The subject of solitariness and company are explored in the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck. These two subjects impacted the lives of all the characters. Examples from the novel are relationship between George and Lennie and their dream and the solitariness that Crooks and Candy and other characters experience throughout the full novel. Symbols such as Candy ‘s Dog, The Rabbits and Lennie ‘s Puppy give us a descriptive representation of the chief subjects and allows the reader to understand the life of a migratory worker during the clip of the Great Depression from their position.

The symbol of Candy ‘s Dog represents the destiny of anyone who has outlived his or her intent in life. Candy ‘s Dog was an astonishing shepherd dog being capable of finishing undertakings during Candy ‘s young person, “ You would n’t believe it to look at him now, but he is the best shepherd dog I of all time seen. ” ( Steinbeck 44 ) but throughout the old ages Candy ‘s Dog has been debilitated by age. Candy ‘s emotional fond regard to his Canis familiaris and that he has raised it since it was a whelp, Candy looked unhappy about unhappily. “ No. ” he said quietly. “ No, I could n’t make that. I had ‘im excessively long. ” ( Steinbeck 45 ) had given him an lone ground to allow the Canis familiaris unrecorded even though that is an deficient alibi and means nil at all on the spread, Carlson promises to dispose of his Canis familiaris in painless affair. Carlson said, “ The manner I ‘d hit him, he would n’t experience nil. I ‘d set the gun right at that place. ” He pointed with his toe. “ Right dorsum of the caput. He would n’t even quake. ” ( Steinbeck 45 ) Yet his insisting that the Canis familiaris must decease, states a barbarous order of nature being that “ Survival of the fittest “ ( Charles Darwin ) Candy so comprehends that emotional experience of seting his Canis familiaris to rest compares him to his Canis familiaris and that he himself will be approaching his terminal and will no longer be utile at the spread hence losing his occupation and holding nowhere else to travel. He said miserably, “ You see what they done to my Canis familiaris tonight? “ They says he was n’t no good to himself or nor cipher else. When they can me here I wisht person ‘d hit me. I wo n’t hold no topographic point to travel, an ‘ I ca n’t acquire no more occupations. ( Steinbeck 60 ) Candy ‘s Canis familiaris gives great importance for the subject of solitariness because if one adult male is fired for the ground being that they ‘re useless they so go entirely and have nowhere else to travel.

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The coneies depending on Steinbeck ‘s reading have two of import factors, the fact that it symbolizes George and Lennie ‘s dream of having a few estates of land with a few farm animal and of class Lennie ‘s desire of be givening some coneies, “ I like to pet nice things. Once at a just I seen some of them long -hair coney. An ‘ they nice you bet. ( Steinbeck 90 ) many characters besides want to be a portion of the dream such as Candy, Candy went on excitedly, “ How much they want for a topographic point like that? ” ( Steinbeck 59 ) and even suffering Crooks is even willing to accept this dream as a possibility, He hesitated. “ aˆ¦ If youaˆ¦ cats would desire a manus to work for nothing- merely his support, why I ‘d come an ‘ lend a manus. ” ( Steinbeck 76 ) The 2nd symbolisation given about the coneies is it represents a mark of Independence and Power, George and Lennie are trusting of having something of their ain because of the fact that they do n’t hold any societal or economic power. The coneies give great importance for the subject of company because when work forces become comrades nil is impossible and any dream can go a world.

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Lennie ‘s puppy represents Lennie ‘s artlessness. The puppy did non cognize what was traveling to go on when Lennie was petting him so turning the result into an inadvertent decease, And Lennie said quietly to the puppy, “ Why do you got to acquire killed? You ai n’t so small as mice. I did n’t resile you difficult. ” ( Steinbeck 85 ) nor did Lennie when George pulled the trigger And George raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of it close to the dorsum of Lennie ‘s caput. The manus shook violently, but his face set and his manus steadied. He pulled the trigger. ( Steinbeck 106 ) Both were hurt by person stronger than them. George was mentally more able so Lennie and, Lennie was physically stronger than the puppy. The book deals with this subject of power and failing. In the clip of the Depression, it was each migratory worker for them self. Others tried to take advantage of Lennie ‘s size and naivete for their ain personal benefit and while making so, hurt Lennie. Lennie ‘s puppy allows the reader to see Lennie ‘s artlessness from his position.

In the book Of Mice and Men, the writer trades with subjects including company and solitariness. There are many illustrations in the book of these subjects such as relationships between characters and solitariness experienced by many of the characters. John Steinbeck uses symbolism in this book. These symbols relate the subjects to the book in a originative manner and assist the reader to better understand the characters and the chief subjects.

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