Life of Pi is an challenging narrative about a immature Indian male child named Pi. who embarks on an unbelievable journey across the Pacific ocean from India to Canada on a lifeboat. On his escapade. Pi is forced to face and get the better of the most daunting of obstructions and face some of the toughest endurance undertakings. all while accompanied by a 450 lb Bengal tiger. His position of the tiger changes over the class of the book. and they become emotionally attached to each other. When the novel began. the tiger. named “Richard Parker. ” was one of the challenges that Pi had to get the better of. Towards the terminal nevertheless. Richard Parker becomes necessary in order for Pi to last. In Life of Pi. Richard Parker helps Pi three chief ways: physically. mentally. and emotionally.

As their journey progresses. lasting becomes one of the most hard undertakings that Pi and Richard Parker have to face. Some of these challenges include utmost hazard. where Richard Parker puts himself in danger to protect Pi’s life. An ideal illustration of one of these happenings is when Pi meets the French dramatis personae off with cannibalistic inclinations.

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In the face of danger. Richard Parker “ripped the flesh off the man’s frame and cracked his castanetss. ” salvaging Pi ( pg. 283 ) . However. this isn’t the lone clip that he rescues Pi. Richard Parker defeats the sharks that are endangering Pi’s life in Chapter 41. which is an first-class illustration of his trueness towards supporting Pi. Another illustration of his attention for Pi is the incident on Chapter 53. when he killed the hyaena. another one of the things capable of harming Pi. At the terminal of the narrative. Pi owes his life to Richard Parker.

Richard Parker didn’t merely physically defend Pi. he besides kept him mentally sane. When Pi was successful with “taming” Richard Parker. it gave him the encouragement of assurance he needed to last. The chief consequence that Richard Parker has on Pi is his ability to remind Pi of his true carnal inherent aptitudes. This helps Pi avoid over-thinking things and helps him recognize his one true end: endurance.

Towards the terminal of the narrative. when they wash up on the beach. Pi says “I would wish to state it officially: Richard Parker. thank you for salvaging my life” ( pg. 317 ) . It is apparent that in this quotation mark. Pi is mentioning to the fact that Richard Parker helped halt Pi from traveling out of his head after he says “Richard Parker. comrade of my torture. atrocious. ferocious thing that kept me alive. ” earlier in the chapter ( pg. 316 ) . Richard Parker gave Pi one thing that cipher else would hold been able to give him: Hope.

The most powerful manner that Richard Parker is able to assist Pi is emotionally. On multiple occasions throughout the narrative. Pi defines Richard Parker as his “companion. ” Try to believe of how hard it would be to last a hebdomad without any signifier of company. allow entirely 227 yearss ; its impossible.

Pi and Richard Parker manage to develop a true friendly relationship as the narrative progresses. despite the species difference. This helps Pi acquire the moral support that he needs to last. When the novel came to a stopping point. Richard Parker knows he has done what he can to assist Pi. He knows it is clip for him to go forth. As they wash up on the shores of Mexico. Richard Parker walks off into the jungles of Mexico. ne’er to be seen once more.

In life of Pi a immature Indian male child manages to last 227 yearss on a lifeboat. with a 450 lb Bengal tiger. In fact. he couldn’t have done it without the tiger. The tiger. who goes by the name of Richard Parker. helps Pi by assisting him get the better of the most intimidating obstructions that he has of all time faced. Richard supports Pi physically. By supporting him from the dangers in the Pacific. He supports Pi mentally. by maintaining him sane and reminding him of his inherent aptitudes. Most of all he supports Pi emotionally. by befriending him. and morally back uping him. Suffice it to state. Richard Parker saved the “Life of Pi” .