The fresh Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is an exercising in reductio ad absurdum ; it is riddled with the thoughts of lip service and moral ambiguity climaxing in the absurdness of immorality. Throughout the novel, the supporter is confronted with many-sided hypocritical state of affairss, which can be summed up to the amentia of imperialism or the comparable amentia of close lawlessness.

The novel is riddled and pock-marked with mundane state of affairss that, to the foreigner, are the physical manifestation of dumb and the trademark of stupidity- both from the well-oiled machine of imperialism and the antique universe of nature and lawlessness. The reader is foremost confronted with a well-paid and traveled physician taking caput measurings to find the effects of the jungle on a individuals ‘ head. Not merely is the construct ridiculous in itself, there merely is no before and after, no follow-through on the action or experiment, rendering it an experiment in patient forbearance and bureaucratic ignorance. In a nutshell, this synecdochic scene explains the lip service of the full imperialistic organisation. Marlow is cognizant of the absurdness of the state of affairs, whereas the Meal Ticket Company is less concerned with its application of its fundss than its acquisition.

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Marlow ‘s clip on the mainland is spent in brooding observation and quiet credence of the actions and denominations of the supposed ‘light-bringing ‘ company. The amentia of the company about seems purposeful, and in that purpose, evil as a consequence. The high decease rates within the company are referred to conversationally as “ the merry dance of decease ” , and the account of self-destruction is summed up to, “ Who knows? The Sun excessively much for him, or the state possibly ( Conrad, 79 ) ” . Turning a blind oculus to the high mortality rates while at the same time mentioning to the company as the ‘Emissary of visible radiation ‘ for the hapless state is the really theoretical account of lip service, and its forced application, in the very nature of humanity, is ‘evil ‘ ( 76 ) . A Very near all of the actions of the company, that are carried out by ‘sane ‘ work forces, do small to no sense, and are strictly exercisings in stupidity, outgo, lip service, and ignorance, from the ‘intelligent ‘ and ‘light ‘ company, whose main concern is saving of belongings and acquisition of money.

The benevolent company that brings wealth and intelligence to this continent has a ‘grove of decease ‘ . The appellation of the chained slaves as enemies, though they know nil of their offense, is hypocritical. The pipes that are necessary and besides stored in cranny wherein they break are once more, illustrations of futility, of stupidity, and of outgo. The demand of studs, when they are abundant, but instead, non present, is a malicious act to prorogue the endurance of both their Rebel employee and best agent. There is a “ huge unreal hole person had been delving on the incline, the intent of which [ is ] impossible to divine ” and is another mark of the increasing absurdness and incomprehensibility of the intent of the company, and while in this act, this otiose hole seems less than malicious, it still is unsafe in its very nature and presence ( 81 ) . Their malicious purpose, nevertheless, is present, even in the face of non-enemies! “ In the empty enormousness of Earth, sky, and H2O, there [ the Gallic man-of-war ] was, inexplicable, firing into a continent ” trying to battle the really shadows of an imagined immorality ( 78 ) . Here, on this ship “ work forces were deceasing three a twenty-four hours ” , in their ineffectual conflict against the trees, and the lone thing Marlow and his troop brought them were letters. The company ‘s orders are silly and short-sighted- as are their efforts to ‘help ‘ . Not merely do they kill those they are to assistance, there, at one point, was a fire, which a company member attempted to snuff out with a pail of water- with a hole in it. All of these actions, or non-actions, can be summarized by either stupidity or immorality, doing the two reciprocally synonymous. The thought that such a degree of ignorance is evil removes all significance and intent from the word.

Nature, the jungle, and lawlessnesss are all similarly so evil, or so stupid. Kurtz is the company ‘s best agent, best “ bargainer ” ( for they consider the subjugation of the indigens a portion of their trade ) and yet, he is besides their mark. The director allots Marlow three months to repair his ship, which he assumes is adequate “ to make the matter ” ( 89 ) . The inquiry this brings up is, is the matter repairing the boat, or instead, adequate clip for Kurtz to be beyond salvaging, if non already dead. Kurtz is the rebel agent, who, alternatively of titling his actions as “ trade ” and the company ‘s undertaking finally conveying “ civilisation ” , is wholly unfastened about his usage of suppression and extinction when it comes to the indigens and his acquisition of tusk. This offsets the delicate balance of ignorance in which the company has so long and so blissfully thrived, and is, in itself, the complete antonym but likewise correct type of ‘evil ‘ .

Kurtz and Marlow ‘s visit to Kurtz, is likewise an exercising in lip service. Kurtz is a self-proclaimed ‘God ‘ and in that, everyone else views him every bit 1 as good. However, the reader ‘s full cognition of Kurtz is in his mortality- he is deceasing, he is a God, but he is deceasing. The reader is besides led to believe that all Kurtz says is beautiful and nil pours from his lips but wisdom- when it is made obvious to the reader he seldom speaks at all. Kurtz promotes himself the most after he has lost his rubric of sane, he speaks of love though he is a known fornicator. A blissfully guiltless and perplexing immature adult male managed to last by himself in the jungle for a big sum of clip, though “ It was impossible how he had existed ” with such want, except that it was his demand to be that managed to acquire him therefore far. The absurdness of the assorted state of affairss encountered and the corporate insanity of each and every character is amazing and stating to absurdness and insanity of both the reading of imperialism and of nature. The jungle can merely embrace those excessively stupid to contend it off, but it can non defile those excessively stupid to grok its power. The jungle is a parallel lip service to the company.

Madness and imperialism are every bit connected as lunacy and nature. His initial venture into the wilderness piques on his saneness and likewise would fiddle on those around him- the thought to convey hippo meat on the boat seems to be a good thought, but “ you ca n’t take a breath dead Hippo waking, sleeping, and feeding, and… at the same clip maintain your unstable clasp on being ” , complains Marlow, in an effort to do visible radiation of the pathetic ways short-sighted pre-thought terminal up. Kurtz, nevertheless, is the by-product of such short-sighted planning. He is the merchandise of the lunacy of society, push into the lunacy of the wilderness. The fact that “ all Europe contributed to the devising of Kurtz ” and the subsequent fact that Kurtz went huffy suggests that society ‘s creative activity of adult male leaves them susceptible to insanity- either something is incorrect with the manner society conditions its kids, or adult male has the seed of lunacy within him inherently.