“ Economicss is the societal scientific discipline that surveies the picks that persons, concern, authoritiess and full societies make as they cope with scarceness and inducements that influence and reconcile those picks. ” [ 1 ]

“ Supply and demand is one of the most cardinal and indispensable construct of economic sciences and it is the anchor of a market economic system. “ [ 2 ]

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Thankss to planetary competition, faster merchandise development, and progressively flexible fabricating systems, an unprecedented figure and assortment of merchandises are viing on markets runing from dress and toys to power tools and computing machines. [ 3 ]

Here, in this paper we are concentrating on one of the most of import factor which is impacting the economic system, the supply and demand of ‘computers ‘ which is playing a important function in the ‘Information Age ‘ before and after recession.


“ The jurisprudence of demand provinces that other things staying the same, the higher the monetary value of a good, the smaller is the measure demanded, and the lower the monetary value of a good, the greater is the measure demanded ” . [ 1 ]

There are many factors that determines the measure of demand supplied and demand from consumers, some of which are illustrated below –

Monetary value of the chief merchandise

This is the chief factor that affects the demand of any merchandise. If the monetary value of the merchandise is high the demand is low and frailty versa. Same regulation is applied for the demand of Personal computers, if the monetary value goes down the sale additions and if goes up sale dips. Fig1.

Michael Parkin, ( 2010 ) , Microeconomics, Pearson, ( Global Edition ) 9th Edition.

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Marshall L. Fisher, Janice h. Hammod, Walter R. Obermeyer, and Ananth Raman, ( May- June 1994 ) , HBR, “ Making Supply Meet Demand in an Uncertain World ” .

If Pca†‘ so Qd a†“

And IF Pca†“ so Qd a†‘

Where, Personal computer is the monetary value of the chief merchandise

Qd ( D ) is the measure demanded


Fig – 1

In the above graph, the monetary value of computing machine is increased to P1 and hence, the measure is decreased to Qd2.

In February 02, 2000, as the demand of the Personal computers were immersing, the two major Personal computer fabrication houses Compaq and Dell, decided to cut down the monetary value of desktop Personal computers, to recover the impulse in their money -losing commercial desktop Personal computer concern. Compaq cut down monetary value about 13 % and the rival Dell in bend reduced the monetary values on the selected theoretical accounts of Dell Precision workstations by up to 17 % . Source- Reuters, Feb, ( 2000 ) [ 1 ]

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To increase the demand India launched its first inexpensive Personal computer in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu State. It was designed by IT Company HCL Infosystems, which was priced around $ 225 or around ? 150. Which included basic characteristics for the first clip user and it was hoped that demand will do the determination cost effectual. In 2005 India had overall 20 million users and it was expected by the Government that this figure would make to 120 million computing machine and net users by 2010. Source BBC intelligence by LR Jagadheesan, dated 1 August 2005. [ 1 ]

The monetary value of other merchandises


The higher the monetary value of utility goods, the higher will be the demand for chief merchandise i.e. higher demand for Personal computers, as people switch from the replacements. If the monetary value of the replacements is better than the chief merchandise so there is lessening in demand of Personal computers. [ 2 ]

For illustration, Laptops, notebooks, and really latest Smart Telephones are the replacements for the PCs. Fig2.

If P substitutes a†“ so Q chief merchandise ( D2 ) a†‘

And IF P substitutesa†‘ so Q chief merchandise a†“



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John Sloman, Michael R. Solomon, ( 2007 ) , “ Necessities of Economics ” , 4th Edition, Prentice Hall.

The demand graph was right shifted to D2, as P replacement increased.

In conformity with the Moore ‘s Law stated above, it is found that a half decrease in the cost for the same specification of processors, DRAMs and besides informations disc storage, laptops have become non merely an focal point giving option for a 2nd computing machine, but the primary machine for batch of people and sectors. Source –, Wednesday 28 October 2009 [ 1 ]

After many old ages of Personal computers kingdom which was the first pick for place and concern, the desktop Personal computer is being pushed to garbage by its smaller, agile sibling: the laptop. In 2007, for the first clip, American consumers bought more of them than desktops. [ 2 ] Source – Article, “ Desktops? They ‘re so last twelvemonth ” , published in Los Angeles Times, on 01 Jan, 2008.


