Chapter 1

  1. Introduction

This chapter consist of public consciousness on sexual torment issues in Sungai Petani. It starts with the background of the research, statement of job, research inquiries and research aims. At last, this chapter will explicate about the range of the survey and important of the survey.

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Sexual torment occurs in all workplaces particularly if the environment traditionally favoured a peculiar sex. Sexual torment is considered an ethical every bit good as a legal job ( Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Women Aid Organization ( WAO ) ( 2010 ) , sexual torment implies any unwelcome verbal, non-verbal, ocular, mental or physical behaviour of a sexual nature that may, on reasonable land, be seen by the victim as seting province of sexual nature on his or her employment due to his or her sex. In add-on, Sexual Harassment might likewise comprise of an unwelcome verbal, non-verbal, mental Pr physical behavior of sexual nature that may, on reasonable evidences, be seen by the exploited individual as an insult or chagrin, or a hazard to his or her prosperity, and has no association with his or her work, WAO ( 2010 ) . While, in the office sexual torment includes work related torment which happen external of the office. For illustration, work related torment may include state of affairss that taking topographic point at work-related societal meeting such as maps, conferences, and initiation Sessionss and during external work undertaking.

As the Commission of the European Union ( 2007 ) provinces, lewd behaviour dirties the workplace and can hold a pulverizing impact upon the well-being, certainty, assurance and public presentation of those influenced by it. The force per unit area and anxiousness produced by sexual torment by and large prompts those subjected to it necessitating important investing off work because of affliction, being less proficient at work, or go forthing their concern to look for work someplace else. It has major consequence for psychological wellbeing and employee wellness ( Fitzgerald, 1993 ; Schneider, swan, & A ; Fitzgerald, 1997 ) .

Fitzgerald, ( 1997 ) have come to similar decisions, they maintain that inappropriate behaviors on a regular basis has a terrible and negative consequence on adult females ‘ physical and emotional well-being, and the more serious the aggravation, the more utmost the response. Nervousness, weight decrease or addition, depression, sleep upset, loss of desire and megrims are those on a regular basis reported by ladies due to sexual torment. Scientists have to boot observed that there is a connexion between sexual torment and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

National Women ‘s Law Centre ( 1993 ) states victims of sexual onslaught can see a broad scope of psychological and emotional upsets, including daze, jitteriness, unhappiness, post-traumatic emphasis upset or colza trauma syndrome, and other trauma-related mental wellness issues. Besides,

the sufferes might wish wise experience exasperates rest, loss of regard toward oneself, sexual disfunctions, and behavioural and dietetic issues. Mental and enthusiastic hurt can likewise demo itself in physical responses, for illustration, stomach aches, megrims, and back issues. Rape exploited people are more prone to endeavour or to subject self-destruction

the victims may besides see disturbed slumber, loss of self-esteem, sexual disfunctions, and behavioural and eating upsets. Psychological and emotional injury can besides attest itself in physical reactions such as stomach aches, concerns, and back jobs. Sexual assault victims are more likely to try or to perpetrate self-destruction.


Workplace sexual torment is a serious job in Malaysia and over the universe and the dimensions of the job continues to spread out. Follow up survey in 1988 reported that about 36,000 federal employees quit their occupation due to sexual torment between 1985 and 1987 ( Aggarwal, 1992 ) . The US Merit Systems Protection Board estimated The US Merit System Protection Board estimated that it had cost US $ 267 million for the Federal Government in replacing employees who have quit due to sexual torment ( Aggarwal, 1992 ) .

Harmonizing to WAO ( 2010 ) , it’s show PDRM statistic on force against adult females that on 2006 the figure of people that involve in sexual torment issues is 107 but on following twelvemonth, the figure been addition goes to 195. Sexual torment is widespread in the Malaysia or world-wide workplace, and has a profound impact on adult females. Sexual torment is a turning job in the authorities bureaus, schools, and the corporations of the universe ; nevertheless, many corporations are now following new anti-harassment policies.

