Robbery is the taking or trying to take something of value from another individual by menaces of force or by force itself. Robbery can be committed against an single individual, an organisation like a bank or even concerns. Robbery is a felony in all provinces of the universe. There are two sorts of robberies which have been go oning in our organisation viz. : Violent robbery where one uses arms and aggravated robbery ( usage of plaything handguns ) where one uses a really deathly arm or an imitation of a deathly arm.

It is with great concern that the company has continued to free a batch of its assets and employees through robbery and it is hence with this concern in head that we have to put out the ways to minimise this frailty.

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Our Company lost three employees and shut to 30000 dollars last twelvemonth as a consequence of robbery with force. It is hence in this agreement that I decided to confer with a batch of organisations and stakeholders in the security sector to acquire the possible advice of how we can be able to cut down this frailty. Among the people I consulted are the Police units of this state and the assorted outstanding security companies in this state. I got the relevant information which I do entirely believe will be of aid to our organisation.

My study has dealt with the initial definition of the term Robbery and I have outlined the aims of my study. The findings and results of my research have besides been addressed every bit good as the really sensitive places/areas we need to direct our security work force to.

Last I have given important recommendations which I hope the top direction of our company will follow and in conclusion, I have given my personal contemplation towards the whole subject of robbery.

Findingss and results:

It was noted that in order to cut down armed robberies in our organisation, we should be able to develop our staff with some of the best processs which can assist us cut down them. It was noted that people who handle hard currency should detect the followers:

Cash handling:

Large sums of hard currency should non be kept in manus and that our organisation should merely maintain minimum hard currency on the premises.

Conspicuous bags should ever be used alternatively of the bank bags when transporting hard currency.

The staff involved should ever be on the qui vive when transporting hard currency.

Cash should ne’er be left lying about and it should ne’er be counted in position of the populace.

Cash handling processs should ne’er be discussed in public.

Office safeguards:

For us to assist cut down the hazard of armed robberies in our premises, I propose that:

Staff should ever be on the sentinel for leery activities near our premises. The description of leery people and the enrollment of vehicles should be noted and the constabulary informed instantly.

The Windowss and doors at the rear of our organisation should ever be secured with bars and dead ends.

Electronic pagers and other security devices should be put in topographic point to bespeak when our staff are come ining or go forthing the concern when we are unfastened for concern.

The office frontage should ever be unlittered to give a clear position of the street the service country should besides be placed in the street frontage.

A soundless dismay should be connected to a security Company or the constabulary so that it can be activated from near our hard currency shortss or registries.

Security cameras should besides be installed so that wrongdoers can be photographed while perpetrating the armed robbery.

Victims of robbery with force:

If one of our staff fall a victim of an armed robbery, so it is my advice that you remain unagitated. In any instance the armed robbery is being committed ; utile information such as the description of the wrongdoers and vehicles can assist in the early apprehension of the wrongdoers. However, the followers should be remembered:

Do n’t be heroic by seting your life in danger. No sum of hard currency is worthy a life lost. Always obey the wrongdoers ‘ instructions and do what they tell you to make and nil else. Do n’t volunteer to give any information.

Always avoid oculus contact with wrongdoers and their arms and alternatively concentrate on the characteristics of the wrongdoers.

If you are non straight involved, remain out of danger by go forthing the edifice safely and raising an dismay.

A victim should be deliberate in his/her actions. Lower denomination notes should he handed to the wrongdoers if you are ordered to manus over money, but one ‘s safety should ever be considered foremost.

If one of you or another responsible member of staff is able, the constabulary exigency figure should be phoned instantly and the line kept unfastened.

The enrollment figure, type and colour of the vehicles used in the robbery should be carefully observed. Minor inside informations assist the constabulary in faster apprehensiveness of the perpetrators. Physical visual aspect inside informations such as age, tallness, physique and hair colour should be good celebrated and behavioural inside informations like idiosyncrasies, address, vesture, tattoos and cicatrixs should be considered.

The type of arm used, the method and way of flight should besides be noted.

All informants should be requested to remain until the constabulary come since they will desire to talk to them. Guarantee them that their grounds could be of importance when put together with other grounds and do n’t let informants to speak about the incident.

