Rifleman Dodd was an interesting book that’s stating a narrative of a soldier that gets separated from his fellow brothers and sisters during a conflict in the 1800’s. This book describes everything about Matthew Dodd and the things he went through to return back to the battle. While on this journey. Dodd ran into several jobs. I’d say the large challenges that he faced were famishment. weariness and a Lusitanian male child that he met along the manner. With the challenge of famishment being in a conflict is a really serious job because it’s a large consequence on how he could respond one time in the face of danger. Having a much disciplined diet on his journey helped to obtain the energy he needed to remain in the battle.

While firefights and famishment weren’t on Dodd’s side. he besides faced weariness. This affect is difficult on others wellness. but while Dodd had one thing set in head he was able to look past himself and still go on in the battle. He showed many different ways and tactics in his advantage to assist force around the weariness phase. Once was said by another soldier that Dodd would kip with his dorsum up against something. still holding his battalion on and his rifle in his manus merely in instance he need to leap right back into the conflict to assist salvage himself and others. He was known for a smart person and really determined soldier for his companions. His ultimate thought was to travel out and battle and ever return to his unit with is fellow brothers and sisters.

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Matthew Dodd had a repute for himself with the Gallic and was known as the green shirted one. Most of the riflemen wore ruddy but Dodd made himself out from the others. His adept and talented ways with his rifle gave him the advantage with the French who carried muskets. The Gallic were so scared of him that they had silver slugs melted down and made. They wanted Matthew Dodd killed and he earned the nickname “devil” . He had organized big groups of Lusitanian provincials to hassle the Gallic. kill Frenchmen. doing them hunger and tormenting them with a disease. Dodd merely had one thing in head and that was his topographic point of responsibility.

One of the large images in this book was given with the attempts of Matthew Dodd and his great tactics to prosecute the Gallic. I believe this book can give readers a great position of what Dodd and you can make to accomplish ends in life. besides forcing the reader to the overall effects of his actions to lend to the war and his unit. It’s ironic on how one adult male can do such an feeling and consequence on different states merely by holding the bravery acquiring the occupation done no affair what the cause.