In my brooding paper, I expect traveling through the order of things in my life and speaking about things that have been important events in my life. The things that have molded me into the individual I have developed into today. I plan to touch briefly on current events in my life that caused me to be a pupil here at Ashford. As good, I intend to touch on some current or recent events that are farther specifying the individual I am. This will assist me to transition into countries of my life that is my hereafter. The things I expect carry throughing every bit good as my hopes and dreams for the hereafter.

I grew up in East Texas and I am still in the general country today. I was born in the late 1950 ‘s ; into an upper in-between category southern household. To anyone who is similar in age and lives in the general locality would understand what that means. To be born into an upper in-between category or upper category southern household carried with it certain outlooks. Particularly if you were born female, you were expected ever to take a back place to the males.

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I was the older of two kids born in my household. My female parent would hold been happy to non hold had any more kids. My male parent insisted that they would go on until a male inheritor was produced. My female parent would speak of this frequently with me over the old ages and it is still told by me today. So I will portion this narrative with you, as it is one the specifying minutes of my life. My female parent used to state me when she got pregnant that she and my male parent had selected names for the babe. When the babe was born they would call it Christina or Richard. My female parent wanted a small miss. My male parent wanted a male inheritor. I was born prematurely, before my female parent could do it out of the bringing room my male parent named me. He was defeated that I was non the boy he wanted, so he went to call me Patricia Anne after my female parent. What makes this important in my life is that to acquire back at my male parent, when my female parent was told they were anticipating another babe, she started be aftering her retaliation. It has been relayed to me by several members of my household of what happened following. On the manner to the bringing room my female parent told them if it was non a male child to set in back in so it could cook a piece longer. Because, she was non given the chance to call me Christina, while she was in the bringing unit she denied my male parent of the chance to call his boy Richard. She named him James William Jr. , after my male parent. This is how I learned to be independent in a southern household from my ma ; she was a retentive adult female and I learned good from her that doggedness can take you a long manner toward your ends.

At 45 old ages of age my female parent so became soberly ill. As expected, it was my occupation as a female to take attention of her. I did non mind, she was my best friend. I was engaged to be married when she became ill. As her status continued to deteriorate, it became obvious that she was non traveling to acquire any better. My fiance and I so decided to travel our nuptials plans up so that she could be at that place when we were married. We merely gave my female parent two yearss ‘ notice of when we were traveling to be married. We knew if we gave her more notice she would turn it into a immense nuptials. It was astonishing what she managed to draw off in two yearss.

This was about the center of her unwellness. So for the following twelvemonth, I was with her invariably until she died. That required me to go forth my five twelvemonth old girl with her new measure pa for the first twelvemonth of our matrimony. My male parent and brother were wholly absent from the scene. It was as if they ignored the job it would travel off. To state the least this caused my retentive side to kick into full cogwheel. I was traveling to be with her no affair, what came my manner. I saw to it she got the best attention available. This needed traveling her to a infirmary in Galveston. So I merely told my male parent, “ Give me a recognition card. I am taking her to a better infirmary and you are paying my disbursals ” . He looked at me amusing and I was non really respectful. I merely stated, “ If you can non be bothered to take attention of ma, you can at least pay the disbursals I will incur being off from my ain household. He was so surprised by my straightness that he pulled out his billfold and instantly gave me his Pt Visa card. I told him that I was traveling to pass whatever was necessary to see to it that she got the best attention and he had better non state a word about any money I spent. That was the first clip ; I of all time spoke back to my male parent. It was the first of many times for me to stand up to him in the old ages to come.

