the two others methods it may be more appropriate produce an ad hoc list.

Whichever of the above methods of choice is used it is of import for the choice standards to include the undermentioned:

The fiscal standing of the QS under consideration

The experience, competency and repute of each campaigner for equal opportunity.

Their ability to supply the services required by the Client.


This diagram shows the different stages of the building rhythm. The Quantity surveyor is involved in each of these stages. The followers will explicate what the responsibilities of the QS are during the building rhythm.

Measure appraising in Construction stages

Origin and feasibleness

At origin and feasibleness the Quantity surveyor has the responsibility of:

Liaise with client and other advisers to find the Client ‘s demands and development of the full brief.

Advise on choice of other advisers.

Advise on deductions of proposed undertaking and liaise with other experts to develop such advice.

Advise on the most appropriate procurance path.

Establish Client ‘s order of precedences for quality, clip and cost.

Prepare initial budget estimation from feasibleness proposals.

Prepare overall undertaking cost computations and hard currency flow projections.

Design phase

During the design phase the Qs will:

Prepare and develop preliminary cost program.

Rede on cost of design squad ‘s proposals.

Monitor cost deductions during elaborate design phase.

Maintain and develop cost program, and fix periodic studies and updated hard currency flow prognosiss.

Tender paperss

During this phase, the Quantity surveyor will:

Advise on tendering and contractual agreements taking into histories the Client ‘s precedences and information available from interior decorators.

Advise on insurance duties and liaise with Client ‘s insurance advisors.

Advise on guarantees.

Advise on bonds for public presentations and other intents.

Prepare stamp and contract paperss in concurrence with the Clients and members of design squad.

Provide transcripts of certifications as agreed

Advise on usage and/or amendments of standard signifier of contract or contribute to drafting of peculiar demands in association with Client ‘s legal advisors.

Draw up signifier of contact, obtain contract drawings from members of the design squad and fix and present to both parties contract transcripts of all paperss.

Tender choice and assessment

At this phase of the stamp actions phase the Qs has to:

Advise on shortlisting prospective tenderers.

Investigate tenderers and rede the Client on fiscal position and experience.

Attend pre-contract interview with tenderers.

Arrange bringing of paperss to selected tenderers.

Check stamp entries for truth, degree of pricing.

Advise on mistakes and makings and, if necessary, negociate the offers.

Advise on entry of programme of work and method statement.

Prepare appropriate certification if necessary, to set the stamp received to an acceptable contract amount.

Review fiscal budget in position of stamps received and fix revised hard currency flow.

Prepare stamp studies with appropriate recommendations.


During the building the Quantity surveyor will:

Prepare recommendations for interim payments to contractors, subcontractors and providers in conformity with the contract demands.

Post contract

During this last phase of the building rhythm the Qs will:

Value interior decorator ‘s bill of exchange for changing the undertaking before issue.

Prepare periodic cost studies in in agreement format at specified intervals including any allotments of cost and/or transcripts as requested by 3rd parties.

Fix the concluding history.

Attend meetings as provided under understandings.

Provide transcripts of certification as provided under the understanding.

8.0 Payments

The Client shall pay the QS for the public presentation of the services the fees and charges in such episodes as are set in the fee offer clause. All fees and charges under the understanding are sole of value added Tax which if due shall be paid at the same time in add-on. The due day of the month for payment shall be 7 yearss after the day of the month of the entry of the bill. The measure surveyor when subjecting his bill shall on each bill confirm the footing on which the declared sum is calculated.

The concluding day of the month for payment has to be 21 yearss after the due day of the month for payment. The payment has to be made no later than the concluding day of the month for payment.

Any sum due to the Quantity surveyor under the understanding which remain unpaid by the client after the concluding day of the month must be bear involvement at the rate stated in the fee offer clause.


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