In the formative old ages of a kid, he sees that the aged, peculiarly his parents and instructors, are his greatest theoretical accounts, particularly when it comes to grammatical acquisition. As he grows, he becomes more and more funny, which interacts, and develops his obsessed potency. He makes usage of duologues with others, and they each foster a sense of communicating that enhances all apparent grammatical accomplishments. And, when a kid grows, the importance of household becomes less important. He besides emphasized that equal groups are of import to adolescents, because they have the same age and involvements. ( Giordano, p. 90, para 1 ) . Meanwhile, some say that the teenage old ages are the most unsafe old ages of the individual ‘s development. This is the period when we undergo many alterations in our head and organic structure. This clarifies why young persons are really active, watchful, and inventive yet besides impatient and rebellious. At this phase, equal groups affect what a adolescent wants which changes the individual ‘s actions, determinations and attitudes. In our coevals today, equals have their ain manner of life, ain vocabulary and lexicon that lone adolescents can understand. One of those vocabularies they have is word looks. The Free Dictionary defines look as “ something that expresses or communicates. ” It is another manner of communication and interacting with others, one of which is the non verbal signifiers of communicating like symbols, gestures and likewise. In a adolescent ‘s apprehension, word looks are different form the algebraic looks or the idiomatic looks we know ; alternatively, those are words associated with vulgar words that have different sorts of significances. To be specific, nowadays, La Salle pupils have their ain looks that merely those pupils who belong in the same university can understand. Last hebdomad, I queried 50 La Salle pupils about their position sing on the popular looks inside the campus. Based on the study I conducted, there are 18 looks, but the slangs “ OMG ” , “ BV ” , and “ Chill ” are well-known in the university. Indeed, each look has its ain significances. In peculiar, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “ iciness ” as a “ esthesis of cold accompanied with chill. ” The term “ iciness ” has different significances depending on the manner it is used. For some, it means coldness. But in La Sallian ‘s manner of life, the look “ iciness ” tells others to loosen up and non to worry.

Creations in this universe, chiefly the life and non life things, have their beginnings. They are non formed by charming enchantments that will do them look right off. For case, how come worlds are populating on Earth? Of class, they do hold beginnings and that is God, who is our Godhead and Father. Lapp with babes, they do non merely be instantly, but they are created inside the female parent ‘s uterus. Similar with the words we use in our daily communicating, they besides have beginnings, or in a deeper sense, etymologies. Based on the cyberspace, the term “ etymology ” comes from the Grecian word etumos which means existent or echt. Therefore, the significance of etymology is the survey of the beginnings of words. However, non merely worlds, babes and words have beginnings, but besides looks. The Online Etymology Dictionary ( 2010 ) emphasized that “ the look “ iciness ” comes from the O.E. or Old English word ciele or cele which means “ cold, imperturbability, iciness and hoar ” while in P. Gmc. or Proto-Germanic base, it is derived from the word kal which means to be “ cold. ” Both the beginning of the word is used to explicate a formal and noun signifier of iciness that harmonizing to The Free Dictionary, it is a “ esthesis of coldness and reasonably cold or chilly ” . On the other manus, the verb signifier of iciness is created at the clip of 14c, which means “ hang out ” and “ relax ” . This verb signifier is normally used by La Sallian pupils in showing their feelings, and that makes the definition informal and slang. Furthermore, both definitions of iciness are accepted, but merely the noun signifier is popular globally and considered as a formal definition. To turn out, some writers use the formal word “ iciness ” in books. Take the Hush Hush book by Becca Fitzpatrick for illustration. One of the lines used which highlighted the word iciness was, “ The hair at the scruff of my cervix stood on the terminals, and the temperature in the room seemed to chill. ” ( p. 14 ) . Still, the writer used the formal definition of iciness that means stop deading. Nevertheless, the look is non merely about the formal usage of it, but besides about the informal or slang that is well-known inside the De La Salle University. Based on the slang dictionary found in the cyberspace, the informal iciness has assorted utilizations like adjectival, verb and noun. ( The Online Slang Dicitonary, 2010 ) . The noun signifier of iciness is really celebrated to everybody because it means imperturbability that one feels, while in adjectival signifier, the word iciness means great and amazing frequently use as a compliment whereas, in the verb signifier, the etymology of the word is still followed. But in today ‘s point of view peculiarly in people ‘s looks, it does non merely refer to a minute of wind offing or a period of hanging out, but it besides pertains to the imbuement of tranquility, sustenance of a all right wellness position and the decrease of the engagement in unsafe activities ( The Online Slang Dictionary, 2010 ) .

