Omkar Kawade
Charles Ramskov
Psychology Essay
Percept can be defined as the procedure of how an being interprets a esthesis. Many psychologists studied different types of perceptual experience. such as Constructive Perception ( top-down ) that was studied by Rock. Neisser. and Gregory. Another attack of perceptual experience was the Direct / Ecological ( bottom up ) which was studied by Gibson. Constructive ( exceed down ) perceptual experience is an active and deductive logical thinking procedure. It is seen as an obstruction. object. or any affair that changes your position of its position. The manner you view the object can be in any affair. but normally it connects back to a memory or an experience that you have had before. For illustration. a individual called Eddie is an active user of a societal web called Facebook. in which he has many friends. and negotiations to them really frequently. In this confab. he uses emoticons that are made up of keyboard maps such as colon and parenthesis “ ?? “ .

If you take this emoticon and revolve it. you will see a smiley face. When Eddie sees this agreement of keyboard maps. he sees a smiley face. However. Kevin. a individual who has no societal interaction through the computing machine and/or Internet. sees this merely as a colon placed following to a right parenthesis mark. Direct Ecological ( bottom up ) perceptual experience is an inductive logical thinking procedure. Gibson stated his theory of underside up perceptual experience was fundamentally ocular perceptual experience and the information needed was available from the proximal stimulation that was produced by the distal stimulation. In this instance. the illustration is that Kevin looks at the emoticon and sees merely a colon and right parenthesis. but to furthermore happen more perceptual experience in this symbol. exceed down perceptual experience is needed. Bottom up perceptual experience is the ocular environmental position of what we see and how we interpret and distinguish certain things apart from each other. while top down perceptual experience is how we furthermore set up a different significance for it.

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