Complementary goods are those that are consumed together for illustration, in this instance, packages with Personal computers etc. The higher the monetary value of complementary goods, the fewer are bought and therefore the less will be the demand for the chief merchandise, and frailty versa.



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Fig-3, explains that if monetary value of compliment is less and attractive so demand of the chief merchandise addition.

On 8 July 2009, Google a Software giant announced its ain Operating System that is complement or necessity which would be free for the first clip, which hit the portions of its rival, Microsoft as it captures about 86 per centum of the OS market, therefore its demand was about to immerse. [ 1 ]

To salvage itself from the tightening of the demand, the following twenty-four hours Microsoft announced free version of its Office suite of plans which was a positive complement to the Personal computer market and consumers. [ 1 ] Source- A Jim Finkle, Reuters.

Consequence of Population on Quantity of Demand

Population, the people, the consumers for whom the computing machines are being manufactured are the major factors that must see. Demand depends on the size and the construction of the population. The larger the population, the greater the demand for all goods and services ; the smaller the population, the smaller is the demand for all goods and services. [ 2 ]

If P a†‘ so Qd a†‘ towards ( D2 )

And if P a†“ so Qd a†“


Fig – 4

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Michael Parkin, ( 2010 ) , Microeconomics, Pearson, ( Global Edition ) 9th Edition

India holding 2nd largest population in the universe is the best illustration for this factor as it is emerging as an of import finish for planetary concern. GOI has besides accepted that to run into the spread outing demands of India ‘s 900 million population, intensive cybernation is non merely ineluctable but need attending. At the present rate of growing, the state which had merely 100 computing machines before 1970 had over five million users before 2000. [ 1 ]


“ The jurisprudence of supply provinces that, other things being equal, the higher the monetary value of a merchandise, the greater is the Quantity supplied. “ [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

The supply side includes the makers, distributers and retail merchants and many other intermediates. Due to competition in the market and besides the explored cognition of the clients, providers and other Sellerss remain in quandary sing the scheme and the monetary values they should follow to stay in the market and maintain their manus in the pail of net income.

Following are the factors that determine the measure of supply

3.1 Price of the chief Merchandise

Price determines everything, and every company wants to gain net income on the merchandise it sells. Therefore, if the monetary value of the merchandise is high and the net income earned is high than the supply of computing machine additions therefore there is a inundation of the merchandise in the market. Fig – 5

If Pc a†‘ so Qsa†‘

And IF Pca†“ so Qs a†“

Where, Pc is the monetary value of the chief merchandise, P2 is the new monetary value increased because of supply.

Qs, is the measure supplied, Qs2 is the new measure supplied.

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Michael Parkin, ( 2010 ) , Microeconomics, Pearson, ( Global Edition ) 9th Edition


Fig – 5

Information technology experts have ever maintained that low-priced computing machines will assist increase the figure of users by a big border.

Here in the instance of computing machine industry, there is ever a hassle between the critics, that if the monetary value of the systems is traveling low so besides why, the measure of supply is increasing. That is harmonizing to this if Pa†“ so Qs a†‘ , but for this to go on there are other factors of supply comes into function, that are discussed subsequently.

On 3rd March 2009, ‘Apple ‘ took the bold measure to increase monetary value of its full scope of desktop computing machines and the British clients were speedy notice one thing that they were expected to pay the higher monetary value. The addition in monetary value were as follows – the entry degree which was about ?391 was increased to ?499, likewise the 20in iMac which was bing ?782 was soared to ?949 and farther increased in other merchandises excessively. [ 1 ]

Harmonizing to Apple, the addition in monetary value was due to the weakening of the lbs against dollars. The new priced merchandises had more specifications than the older 1s and therefore company expected to increase its supply and gain more net income. [ 1 ] ( Source – BBC Apple ‘s “ brave ” monetary value rise by Rory Cellan-Jones, 3rd March 2009 )

Because of end product cut that tightened bit supply, along with a revival in Personal computer demand, helped promote memory monetary value.