I moved her to the medical centre in Galveston where she could acquire some of the latest intervention for blood upsets. Periodically my female parent would inquire where pa was. I told her, “ You know how he is, the concern comes foremost ” . It would upset her, so I would travel to the nearest phone and name my male parent. I would demand that he acquire down to Galveston, Mom wanted to see him. He was obstinate, but he found out that my doggedness far outweighed his obstinacy. It got really heated at times to the point of my curse at him until he complied. This sort of thing happened at least one time every three months, so my ma could see my pa. As a consequence, my male parent and I developed a really labored relationship. I did non care ; I was making it for my ma. When she took a terrible bend for the worse I moved her to Baylor Medical Center in Houston. That was on Christmas Eve. I called my male parent and told him to run into me in Houston. He said, “ he could non acquire off ” . I told him, you own the company and you can make whatever you like. I said, “ Get your buttocks to Houston now! You are traveling to pass Christmas with your married woman. He came to run into me at Baylor with a Christmas nowadays in manus for my female parent. Then, when he went to go forth, to travel back place, he did something that took me old ages before I could forgive him. He left without stating adieu to her, and asked me to lie to her, and state he said pass, you merely do non retrieve it. To state that I was angry was an understatement. From that point on, she spiraled in really rapidly. On New Year ‘s Eve twenty-four hours the physicians came to me and said, “ You need to name the household she has really small clip left ” . I called my hubby foremost ; I knew I needed back up. Then I called my female parent ‘s parents, cognizing that they would desire to see their lone kid before she died. Then I made the hardest phone call of all. How do you name a adult male and state him that his married woman is deceasing? So I called my pa and said, “ The physicians say you need to come down here ” . He asked me, “ why ” ? I said, “ they merely said you need to acquire here now ” . He responded with, “ Why ” ? So I blew up. I stated, “ If you do non acquire in your darn auto now, and caput this manner you might non acquire here before she dies you boy of a bitch ” , and I slammed down the phone. My hubby got at that place, first and was the last individual, she remembers taking to. She slipped into coma right after speaking with him. Her parents made it there but she was comatose. My male parent and brother were the last to get.

My male parent all of a sudden developed a scruples. That did nil but enrage me farther. He wanted understanding from me I went, ice cold. I told him, “ Go place back to that concern you love so much and go forth me with my ma ” . He got what he deserved, I think. My hubby was right by my side in support the whole manner. My pa and brother got a room at the hotel and settled in. My grandparents sat with their girl for many hours. I secured a room for them on my male parent ‘s Pt card. When it came, clip for supper, I took my grandparents out to eat at the most expensive eating house, I could happen and paid for it with my male parent ‘s card. We returned to the infirmary so they could see my ma once more before acquiring them settled into their room at the hotel. I asked the nurse had my male parent and brother come by to see while we were gone, I was told no. Jeff and I got my grandparents settled in and we went back to the infirmary. We stayed until about 3:00 ante meridiem Then, I decided I needed to go forth. I knew the clip was near. The nurse asked, “ are you certain you want to go forth ” ? I told her that I had made a promise to my female parent and if I stayed I was non certain I could maintain that promise. I feared panicking at the last minute and inquiring them to make something. She made me assure non to allow them hook her up to a batch of machines. We left and I said my adieu to my ma for I knew that would be the last clip, I would see her alive.

Shortly after acquiring back to the hotel the phone rang. I knew what it was and did non desire to reply it. My hubby said, “ travel in front honey, you have to ” . Certain enough it was the infirmary and she had expired. So I walked down the hall to my male parent ‘s room and knocked on his door. He and my brother were standing at that place gazing at me. I searched for the words but they did non desire to go forth my lips. I looked at my hubby, trusting he would make it for me. He merely hugged me and said, “ You can make this ” . So I bucked up and told my pa, “ Mom merely died ” . We stood there for what seemed like an infinity but it was merely minutes. He asked when we could travel see her. I told him it would be several hours. They were traveling to clean her up and travel her to a room so that the household could come in and see her one last clip. Then I tried to maintain the remainder of the promise I made to my female parent. She wanted them to make an necropsy on her so that they could larn from her decease. She did non desire her decease to be meaningless. My male parent got huffy and said, “ I am non traveling to allow them cut her all up ” . I said, “ It is what she wanted ” . He said, “ I do non care, it is non go oning ” . So I called him a selfish asshole and walked away. My hubby went to present the intelligence to my female parent ‘s parents ; he figured I had merely been through plenty. When we were allowed to see my ma, they all wailed and cried and I sat back in choler. Then my male parent looked at me and said, “ make agreements to acquire her place ” and he left. By now my fury was full blown. I hugged my grandparents and told them I would see to it that she gets the best. So, I made the agreements to acquire her dorsum place, and we all proceeded to come back place. I bought her the finest Cherry wood coffin, a beautiful pink chiffon frock, and the largest coffin spray of pink roses I could acquire. I besides purchased a standing easel, filled with pink roses and merrily paid for it with my male parent ‘s charge card. I purchased the most expensive pink granite keystone I could happen and set it on his card. Then, I went to buy a really matriarchal black frock and a suit for my hubby and set it on my pa ‘s card. I wrote her obituary, arranged the service, and all with no aid from my male parent or brother.

