Vietnam located at the eastern portion of the Indochinese Peninsula and the centre of South East Asia and a tropical state of the northern hemisphere. The authorities is runs by the Communist Party of Vietnam. In 1995, the population size in Vietnam reached 74million, ranking 2nd in South East Asia, 7th in Asia-Pacific Region and twelfth the universe over. The population size was so increased to 95 million people in the twelvemonth 2010. Vietnam count as a hapless state if refer to its ain state GDP per individual. After “ Dot Moi ” came to this state, the national economic system bettering at a high rate therefore better the life criterions and national income of local people. The state is one of the fastest turning economic systems in planetary which have shown a consistent growing rate in the recent old ages. While harmonizing to World Economic Outlook ( 2011 ) of the International Monetary Fund, the GDP of Vietnam was increased per capita and develops from lower- income state to middle-income state ( Richard Rousseau, 2011 ) . Coca-Cola enters Vietnam ‘s market at 2004 and produces its ain vitamin-packed energy drink along with some familiar trade names such as Joy, Fanta, Sprite, and others for the local consumers. Coca-Cola physiques three production workss in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Reasons to Enter Vietnam

At 2004, Coca-Cola made its first move out of Africa and enters Asia ‘s markets which include Vietnam. These acquisitions were in line with the Group ‘s growing scheme to spread out into emerging markets, in order to underpin the organisation ‘s place as an Emerging Markets Specialist ( Coca-Cola Sabco History ) . The first move of Coca-Cola into Vietnam is based on the new emerge and rapid growing of economic system in Vietnam.

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As the rapid population growing and betterment of economic system in Vietnam, Coca-Cola takes this chance to come in their market. Vietnam ‘s economic system has been turning at between 4 % – 8 % after recovery from the Asiatic Financial Crisis of 1997.The enhancing of life and educational criterions of Vietnamese aid in supplying employment chances to them. Coca-Cola enters Vietnam market to heighten the economic development and make some occupation chances for the local people. As the sodium carbonate ingestion has reduced in the U.S. , Coca-Cola is one of the soft drink industries that progressively looking to spread out their concern in states where there consist of higher national income rate and immense population ( Bloomberg Business hebdomad New, 2012 ) . This intelligence besides shows the ground that Vietnam still able to promote Coca-Cola to set more investing in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Vietnam relies on the crude oil industry for its local energy ingestion and for export ; it will do the economic system of Vietnam more stable and attracted many foreign companies direct invest in Vietnam. This besides managed to pull Coca-cola to come in Vietnam markets at 2004. The payment for employees in Vietnam is rather low, hence, it attract foreign companies traveling into Vietnam alternatively of traditional market such as China, India, and Thailand. These all grounds push Coca-Cola chooses Vietnam and made it first move into it to run its workss at that place.


Additions of come ining into a foreign state

Political Stability

Entering into a foreign state such as Vietnam has its additions and defects. One of the advantages to come in Vietnam is its political stableness. Due to Mr. Philippe Delalande ( 2010 ) , he mentions that political stableness is one of the factors that have helped Vietnam prosecute its economic development policy. In the others view from George E. Kobrossy ( 2013 ) , General Director of Zamil Steel Vietnam ( ZSV ) besides mention the advantages which help pull foreign investors to the state is Vietnam ‘s political stableness, administrative reform and its attempts in upgrading substructure installations. Coca-Cola faced jobs to come in some states few decennaries ago due to the politic issues that happened in the state. Standage ( n.d ) said that Coca-Cola did non be in the former Soviet Union ( Russian ) because they worry that the gross would travel reassign to communist authorities caissons. While Webster ( n.d ) reference that Coca-Cola non enter Gallic society because Coca-Cola was a grade of capitalist economy and a difference between capitalist economy and communism during Cold War. Coca-Cola as a immense trade name so closely related with the US found itself pester in political relations, or singled out for unfavorable judgment although they are non seeking to acquire involved in political relations, said Webster. Thus, through our analysis we realize Coca-Cola reenter Vietnam ‘s market because of the political stableness after Doi Moi ( reformation ) policy. Coca-Cola feels more confidence in spread outing their concern in a stable politic state.