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The supply in the market for dynamic random entree memory french friess and Personal computers will billow by more than 40 per centum in 2010as of the addition in monetary value and besides demand for personal computing machines, as per the research of ISuppli Corp. ( Source- Bloomberg, dated 10 Feb 2010, by Jason Clenfield ) . [ 1 ]

It has been estimated that, gross generated from DRAM, the french friess used inside computing machines, will mount to $ 31.9 billion in 2010 from $ 22.7 billion last twelvemonth. Source- ISuppli. El Segundo, California. [ 1 ]

3.2 Price of the replacement in production or the profitableness of the alternate merchandises

If a merchandise which is a replacement in supply becomes more profitable to provide than earlier, manufacturers are likely to exchange from the first good to its option. Hence supply of the chief merchandise falls. Other goods are likely to go more profitable if:

Their monetary value rise ;

Their cost of production falls. [ 2 ]

The alteration in supply merely occurs if the replacements are manufactured by the same makers, otherwise the supply remains same.

Example – Analyst said that, laptop gross revenues jumped to 53.3 per centum of the entire Personal computer retail market in May 2005. In 2004 notebooks contributed 45.9 per centum of the entire Personal computer retail Market. [ 2 ] ( Source – CNET News, June 3, 2005 5:28 PM by Michael Singer )

The rise of portable computing machine or notebooks has forced companies to rethink about the production of personal computing machines. It was in January 2003, when Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple announced “ This is traveling to be the twelvemonth of the notebook for Apple ” .

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John Sloman, Michael R. Solomon, ( 2007 ) , “ Necessities of Economics ” , 4th Edition, Prentice Hall.

hypertext transfer protocol: // — notebooks-outsell-desktops/2100-1047_3-5731417.html

There was a crystal clear aspiration to force up the gross revenues of portables- on which borders tend to be better than on desktops. [ 1 ] ( Source – Wednesday 28 October 2009, )

3.3 Cost of factors used to bring forth the merchandise

This is the root of any determination to make up one’s mind the monetary value of any merchandise. The higher the cost of production, the less net income will be made at any monetary value. As costs rise, houses will cut back on production, likely exchanging to alternate merchandises whose cost has non raised so much. [ 2 ]

“ There can be many grounds for a alteration in costs –

Change in input monetary value.

Change in Technology.

Organizational Change.

Government Policies. “ [ 2 ] Fig – 6

Therefore, If Cost of Productiona†‘ so Qs a†“ , Supply shifted left to S2

And If Cost of Productiona†“ so Qs a†‘


Fig – 6

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John Sloman, Michael R. Solomon, ( 2007 ) , “ Necessities of Economics ” , 4th Edition, Prentice Hall.

Therefore, it is obvious that in long tally if the cost of production rises, than it will add up to the cost of the monetary value of computing machines and besides deficit may besides impact the cost of production and supply.

The cost of personal computing machines will likely increase in 2010 for the first clip in six old ages as there is deficit in some of the natural constituents of production. There is about 23 percent addition in the monetary value of D-Ram memory Chips which are needed in every computing machine, which will add up approximately 10 per centum of a Personal computer ‘s overall cost. The deficits are portion of the slipstream of the fiscal crisis, which force many makers of Personal computers constituents to detain investing programs and to diminish supply temporarily. [ 1 ]

( Source – Financial Times ” Chips deficit to raise cost of Personal computers ” Dated- 12 Jan 2010 by Robin Kwong )

Number of Producers

As the figure of manufacturers is increased, the supply of computing machines in the chief market besides increases.