It took me many old ages to acquire over all of that and it shaped my life for the following 25 old ages to come. It is the one event that has had the most consequence on doing me the adult female I have become today. I was better able to accept my female parent ‘s decease because I was with her all through her unwellness. I had the opportunity to state everything I needed to state to her before her passing. My male parent and brother still, 25 old ages subsequently have a difficult clip speaking about my female parent, because they were n’t at that place for her when she needed them.

Several old ages subsequently my male parent remarried. I had some issues with it because it seemed, as if he was replacing my female parent. However, I liked the adult female he chose. It took her and me many old ages to go close. Now, we are really good friends. I guess if one has to hold a step-mother, I am lucky to hold her as mine. She has developed lymphoma, and now the possibility of losing her has brought back a batch of old feelings. I pulled my male parent to the side, and really obviously looked him in the face, and stated, “ There will non be a repetition of past behaviours ” . He looked at me perplexed and I said, “ You are traveling to be at that place for her. You are traveling to take her to chemotherapy, and you are traveling to remain by her side the full clip. You will non handle her, as you did my female parent ” . I got a really surprising reply from my male parent ; he looked up at me with cryings in his eyes and said, “ Yes Mme ” . It was a really phantasmagoric minute, but he has been involved during her full intervention. I guess that I earned his regard because he treats me as an equal these yearss. With that said we can travel onto things from before in my childhood.

Thingss from my childhood were a batch happier times than the old events discussed. I grew up populating on a cattle farm. I was slightly of a romp. I loved working with the cattles. Traveling to the sale barn each Saturday with my male parent and buying stock or selling the calves that had been born during the twelvemonth. Working on a farm seems a hundred old ages ago, but they were happy times. There were ever jobs to be done on the farm, but I loved it. When the work was done I would mount up in a nearby tree with a book and read. I loved the odors of the farm and it was peaceable being in nature. Watching the annual births of the babes and watching as they got on their pess for the first clip. I still smile when believing about it. This was non a typical function for a southern upper category miss to make, but my male parent allowed it because I loved it so much.

We were financially unafraid ; my male parent owned his ain concern and a cattle spread. That could sometimes be a dual edged blade. Being in an upper category household meant you were expected to act in a certain manner. So I had to make some things I found as unpleasant, such as traveling to tea parties and the similar. Acting like a all right solid small lady, when all I wanted was to acquire back into denims and be with the cowss. Ride my Equus caballus and be portion of the rodeo nine. Then those upper category outlooks would come deluging back in and I had to take a civic responsibility.

I chose to execute unpaid responsibilities at the local infirmary as a Candy Striper. I enjoyed it ; I was exposed, to assorted different facets of the infirmary. I worked in the admitting office for a piece, so moved to the radiology section developing X raies, so moved onto the pharmaceutics where I delivered, drugs to the floors, that the druggists had filled. On juncture I would work the juice and bite cart, or the library cart presenting books to the patients. Due to the liability the infirmary would hold if a voluntary were exposed to something contagious ; those types of volunteering occupations have gone by the roadside. With the oncoming of the HIPPA ordinances you can non work in acknowledging, and puting the conveyance of drugs into the custodies of a child is no longer permitted. It is a shame, because I got an instruction making those occupations and being exposed to merely how a infirmary worked. I moved on, as the occupations they allowed voluntaries to be involved in started to decrease.

