For a drama to be considered a retaliation calamity. retaliation has to be a prevailing subject throughout. Revenge needs to be intertwined in character interactions. and have a strong clasp on the driving force of the secret plan. The desires of Hamlet. Laertes. and immature Fortinbras each exhibit how the secret plan of Hamlet. by William Shakespeare revolves wholly around theories of retaliation. The subject of retaliation starts off really early in the drama. when Hamlet speaks with the shade of his asleep male parent. When the shade Tells Hamlet how Claudius murdered him. Hamlet is infuriated and overtaken with feelings of duty to compensate the incorrect that has been done ; to slay Claudius. The effects of this experience on Hamlet are portrayed clearly in the undermentioned quotation mark. “And so I am revenged. That would be scanned: A scoundrel putting to deaths my male parent. and for that. I. his exclusive boy. d this same scoundrel send to heaven ; ” ( p. 161. 3. 4 ) . This quote clearly exemplifies Hamlets experiencing toward this event. Bing his male parents merely boy. he feels wholly responsible for his male parents retribution.

Retaliation has caused the ruin of many a individual. Its overwhelming nature causes one to move recklessly through choler instead than ground. Revenge is an emotion easy rationalized ; one bend deserves another. However. this is a really unsafe theory to populate by. Throughout Hamlet. retaliation is a dominant subject. Fortinbras. Laertes. and Hamlet all seek to revenge the deceases of their male parents. But in so making. all three rely more on emotion than idea. and take a really large gamble. a gamble which finally leads to the ruin and decease of all but one of them. King Fortinbras was slain by King Hamlet in a sword conflict. This entitled King Hamlet to the land that was possessed by Fortinbras because it was written in a seal’d compact. “…our valorous Hamlet-for so this side of our known universe esteem’d him-did slay this Fortinbras. ”

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Young Fortinbras was enraged by his father’s slaying and sought retaliation against Denmark. He wanted to repossess the land that had been lost to Denmark when his male parent was”…Now sir. immature Fortinbras…as it doth good look unto our state-…… . … …to exact retaliation for his father’s decease. Retaliation can be an priceless tool to accumulate success and wealth. or it can be a fatal defect that guarantees subjective decease. It is a unsafe emotion. which can easy devour. nevertheless it can be used to great satisfaction. Possibly it is these qualities that lead us to let ourselves to move on its urges. The lessons learned by both Hamlet and Laertes are something that should be remembered. Revenge is non to be taken lightly. When acted on this is one emotion that can decidedly come back to hangout you.