Foreign Direct Investment

One of the additions of Coca-Cola is that Vietnamese authorities provides many investing inducements for foreign investors, the corporate income revenue enhancement is low compared to other states in South East Asia ( standard rate is 28 % and discriminatory rates from 10 % to 20 % ) . The Foreign Investment Agency studies that by 15 December 2011 Vietnam had attract more than 13,667 foreign investing undertakings, with a entire capital of around RM612 billion ( Foreign Investment Agency, 2011 ) . Foreign-invested companies including Coca-Cola accounted for around 27 % of the state ‘s exports, 35 % of the state ‘s entire industrial productiveness, constituted 13 % of GDP, and contributed about 25 % of entire revenue enhancement incomes ( Vietnam Investment Review, 2001 ) . Therefore, there are about US $ 300 million was inform by Coca-Cola to put in Vietnam to farther gaining control turning chances in one of the most underdeveloped consumer markets ( Journey Staff, 2012 ) . Under committednesss made by Vietnam as portion of its understanding to the World Trade Organization, Vietnam offered foreign endeavor which included Coca-Cola the general right to import merchandises and sell them to accredited distributers. The procedure to obtain an investing certification for foreign-owned company is much easier now.

Low labour cost

The state is deriving competitory advantage for labour-intensive production industry on the footing of low salary degree ( Meyer, 2005 ) . In the research on labour costs, Japan labour cost in one month is $ 1,810, continue by $ 1,144 in Singapore, $ 82 in Indonesia, and so Vietnam rank the 2nd lowest topographic point which is US $ 49 a month and follow by the highest is Cambodia with $ 47.36 ( EuroCham, 2010 ) . Coca-Cola who has chosen to set-up regional offices in Vietnam aid Vietnam proven the extended labour pool is competitory in the market ( GLC, 2007 ) . Due to information we collected, we found that Coca-Cola Vietnam invest in Vietnam to assist hike the local concern gross revenues and created 500 new occupations locally in Vietnam while the entire labour force that gain this benefit is 99 per centum of local Vietnamese ( Staff, 2012 ) . This high per centum usage of labour force proves that Coca-Cola Vietnam afford to engage more local employees due to their low labour cost or low wage paid.

Low production Cost

Coca-Cola come ining Vietnam because one of the additions is they can exempted from import responsibilities to construct fixed assets, such as bottling machinery, agencies of conveyance, and production stuffs that are non produced locally. Extra freedoms are available for natural stuffs, parts and stuffs imported for production of goods for export. Coca-Cola ‘s gross in cardinal Vietnam had witnessed a dual figure growing over the past few old ages ; three mills of the company produce more than 608 million litres per twelvemonth in Vietnam ( Nordic Industry Development, 2012 ) . Therefore, Coca-Cola beverages Vietnam invested over $ 3 million into its 2nd Danang-based purified bottle H2O production concatenation, with a capacity of up to 6,000 of 500ml bottles per hr due to the low production cost they gain in Vietnam.

V ) Variety Product Lines that meet Vietnamese ‘s Beverages Need

Coca-Cola enters Vietnam because they can run into the demands for hydration, nutrition and stimulating refreshment of their client in Vietnam. Coca-Cola have assortment trade name of merchandise in Vietnam such as Coca-cola, Coca-cola Light, Fanta, Joy, Minute Maid, Dasani, Real Leaf, Samurai, Schweppes and Sprite. Joy is bottled H2O drink that pure and has the largest portion of 32 % comparison other trade name that company bring forth. Coca-Cola has the 2nd largest portion of 23 % continue by Sprite with the per centum of 18 % and Fanta which has 17 % . Other trade names like Samurai obtain 5 % from the market portion while Minute Maid and Schweppes each occupied 2.5 % ( Soft drink-Vietnam, 2010 ) . They offer high quality merchandise that meet the demand of their mark market. For illustration, Samurai is enjoyed by Vietnamese male grownups who need an energy encouragement. This vitamin-packed energy drink is fortified with six indispensable B vitamins and has an exciting and reviewing gustatory sensation with a carbonated, sweet spirit that entreaties to the Vietnamese roof of the mouth ( Coca Cola Sabco Homepage ) . Coca-Cola can carry through the Vietnamese drink ‘s demands every bit good as addition more net income from them and organize a win-win state of affairs. Therefore, this encourages Coca-Cola to bring forth more merchandise lines that meet the demands and wants of Vietnamese.