Each summer, I went to Camp Fire cantonment. I loved and looked frontward to it each twelvemonth. It was another opportunity to acquire back to nature. Riding Equus caballuss, trades and nature walks. Swiming in the lake and cookery over a campfire. Liing outside at dark, and looking up at the stars. Chew overing my life to come, what was life truly all about? I found those replies best in nature. Raising the flag each forenoon and, take downing it, and turn uping it each flushing. We respected our state back so. Crawling into my bunk at the terminal of the twenty-four hours and hearing lights-outs played merely earlier bed each dark. Lazy by gone yearss merely like large household maps.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we would travel to my grandma ‘s house for dinner. All the cousins would acquire together and play on the farm. Sit around a campfire at dark merely speaking. Largely about how rigorous our parents were, and how our grandma was obsessed with doing certain, we were non playing with lucifers in the barn. When my grandma died, like some sort of rite of transition, all the cousins got together. Each of us armed with a box of lucifers, we went out and up into the barn loft. We all took a lucifer out at the same clip and illume it and said, “ Large Mama, we are playing with lucifers in the barn ” . Then we blew them out and started express joying, we had all come of age.

I have had a myriad of occupations in my life. My first occupation was working at a Canis familiaris embarkation doghouse. I love animate beings and I enjoyed my occupation at that place. I got to play with all kinds of Canis familiariss. Feeding them, cleaning coops and walking the Canis familiariss. It seems like a lazy twenty-four hours now and it was, ages ago. I was merely 14 old ages old when I had that occupation. It was a, much simpler clip in my life, but I was with animate beings, my favourite thing. Then I grew up a spot and got what was considered a existent occupation.

I got a occupation as a waiter, at the local International House of Pancakes. It was very well, it got me out of the house, which I am certain is every adolescents ‘ desire. To be out from under the pollex of their parents, even if it was merely for a few hours every twenty-four hours, they were my hours and non my parents. I learned a batch about people working at that place. The Saturday dark crowds were wholly different from, the Sunday after Church crowd. I got educated in merely how different people can be. I got to see a transverse subdivision of the people that lived in my town. I still preferred the company of animate beings, particularly after seeing how some people behave.

When I got divorced and had to happen a occupation to back up my five twelvemonth old girl. I went to work at one of our local Whataburger ‘s ‘ as an Assistant Manager. It allowed me to hold a flexible agenda, so that I could acquire my kid from school and today attention. I kept that occupation, until I remarried. My new hubby said, “ discontinue your occupation and take attention of your female parent ” . I was happy to make merely that. He gave me a fantastic gift, the clip to be with my female parent until her decease. I will ever be thankful for the clip I to pass with her. He is a fantastic adult male, who understands me like no other.

We so discussed my acquiring some signifier of instruction if something was to go on to him. So I went to Cosmetology School and became a hair chest of drawers. I worked for a short period of clip and so, we went back to me being a stay at place ma. I still maintain my license up-to-date if such an juncture should originate. I do my go oning instruction, every twelvemonth. I enjoyed working as a hair chest of drawers, and run intoing all kinds of people. It allowed me to show the originative side of my personality. However, I longed to be back at place with the childs as a stay at place ma. After the childs were all grown up and moved off, I went to work for my physician as a medical charge clerk. He had been through many clerks and his records were a muss. I was in for a everyday medical examination and we are friends, every bit good as doctor/patient. We were speaking about the province of his records and he said, “ I need to engage a Bull Dog that is capable of acquiring this material collected and straightened out ” . I laughed ; he looked at me and said, “ Would you see taking the occupation ” ? I laughingly said, “ You see me as a Bull Dog ” ? He said, “ no but you can be forceful, when demand be and that is what I need ” . After I quit express joying, I agreed to take the occupation. I guess that I was a Bull Dog, because in three months I had straightened up old ages of bad debt. I left the occupation when I had a bosom onslaught. I longed for a more peaceable occupation that involved my faith.

For 40 old ages I have been Wiccan. ( Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2006 ) I am now an Ordained Minister and High Priestess of my ain Coven. I have been the High Priestess of my ain Coven since 2003. I was Ordained in 1995, before that I worked largely as a lone. I did hold periods of clip, when I chose to be portion of a Coven. Bing a Minister/High Priestess takes a batch of clip and dedication. Your phone may peal any hr of the twenty-four hours or dark. People ever have jobs, and I am at that place for them. I find unagitated in nature worship, which goes back to a happier clip in my life, when I was a kid on the farm.

