The address was Rizal’s toast to the victory of D. Juan Luna’s Spolarium picture and it seems to me that the whole soliloquy was said in great mediation that in my sentiment has commanded the attending of those who came for the dinner.

In the first few parts. he described the milieus with much romanticism like he is circled by “men of heart” and ” where baronial emotions dwell” and “the air is full of empathic good feeling. ” At the clip said. Philippines were under much subjugation by the Spanish mendicants that is impossible to speak about it in public unless you would desire to be branded as a filibuster. But in the Brindis Speech. Rizal dauntlessly exclaims the ground why they are gathered and that is to mean an accomplishment that had shed light into what has turned out to be a dark society as the painting itself portrays. He besides gives congratulations to Hidalgo for lighting the different terminals of the Earth and how high a regard he has for them.

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He claims alteration is coming as he used the metaphors such as the “illustrious accomplishments of [ Philippines’ ] kids are no longer consummated within the place. ” This is a clear nod to the Filipino community in Madrid who organized the event.

But most of all you will detect that he gives congratulations to the young person that fires much enthusiasm and how their actions have made a great difference and contributed to glorification that is the Philippines. When he starts to speak about the Spolarium itself. Rizal takes us deep on the world that the canvass “is non mute” despite all the darkness and shadow laid the enigma and horror of the slaves. orphans and the shortness of breath of the oppressed. And seemingly the mendicants at the clip persecute anyone who threatens them with legal action.

He besides acknowledges that the Philippines owes Spain in some manner saying“Spain as a female parent besides teaches her linguistic communication to Filipinos” but so scowls bitter on the “midgets who secure their place. ”

Apparently he is doing a poke at the elite who does everything they can in their power to halt the instruction of Filipinos in frights that they may larn to support themselves. This attitude backfired against them large clip. In decision. the insinuation in between lines spoke so deep that you are taken into a roller coaster drive of emotions get downing from joy. choler. heartache and all stoping up with inspired.