3.0 Introduction

This survey will utilize the quantitative method of carry oning research. This method is considered to be the most popular and utile format of carry oning a field or study research. The usage of questionnaire is usually the medium as questionnaires will be distributed to try the sentiment of the respondents on the topic under survey. This will enable us accomplish the said mark of happening the reply to the research inquiries and reply or prove the hypothesis earlier mentioned. The qualitative is a really of import method in research as it has some standard measuring that gives an exact consequence devoid of prejudice. It is besides much cheaper and non clip devouring and above all we can acquire more response in a individual questionnaire with the respondent position i. e. originality.

3.1Unit of analysis

The unit of analysis of this survey will be the executives in soft drinks sector.

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3.2Population and sample

Survey are utile and powerful in happening reply to research inquiries through informations aggregation and subsequent analyses, but they can make more injury than good if the population is non right targeted Sekaran ( 2003 ) . The population in this survey is the all executives in Libyan soft drink houses.

3.4.2Sampling method

We will utilize proportionate graded random trying in this survey. Among executives the questionnaire will be distributed. Sampling involves any process that uses a little figure of points or those users ‘ parts of the population to do a decision sing the whole population. In other words, a sample is a subset from a larger population. The ground for sampling is that it would be practically impossible to roll up informations from, or trial, or analyze every component in the population. Hence, in this research, the population is chosen from executives of soft drink companies to fix better acquisition of informations and information if compared to the whole population.

3.4.3Stratified Sampling

This is a state of affairs whereby the population is divided into different strata. Where the population embraces a figure of distinguishable classs, the frame can be organized by these classs into separate “ strata. ” Each stratum is so sampled as an independent sub-population, out of which single elements can be indiscriminately selected. There are several possible benefits to stratified trying. advantages of graded trying method includes, focuses on of import subpopulations and ignores irrelevant 1s, allows usage of different trying techniques for different subpopulations, Improves the accuracy/efficiency of appraisal, permits greater reconciliation of statistical power of trials of differences between strata by trying equal Numberss from strata changing widely in size.

3.5Number of respondents

Number of respondent in this survey will be the 150 clients and employee from 10 different houses in Libya. Out of 150 samples 100 questionnaires is anticipating to roll up by research worker.

3.6Data aggregation method

3.6.1Questionnaire disposal

The questionnaire will dwell of 30 points. Five inquiries will be asked each from the five independent variables based on the likert manner. And so another five inquiries will be asked from the dependant variable all in all doing 30 inquiries in the questionnaire. The first portion will dwell of the information about the respondent i.e. the demographic factors or personal information about the respondent, so followed by inquiries from the variables of the independent variable, and eventually the five inquiries of the dependant variable. The personal information will be measured with a nominal graduated table while the inquiries we use ANOVA.


The cogency ensures the ability a graduated table to mensurate the intended construct. When developing a measurement instrument, for illustration inquiries in the questionnaire, the intent is to tap and mensurate the construct. The manner to make this is by using certain cogency trial. The testing of cogency can be done in a few ways and one of them is through content cogency. we will coduct a content cogency to determine the cogency of our instruments.

Contented cogency ensures that the step includes an equal and representative set of points that tap the construct. The more the scale points represent the sphere or existence of the construct being measured, the greater the content cogency Sekaran ( 2003 ) . Furthermore, to guarantee the content cogency of the graduated tables, the points selected must stand for the construct about which generalisations are to be made ( Bohmstedt, 1970 ) . Therefore, this research uses points from anterior surveies to guarantee content cogency.

3.6.3Data Analysis Technique

The intents of information analyses and hypotheses proving, several statistical methods will be employed from SPSS package version 16. These include descriptive statistics to depict the features of the respondent, trial of differences to compare the extent of attitude towards the respondents between different demographic profiles, co relational analyses to depict the relationship between variables and arrested development analyses to prove the impact of independent variables on dependent variables.