Having a household of my ain has been an experience that I was non prepared for. I graduated High School and got married the undermentioned weekend. Boy, was that an oculus opener. My parents ne’er fought nor had a cross word one time, of which I was cognizant. Populating with my parents was like ; Leave it to Beaver ( Encyclopedia of Television 1997 ) . The first clip, I got into an statement with my first hubby, I was shocked. It was by belief that, married twosomes do non contend, or so I believed. Boy was I incorrect, for eight old ages we were together. In those eight old ages, we fought on a regular basis and he was physically opprobrious. I had ne’er known that there was such a thing as domestic force. Particularly from person who did non imbibe.

I gave birth to a girl merely over a twelvemonth after I was married. I worked truly difficult to maintain the peace at place, because I did non desire my girl exposed to that sort of force. Children see much more than we give them recognition for. I covered up the contusions with make-up and tried to play happy household. However, I became pregnant two other times during my first matrimony. He did non desire any more kids, so he crush them out of me. I was despairing to happen a manner out, and my girl provided the chance for us to acquire out alive. At five old ages old, she stepped between her male parent and me during an statement, and stated to her male parent, “ Daddy you are non traveling to hit my ma any longer ” . I knew it was, clip to go forth.

So we packed up and left my small girl and me. We moved in with some friends who were willing to assist us. I got a occupation, got a attorney, and started divorce proceedings. He worked for my male parent, and my male parent was traveling to fire him. I said, “ No make non make that, while he works for you I know I will acquire child support ” . That was before pay garnishments. I wanted a warrant, working for my male parent was a reasonably good 1. He knew if he missed a payment, I would travel to my male parent. It worked normally, but from clip to clip he would compose me a hot cheque. I would travel to my male parent and he would state Michael, you got 24 hours to acquire her the money or you do non hold a occupation. That seemed to repair most of the jobs. Once that was straightened out, I decided to get down dating once more.

When I started dating once more, it felt Wyrd at first. I would ever present my day of the months to my girl. You can state a batch about a individual by the manner the react to kids. Children are really perceptive excessively ; they can state if person does n’t wish them. When I would come place from my day of the months, I would speak to my girl about the gentleman. I would inquire her what she thought of him. Sometimes she was all right with them, but other times she would state, “ I do non like him mommy do non see him any longer ” . When she foremost met my current hubby, she instantly developed fondness for him. I think that she knew before I did, that I was traveling to get married him. She would state things like, “ I like him, and you need to get married him ” . I would state her, “ he has non asked me to get married him ” . She would state, “ So you ask him ma ” . He loved her excessively. I knew it was the right pick and when I married Jeff, I gained a boy. Becky eventually had a large brother. They got along really good. I guess I chose right we have been married 25 old ages.

Over the old ages we have watched our kids turn into grownups. Becky got married and made me a grandma before I turned 40. The most cherished, red-haired small miss, named Madelynn. Madelynn is now 12 and will be 13 old ages old in merely a few months. She is taller than I, and wears a shoe three sizes larger than I do. I can conceive of her being six pess tall, by the clip she is 18. Now, if my boy would merely acquire married and do me a grandma once more, I would be a happy adult female. We need another grandchild running about.

My hubby and I merely celebrated our 25th nuptials day of remembrance. We chose to regenerate our vows in conformity with our faith. When we foremost got married, we had a civil service. It was a large trade be aftering a Wiccan Hand fasting and ask foring non Wiccans to the ceremonial. We invited about 35 of our friends. I was impressed, even my male parent and measure mother came. We went the full ploy, including, leaping the broom and blade. We had a response that followed and it was besides my male parent ‘s birthday. So everyone American ginseng Happy Birthday to my male parent at my response. A good clip was had by all.

I have had many achievements in my life, but none every bit pleasing as raising my two fantastic kids. My hubby and I chose, for me to be a stay at place ma. We are really proud of the grownups our kids have become. They are respectful, self-responsible immature grownups. My girl is learning her girl a good set of ethical motives. She came to me and said, “ thank you mom, for learning me how to be a good individual ” . I told her, “ I was really proud of the adult female she had become ” . I see her raising her kid with a sense of ethical motives, and responsible behaviours, and I beam with pride.