Victims of armed robbery suffer from injury and hence the organisation should seek professional victim affair officers to supply advice in reaching needed bureaus.

Preventive techniques that should be implemented to forestall armed robbery:

Armed robbery is one of the most potentially serious discourtesies committed all over the universe. It is hence of import that organisations including ours must seek by all agencies to forestall these robberies. To be able to make this, the following gap and shutting processs should ever be observed:

Two employees should be present during the gap and shutting of the premises.

When opening the premiss, thorough review should be done to observe any marks of physical entry before anyone enters the concern.

At shutting clip, the security officers should guarantee that cipher is concealing in the concern or loitering inside the compound prior to go forthing the concern.

A well maintained and light inside and outside should ever be topographic point.

Security steps which allow the workers to hold a complete position of the environment such as elevated vantage points, bulging mirrors and the arrangement of the client service and hard currency country should be seeable the counter or work country should be on a regular basis cleaned to take old fingerprints.

Make public the point that the organisation uses good hard currency protection accomplishments and uses really high security surveillance machines.

Employees should be trained to describe and watch for leery people outside and inside the organisation. Police should be called if the employees are worried about a possible hazard.

Lunch hours and interruptions should ever be varied so that some employees are ever seeable in the organisation.

Our organisation should cut back and keep trees and shrubbery which felons could utilize to conceal.

Employees should be informed to inquire for designation from fix people, workers, guards e.t.c before they are allowed to come in into restricted countries.

Our organisation should see holding an automatic silent dismay system with a panic dismay system.

Our organisation should see utilizing doors that lock automatically upon shutting in the secure countries.

Drop or detain action clip lock safe that use a double key should be used by our organisation.

Use of greater condemnable prosecution in Robbery instances:

We as an organisation entirely believe that condemnable prosecution is a really effectual tool in covering with the robbery with force instances. We besides strongly believe that by implementing greater condemnable prosecution for suspected robbery suspects, we shall be showing the society ‘s obloquy of a really violative character in manner that some methods can non.

Greater condemnable prosecution should be used so as to put criminalisation far apart from the regulative countenances which if set decently can be able to discourage and penalize felons instead than disincentive and punishment. However, practical and circumstantial usage of greater condemnable prosecution can non ever be the best for our organisation and it can take restrict its effectivity as an instrument for work outing regulative offenses because:

It ever inhibits the usage of more flexible and alternate countenances.

It will trade name our organisation with criminalism when fortunes taking to these prosecutions may non be of direct effect of our actions.

It ever takes a long clip to come to the tribunals and the respondent concerned may at last be acquitted.

Use of greater condemnable prosecution will ever neglect to rectify the harm already caused by that offense.

It may ensue in the high cost in relation to the proper punishment for the wrongdoer.


I extremely recommend that the top direction should be keeping security meetings with all the employees and inform them that the security of our organisation is overriding to everything else. We therefore urge that all our staff should be taken through all the necessary security preparations so that they can be informed that the security of an organisation does non wholly depend on the security forces entirely but on everyone.

I will urge that the top direction to apportion a certain per centum of the income in this fiscal twelvemonth so that sophisticated security systems and cameras are purchased and installed in the organisation. This will guarantee that possible robbery menaces in our organisation are dealt with.

My personal Contemplation:

I have personally heard many friends tell me about how their houses, organisations, concerns have robbed and the associated injury they have suffered as a consequence of this robbery. In some cases, many victims have lived to state the narrative but in some other unfortunate incidences, the victims have fallen victims of this cold behavior and thereby succumbed to decease. I personally tried to interview some security forces and at most times, most of them have blankly state me that their companies are rarely good equipped to cover with the robbers. They claim the top direction is really uncooperative every bit far as security concerns are concerned. I therefore realized that the loss of assets and human life could be enormously reduced if all the stakeholders in an organisation worked as a squad and set in strong security mechanisms to discourage robbery with force.

I could hence like to press everyone everyplace to recognize that security does n’t affect the security forces or the constabulary entirely but is a corporate duty for each and every person. We must all fall in custodies towards the bar of robbery.