Olive Kitteridge -She is the chief character of the book. A large and tall adult female who often feels clumsy and a individual difficult to acquire along with because of her unpleasant personality.

Henry Kitteridge – Olive ‘s hubby, a sort and loving individual, he work as a druggist in Crosby ‘s town and likes his occupation, although he is easy to cover with he does non hold a good relationship with his boy.

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Pauline Kitteridge – Henry ‘s female parent. She and Olive did n’t hold a good relationship.

Christopher “ Chris ” Kitteridge – Olive and Henry ‘s lone boy, a depressive individual with few societal dealingss who subsequently becomes a chiropodist.

Jim oA?Casey – OliveA?s colleague, a household adult male, he treats Christopher good because he feels attracted to Olive.

Mrs. Cranger – HenryA?s pharmaceutics employee who is non excessively eager to delight the clients. Had a sudden decease.

Denise Thibodeau – works at Henry Kitteridge ‘s pharmaceutics after the decease of Mrs. Cranger, a sort, shy and smart individual. Her pureness and simpleness captivated Henry.

Henry Thibodeau – Denise ‘s first hubby, a vigourous adult male with an ordinary face, works as a pipe fitter. He was killed by accident by his best friend.

Tony Kuzio – Henry Thibodeau best friend, household adult male who works in Mid Cost Power likes to run and because of this avocation he kills Henry.

Jerry McCarthy – He delivers pharmaceuticals to Portland, he is embonpoint and has low ego regard and finally becomes Denise ‘s 2nd hubby.

Daisy Foster – A beautiful and capturing adult female who is married to a adult male 30 old ages older and keeps a love affair with Harmon.

Mrs. Merriman, Cliff Mott, Rachel Jones – Regular pharmaceutics clients.

Kevin Coulson- A member of a dysfunctional household, develops an aggresive behaviour that prevents him from taking the life he wanted.

Ora – OliveA?s aunt offers Olive her place after her male parent dies.

Patty Howe – MarinaA?s worker, was ne’er able to hold kids for which ground she was sad. Since her childhood she was afraid of Kevin and his female parent.

Clara Pilkington- A psychiatrist pupil who becomes Kevin Coulson schizophrenic girlfriend.

Angela OA?Meary – The warehouse piano participant who taught herself to play. An alcoholic yet beautiful and sort individual who carries a relationship with a married adult male.

Malcolm Moody – The town first selectman who carries an adulterous matter with Angela.

Joe – Bartender of the Marina and AngelaA?s carbon monoxide worker, has good relationship with all of his colleague.

Betty – Waitress at the Marina. Gets along good with all the clients at the sofa.

Walter Dalton – A homosexual, retire college professor and alky, an unconditioned friend of Angela who visit the sofa often.

Simon – AngelaA?s old fellow who is besides a piano participant. He cheats on Angela with her female parent. Later becomes a Lawyer.

Janice Bernstein – SuzanneA?s female parent, who harmonizing to Olive frocks with dark and inexorable apparels.

Suzanne Bernstein – Christopher Kitteridge foremost married woman, a metropolis miss who has a Phd in medical specialty. Dislikes her female parent in jurisprudence.

Harmon- A good household adult male, feels depress because his boies leave place. Finds comfort in Daisy.

Bonnie- HarmonA?s married woman who refused to hold sex with him after their boy leave. Becomes a fiscal successful individual.

Bonnie and Harmon sons- Well brought up boy who love and maintain good contact with their parents.

Timothy Burnham- A drug nut child who works in a sawmill, Nina White fellow.

Nina White- An anorectic miss who escapes the infirmary so that she would non be fed and dies due to her unwellness.

Victoria – A friend of Nina who because of stealing NinaA?s fellow worsens her feeding job.

Kathleen Burnham – TimothyA?s cousin with whom he lives for a piece tries to assist him with his job.

Bessie Davis- A lonely and chatty, old amah who visits Harmon Hardware frequenlty.

Cynthia Bibber- Marriage counsellor. Andreas girl.

Andrea- A individual who likes to tamper in the lives of other to hold something to speak about.

Bill and Bonnie Newton- Best friends twosome of Olive and Henry who felt unloved by their grandchildren.

Karen Newton- Bill and Bunny A?s girl who is unfaithful to her hubby Eddie with whom she had kids.

The bluish ski mask- A nervous stealer who enters the infirmary to acquire drugs by force.

Pink cheeked smiling hog mask- A horrible and violent stealer who accompanies the other to the infirmary.

Jane and Bob Houlton- A married twosome who have a loving relationship throughout the old ages. Jane is a school nurse.

Becky and Tim Houlton- Houltons kids.

Allan and Donna Granger – Self centered twosome who like to party and because of this bash non recognize what happens in their ain household.

Lydia and Patty Granger – Allan and DonnaA?s girls who have a batch of job in their lives.

Roger and Louise Larking – A married dysfunctional twosome, Roger is a banker and Louise is a school counsel counsellor.

Doyle Larking- Roger and Louise boy who murders a adult female by furously knifing her.

Mary Blackwell- An indiscreet nurse who likes stating the secrets of her patients.

Cecil Green- LarkinA?s neighbour who brings refreshments to the newsmans rolling around the house.

Emily Buck- Postal Office employee who saves Olive and Henry A?s mail.

Marlene Bonney- A reserved and humanist individual who is married to Ed with whom she has two kids.

Ed Bonney – MarleneA?s hubby who owns a food market shop. Has a drawn-out disease and dies of it.

Eddie jr. Lee Ann and Cheryl Bonney – Marlene and EdA?s kids, really good educated.

Kerry Monroe – MarleneA?s cousin who lives with them and seduces her hubby.

Molly Collins- OliveA?s colleague who helps Marlene with her husbandA?s funeral.

Suzie Bradford- A mussy individual who buys ChristopherA?s house and keeps it abandoned something that bothered Olive a batch.

Anita Harwood- A loving female parent who was capable of killing for her girls, works a teller at a cafeteria.

Julie – AnitaA?s oldest girl who was left at the communion table by her fellow with whom she subsequently on moves with.

Winnie Harwood- AnitaA?s youngest girl and familyA? job convergent thinker who feels trapped by these jobs.

Jim Harwood- AnitaA?s 2nd hubby. Who plays the function of a male parent to Julie althought he is non her biological male parent.

Ted- AnitaA?s first hubby and Julies father, who is a carpenter.

Bruce – JulieA?s bride-to-be who alternatively of get marrieding her decides to populate with her.

Uncle Kyle- AnitaA?s brother who supplies the household with depressants.

Beth Marden- School nurse at JulieA?s former work topographic point.

Ann- Christopher 2nd married woman who has two kids from old relationships and who was at the same support group for grass widows as Christopher.

Theodore- AnnA?s overactive boy from her first relationship.

Annabelle- AnnA?s baby girl who requires a batch of attending from her.

Rebecca Brown- Former OliveA?s pupil and a kleptomaniac. Is looking for a occupation.

David- A mussy individual, RebeccaA?s fellow who is loving to her.

Rev. Carleton Brown- RebeccaA?s male parent who did non like to be talk to during repasts.

Charlotte Caskey Brown- RebeccaA?s female parent who abandons her household.

Katherine Caskey- RebeccaA?s aunt on the female parent side who was undergoing therapy often.

Rev. Tyler Caskey- RebeccaA?s gramps and a curate.

Jace Burke- RebeccaA?s fellow at the university and a piano participant.

Jack Kennison- An aged tall adult male with a large abdomen who met Olive by accident and fell in love with her.

Mrs. Kennison – A little adult female with a speedy smiling, the married woman of Jack Kennison.