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From the vocal, “ Everything happens for a ground ” by Tracy Byrd ( 2004 ) , the line points out that “ nil happens by opportunity or by agencies of fortune. ” This vocal indicates that life is unpredictable. Merely God knows what will go on to us and He is the lone 1 who decides in our lives. In add-on, occurrences or events on our lives are compared to a cause and consequence relationship which means that one causes the other to go on. The cause indicates the first one, while the consequence is on the other 1. ( Listening to Cause-Effect Relationships, p. 240, parity. 1 ) . So, one time you do something, there is a corresponding effect to it, either the good one or the bad 1. For case, a individual who is sick did non cover his oral cavity and nose while sneezing ; there is a inclination that the individual beside him might have the bacterium. In consequence, the individual near him will be ill and will hold colds. In similar mode, looks are really popular in our environment. When you hear it, there is a inclination that you copy and say it. It can hold an consequence to a individual whether personal or social. In personal facet, one time you got used to it, you can state it more frequently. As a consequence, it changes your attitude every bit good as the position of other people to you. But in some fortunes, if you do non cognize any looks, therefore, your friend will believe that you are a putting to death joy individual. On the other manus, the social facet is someway similar with the personal facet but it involves different sorts of persons and groups. As what Swindler ( 2010 ) stressed, “ Society is a largest signifier of human group. It consists of people who portion common heritage and civilization. ” ( p. 57, parity. 4 ) . This means that whatever colour of skin color you have, whether you ‘re large or little, tall or short, every bit long as you are populating in your state, you are considered as a portion of the society that portion common concern and beliefs. For illustration, the term “ Jejemon ” , a word used to depict the people who have their ain linguistic communication, is popular in our state. It is celebrated and most talked about right now. Hence, the consequence of this is the position of other people about them ; others would merely disregard it, or some will laugh at it. Without a uncertainty, the illustration stated above is likewise with the consequence of slang looks in the society. There is a opportunity that one will forge and state it.

The sudden alteration in our environment and the fast turning figure of engineering innovations emphasized that the universe is altering and developing. The tick tock of the clock tells us that the clip is altering rapidly. As clip base on ballss by, innovations, finds, and worlds, advancement and transform. Similarly with the linguistic communication we use ; it besides develops and alterations through clip. The most popular assortment of our linguistic communication today is the slang looks that are defined as unusual usage of words in a linguistic communication, frequently created or imported from other words and linguistic communication ( Hip Hop, n.d. , para 1 ) . There are so many slang looks, but I prefer to compare and contrast the words iciness and cool. If you hear the words iciness and cool, you would likely state that it is merely the same, possibly because both words tackle about the feeling in a low temperature. But in today ‘s coevals, if you hear those words, they are different. The two have assorted significances that is related in an informal definition and used as slang. Chill in slang agencies brilliant, acceptable, and favorable. Another significance of iciness is to travel out to other topographic points. Others use iciness in sentences like, “ I ‘m all right. I ‘m chill ” and “ I want to chill at that topographic point ” ( “ The Online Slang Dictionary ” , 2010 ) . On the contrary, cool in slang is sometimes spelled as “ kewl ” that means superb, brilliant, satisfactory, composure, and trendy. It is besides used to stress money and debts. We use the term cool in sentences like, “ He ‘s so cool ” and “ Am I cool? ” ( The Online Slang Dictionary, 2010 ) . Surely, the look iciness together with cool is used in informal conversations. The two seems similar, but the significances are diverse.

Indeed, the look “ iciness ” varies its significance on the manner it is used. Others say it is about the coldness with shuddering. But in La Sallian ‘s position, the look “ iciness ” tells others to loosen up and non to worry, which is used as slang and in informal conversations. In add-on, slang looks are portion of the Filipinos and La Sallian ‘s civilization. The pupils in De La Salle University follow what are popular, and one of those things is the slang looks. Anyone can utilize it but be certain that it is in the right clip and right topographic point.