As Number of Producers a†‘ so Qsa†‘ , supply shifted right to S2

g 7.jpg

Fig – 7

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There are many manufacturers of Personal computers in the Information Technology Market at present viz. HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Gateway and many more, because of this there is addition in the measure supplied in short tally. But due to surging competition, the turnover of the companies is diminishing. [ 1 ]

IBM was the first company to present Personal computer in 1981, and had small competition, besides made big economic net income merchandising in the new market. Detecting IBM ‘s immense success, new houses such as Gateway, NEC, DELL and other companies entered the market with machines that were indistinguishable to IBM. The monolithic moving ridge of entry into the personal computing machine market increased the market supply and lowered the monetary value. [ 1 ]

“ In general, there is a steady bead in the cost of a Personal computer every twelvemonth. If component monetary values are level or even increasing, that means they are surpassing outlooks, ” said Ben Lee, chief research analyst. The cost of flat-screen proctors was expected to increase by about 20 per cent in 2010 because of deficits, Mr Lee said. Other constituents in short supply include difficult thrusts and optical phonograph record thrusts. [ 1 ]

The monetary value of personal computing machine is diminishing even if its demand is increasing

This statement contradicts to the Torahs of supply and demand, harmonizing to which if the demand increases so the monetary value of the chief merchandise lessenings. Over the clip, Personal computers monetary values tend to plump. But in 2009, from usual 5 % annually diminution, the monetary values plunged much more aggressively. It dropped around 14.3 % in the fourth one-fourth of 2008, after cyberspace bubble explosion, when they dipped 14.5 % , harmonizing to the IDC. The opposition of the consumers because of the planetary downswing and the popularity of low-priced computing machines such as laptops rises, the Personal computer industry could see a immense drip in monetary values. [ 2 ] ( Source – Business Week, March 10, 2009 )

Michael Parkin, ( 2010 ) , Microeconomics, Pearson, ( Global Edition ) 9th Edition. pg 285

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But besides some of the factors that are mentioned above, there are besides some of the economical factors that affect the demand and monetary value.

Low terminal constellation – It is right that monetary value of the Personal computers is diminishing, but with monetary value, the constellation of the PCs is besides take downing. For illustration some of the Personal computer makers like Acer, gateway produce low constellation computing machines than Dell and IBM ‘s, therefore the cost is low, for the same.

Market competition – As there are so many makers in the Personal computer universe, to vie with each other no option is left with them other so cut downing the monetary values.

Sell more with lesser borders – As with the turning consumers and demand, the companies are looking for more gross revenues with lesser borders and finally increasing the turnover.

Although, above factors are seems to wish optimistic, but the companies are fighting in this recession epoch. The recession is surely a important factor in the Personal computer monetary value declinition, and will retrieve at some point every bit unsmooth as the economic system looks now. Computer giants such as Dell and Lenovo are fighting as clients are runing for deals. Strategic accommodations are made by the powerful houses in the personal computing machine industry, Intel and Microsoft to cover with new worlds of the concern. [ 1 ]

Particular Report – ‘A Tablet dosage from Apple ‘

The ballyhoo wrapped Apple ‘iPad ‘ the hereafter place computing machine or in other words the new “ Personal Computer ” was unveiled by the CEO Steve Jobs first hebdomad of Aril 2010. In the first hebdomad of its launch about 300,000 to 400,000 iPads and estimated to sell 6 million in 2010 more than iPhone in its first twelvemonth. [ 2 ] Source – TIME Magazine, April 12, 2010 pg 25, 26

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TIME Magazine, April 12, 2010 pg 25, 26

The demand and supply for the iPad seems to be in equilibrium at least for few old ages because of it pulling characteristics like-

Lovely touching show with touch screen keyboard.

Highly attractive monetary value, bing every bit small as $ 499 ( with 16 Gs of memory ) and every bit much as $ 829 ( with 64 Gs and 3G )

Therefore, low cost and high characteristics increases graph of demand and the raid and to come in the market ( as iPad is the new merchandise ) the supply would stay high, therefore both will be levelled at least for some clip. [ 1 ]

Source – TIME Magazine, April 12, 2010 pg 25, 26


Therefore looking at whole of the supply and demand analysis of computing machines, it can be concluded that supply and demand of any merchandise depends upon several factors. The factors can be taken individually but all factors are to be considered together if full analysis is to be made, that is the ground why “ the monetary value of computing machines is increasing though demand is increasing ” . The impact of recession was certainly a important affair, but the rhythm of economic sciences ‘ demand and supply will reiterate itself after peculiar clip. Hence, this was something about factors set uping supply and demand of personal computing machines.

TIME Magazine, April 12, 2010 pg 25, 26