Defects of come ining into a foreign state

Unable to bring forth ain independent Shops

One of the defects of Coca-Cola in Vietnam is foreign-based companies lawfully can non by and large ain independent shops without production in the state. Importers would usually collaborate with local spouses ( Nguyen, 2004 ) . This had caused Coca-Cola non able to have an independent shop in Vietnam, and Coca-Cola has to start-up their bottling workss to making concern in Vietnam. Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam, the state ‘s prima soft drink maker has ne’er posted net incomes since its reaching in Vietnam in 1994. Harmonizing to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Taxation, Coca-Cola ‘s cumulative losingss are US $ 180.6 million which is larger than its equity of US $ 141.6 million.

Limited Control

There a major portion of Vietnamese concern still owned and controlled by the authorities and local governments although there is dramatically growing of private concern in Vietnam in recent old ages ( Embassy, 2005 ) . State ownership is still dominant, and issues like informal concern patterns or land leasing still do concerns to foreign investors. From the information we analyze, we believe that Coca-Cola besides face more troubles in accessing bank funding, land, and other critical resources that private and smaller endeavors faced the same jobs as reference by Tenev ( 2003 ) . Coca-Cola as a foreign investors enter Vietnam this Communist state need follow their “ civilization ” and unluckily control every bit good as restricted their concern operation in order to go on survive in Vietnam. We believe that Coca-Cola demand to hold personal relationships in order to prolong their concern under Vietnam ‘s control because there are some endeavors besides follow the same “ civilization ” with Coca-Cola. There are 40 per centum of the endeavors believed they had to hold personal relationships to have allocated and transferred lands if sing to the land usage processs ( Bridge, 2012 ) .

Drinking Water Problems

One of the defects of come ining Vietnam is about imbibing H2O jobs. Drinking H2O is a cardinal component for healthy life and it is a basis for sustainable community. Most of the consumers of drinks who are concern of the H2O resource and it will straight impact their purchase determination, therefore for this obvious ground, Coca Cola acknowledged that clean H2O is critical to run in sustainable community like Vietnam. In many portion of Vietnam, clear H2O is still a dream. However, Coca Cola wasted 2.43 litres of H2O merely to bring forth 1 litre of drink on norm. Therefore, it has given a large impact toward the environment. “ Our concern can merely be every bit healthy as the local communities where we operate ; entree to clean H2O is one of the most of import barometers of a community ‘s wellness. ” by Muhtar Kent ( n.d ) . Coca Cola besides understand that the issue of H2O wastage for the production non merely affects the ecology and environment but it affects the corporate image of their company every bit good.


Coca-Cola can by and large have an independent shop with local-based partnerships ( Vietnamnet, 2013 ) . To perforating the Vietnamese market more easier, here is the suggestion which is to going a spouse through the joint venture with Vietnamese endeavors for the Coca-Cola. For illustrations, a joint venture in Coca-Cola Company ensures that they hold 60 per centum of the portion, while their spouse, Chuong Duong Beverages Co. , a local contract bottler, keeping the staying 40 per centum ( Chicago Tribune, 1995 ) . Since the local contract bottler holding good interactions with local independent shops, they can negociate the concern enlargement program with them to bring forth more market portion in Vietnam. Besides, joint venture allows Coca-Cola to come in related concern or new geographic markets, and besides provide an chance to derive new capacity and expertness. For illustration, local endeavors are closer to Vietnamese civilization and understand the penchant of local consumers.