When my hubby and I decided that I needed to hold a backup if something happened to him. I chose to travel to Cosmetology School. It was disputing, seeking to be married woman, female parent, and pupil all at the same clip. It took me a piece to acquire through the full plan. I did alumnus, and travel to work for a piece, as a hair chest of drawers. I was proud that I now had a accomplishment. That manner I could supply for the kids, if something happened to their male parent. It was an of import safety cyberspace for us to hold. Then I made, clip to seek more introspectively, for what I truly wanted to make.

Working toward going an Ordained Wiccan Minister, was an of import point on my list of things, I expected making with my life. It has given me a great sense of achievement obtaining my Ordination. I carry a certain measure of pride where that is concerned. I have performed many nuptialss and funerals, during my being a Minister, non all which were easy for me. However, going ordained opened the door for me to get down believing about holding my ain Coven. So I began to contemplate about if I was willing to give that much of my clip to run a full Coven.

Forming my ain Coven was a great achievement. It was my dream come to fruition. When we get together for the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, ( World Book 2010 ) it is a fantastic thing. Teaching immature people, who are seeking the way of the God and Goddess, has besides been carry throughing to me. It is my opportunity to model and determine them, in readying of their psyches being made, ready for reincarnation. To assist them with their day-to-day life battles, to learn them that they are responsible for their ain actions. They are grownups, and if they are honorable with themselves, so they know precisely why they did something. I teach them, to have what it is that they do. Having my hubby as my High Priest is besides a benefit.

I see being married to my psyche mate for 25 old ages, and loving him as my greatest achievement. In a universe so rifled with hatred, selfishness, and no ethical motives, happening Mr. Right was a fantastic achievement. If we are lucky plenty to happen love in this life, so we need to take it. No affair what form it presents itself to us. Whether it is heterosexual or homosexual, is of no importance. The lone thing of import is sharing love, with person you feel passionate about. Having my hubby, as my working magickal spouse is a fillip. He has been supportive of anything ; I have chosen to take on in the last 25 old ages.

Choosing to return to college after 50, was something that surprised many people that know me. I realize that I will be near to 55 when I graduate. The pick to return to college, after age 50 came approximately after a falling out with a twosome of my pupils. It became evident, that I needed some extra tools, to be able to advocate more efficaciously. So I decided to return to college and acquire those tools. I give of myself to my pupils to the best of my ability. I see them as household. My end is to be able to assist them, with as many state of affairss as I perchance can. Traveling back to college will assist me to make this more efficaciously.

Deriving the tools I need to assist my pupils, is a high precedence in my hereafter, I want to be a good Minister and High Priestess to them. The ways people think and the manner the human encephalon maps are a enigma. However, psychological science helps to unlock some of this information. It helps me to better understand, how to assist them work on their personal issues. To assist them better themselves. To larn to listen to themselves and to be comfy in their ain tegument is the end. For if they can non be comfy with themselves ; so they will ne’er to the full be comfy with a life spouse.

I besides expect to take my electives all in criminology. I have to believe rationally about being able to acquire a occupation after college, to pay back my pupil loans. The best opportunity, I have to carry through that is to minor in criminology. Not far from where we live are, a province mental establishment, and the province gaol for the reprehensively insane. I have ever had a captivation with what makes people take to be felons. I want to be able to understand the thought of the condemnable head. I believe a child in criminology, will be my best stake to work on this portion of my involvement, and acquire a occupation that pays good plenty to pay back my pupil loans. Besides, I find the field fascinating.

Last, I want to be able to be the first member of my household, to accomplish a college grade. I see it as farther cogent evidence that holding been born female does non do me inferior. I am an intelligent adult female, who can carry through whatever I set my head to. I have the doggedness to do it work, and the driving force to put a end, and accomplish it. Furthermore, it will give me the chance to give back more to my community, every bit good. To seek to assist others larn to be responsible, and possibly even find the key, to why people choose condemnable activities, as opposed to take to make what is lawful alternatively.

In drumhead, most of my yesteryear has been spent contending the stereotyped position of holding been born female in the South. The route was long and difficult, but I think that I have won the conflict. My household now sees me as an intelligent adult female, worthy of their regard. I can eventually name myself an equal, in a household with strong patriarchal positions. I have, emerged from this battle, with a doggedness that, in my position can be equal, to that of any adult male. Having lived this experience, I believe is functioning me good in the present, as I work on my college instruction. Furthermore, it will turn out to be my best quality for success in the hereafter.