In order to work out the limited control jobs, Coca-Cola can set up a harmonious relationship with the local governments since it easier to work out bureaucratic jobs if and when they occur particularly in Communist state. Relationss with local and cardinal governments can be developed as concerted relationships, and networking and edifice personal relationships is recommended to spread out their concern in Vietnam. Coca-Cola Company should construct a close relationship with authorities so that they will supply more subsidies and privileges to Coca-Cola including the decreasing cost in power use and cheaper natural stuffs. Gifts to the appropriate individuals and making more charity to the poorness occupants may heighten the ambiance and smooth the concern procedure given that directing nowadayss is portion of traditional Vietnamese civilization.

Coca Cola spent over 5milions to 2.1 billion populations in Pacific for the attempt of pull offing the clean H2O resources with the Community Water Partnership ( CWP ) plan.For illustration, in Vietnam, Coca Cola enhances their corporate image and bettering the H2O quality through the “ Plain of Reeds Wetland Restoration Project ” and “ Clean Water for Communities ( Phase II ) ” , more than 10,000 Vietnam occupants able to entree to the clear H2O through. ( Staff, 2012 ) However, these plans do n’t truly hold a important betterment to clean H2O issue. Therefore, in order to accomplish efficiency and effectivity for the concern and production operation, Coca Cola need to hold progress H2O recovery system besides their CWP plan. Water resources ever is the planetary challenges for the drinks company particularly operate in state like Vietnam who confronting serious issue of clean H2O. Indeed, Coca Cola has developed engineering that can cut down operational H2O demands and better H2O usage efficiency by up to 35 % . ( The Coca Cola company, 2012 ) . However, this engineering can be improved by larning from rival ‘s invention like PepsiCo. PepsiCo is put ining an integrated reuse solution from Siemens Industry Automation Division at its bite nutrient production works in Santiago, Chile. As portion of a effluent intervention works ascent, the fabrication installation is increasing its effluent intervention capacity by 20 % and integrating environmentally good engineerings. The system will take down fresh H2O ingestion by up to 70 % . ( Warrendale, 2012 )

As we all know these two elephantine drink companies were competed sharply in the industry over a century. Additionally, one of the competitory advantages of these companies to retain their singularity is the invention and engineering. However, if these two companies could alliance themselves in term of sharing their engineering among themselves to work out the H2O wastage issue, it could convey a better H2O quality to Vietnamese every bit good as heighten their production particularly the bottling procedure. Therefore, if they have the same involvement, they can collaborate under the strategic confederation footing. Strategic confederations are understandings between companies that remain independent and are frequently in competition. ( R.J. , 1999 ) . There are many confederations designed to split fixed costs of production and distribution, seeking to better volume. A really good illustration Coca Cola can mention is the confederation of Nestle and Haagen-Dazs. “ We believe we can turn better together than individually ” said a Diageo interpreter. Nestle would lend its frozen sweet engineering, while Haagen Dazs would lend to distribution through the web of points of sale with its name. ( Beck E. , “ Nestle , Haagen Dazs to make venture ” , Wall Street Journal, 20-21 August 1999 ) . The confederation of these two companies for production and selling allowed Nestle sought to construct critical mass in the ice pick sector and a manner to cut down costs by runing its workss in California and Maryland at full capacity. ( Pellicelli, 2003 )


Coca-cola as a planetary leader in drinks industry offer 100s of trade name over the universe had entered Vietnam market in 2004 by offer quality merchandise that can be trust and carry through the demand of Vietnamese. Coca-Cola Company aid people lead to an active and healthy life style by provide the information of the drinks. Coca-Cola Company proclamation an investing program of invest $ 300 million in Vietnam over the following three old ages to construct new substructure, create occupations, develop strong partnerships and construct its trade names in the country.A

In the research, we found that enter to Vietnam market have it advantages and disadvantages. After we analyze, we realize that the additions of Coca-Cola is more than defects after enter Vietnam. Due to the defects, we had recommended Coca-Cola Company some schemes to get the better of the jobs faced in Vietnam.