In Malaysia, there are constraint facing for the victim to describe sexual torment due to no establishes procedure to demo them how and where to describe. Not many directors have do far given protestations or grudge method to describing obscene behavior at the endeavor degree. There is plentiful of cogent evidence everyplace that a high per centum of obscene behavior instances go oning in workplace go unreported. Because of humiliation, exposure, and fright of being mocked or more awful still, of losing their business, most of the victims of obscene behavior were prohibited from raising the issues and as the consequence they had to digest in stillness. It is estimated that about 50 % of working adult females ( Fitzgerald & A ; Shullman, 1993 ; Ilies, Hauserman, Schwochau, & A ; Stibal, 2003 ) and about 15 % of work forces have at least one sexual torment experience at work ( U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, 2004 ) .

Every twelvemonth there is reported instance respect to sexual torment issues in Sungai Petani. However, harmonizing to the officer of Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Kuala Muda Mrs Mazmin ( 2014 ) , there were still deficiency of consciousness and cognition among citizens in Sungai Petani. Therefore, this survey was conducted to look into on public consciousness on the consequence of sexual torment in Sungai Petani.


This survey hopefully will supply reply for those inquiries:

  1. What are the types of sexual torment in Sungai Petani?
  2. What is the relationship between psychological science and sexual torment?
  3. What is the relationship between physiological and sexual torment?
  4. What is the relationship between wellness and sexual torment?
  5. What is the relationship between calling stableness and sexual torment?

Below are the aims that are indispensable to be achieved for the intent of finishing the ultimate purpose of this research which is as follow:

  1. To cognize the types of sexual torment in Sungai Petani.
  2. To cognize relationship between psychological science with sexual torment.
  3. To cognize the relationship between physiological and sexual torment.
  4. To look into the relationship between wellness and sexual torment.
  5. To analyze the relationship between calling stableness and sexual torment
  1. Scope OF STUDY

This research will discourse about public consciousness on the consequence of sexual torment. In this survey, the research worker will analyze the information that shows the figure of sexual torment job and what will be the consequence toward the victim.


This research will be conducted in Sungai Petani.


The respondent may come from assorted classs like worker, public retainer and besides public at big.


The information for this survey was collected within three hebdomad.

  1. Significance OF STUDY

This survey aims to derive an apprehension on the sexual torment at workplace in Malaysian little and average industry ; actions that victims of sexual torment usually take to take in get the better ofing it every bit good as the effectivity of those actions. Meanwhile, this survey is conducted in order to better the degree of consciousness, to derive the sentiments and to find the attitudes towards the sexual torment. Other than that, sing to the sexual torment in the workplace, this survey besides includes a expression at the bing legal environment for damages for victims, and at some best-practice company policies and the patterns that are efforts to forestall the job and protect victims. With the well consciousness about the sexual torment, this will lend to a better apprehension of the issue and stimulate treatment and thought on the most effectual ways to turn to it.

Besides, it besides highlighted the deductions of sexual torment towards victims in what footings they are suffered. For illustration, in the psychological science, physical and mental footings. Some of them are confronting mental unwellness due to the sexual torment. Furthermore, this survey is efforts to understand the victim’s sexual torment experiences and get bying the responses in Sungai Petani. The responses from the populace will be helpful in order to garner the information about the sexual torment.

    1. Sexual Harassment

Harmonizing to Equals Employment Opportunity Commission ( 2010 ) , sexual torment can be defined as improper to hassle an person ( a campaigner or worker ) due to single ‘s sex. Harassment consists of “ sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual gesture, demand for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical nuisance of sexual nature. Harmonizing to the Ministry of Human Resources ( MOHR, 2013 ) , sexual torment can be divided into two categorization, which are sexual coercion and sexual irritation under the Code of pattern on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace ( 2013 ) . Therefore from this definition it can assist this survey in order to cognize what the type of sexual torment and how to specify sexual torment in Sungai Petani.

  1. Physiology

Kerkhoff ( 2014 ) stated that physiology is the survey of how the assorted parts of the organic structure work together. This includes the molecules, cells, variety meats, musculuss and all of their chemical procedures and maps. These can include a assortment of physiological complaints for the victim runing from concerns and tummy jobs to increased hazard of bosom onslaught. Victims besides frequently find it hard to concentrate on executing their undertakings safely and right due to increased emphasis. Besides, when involved in a form of bullying, victims frequently receive unequal preparation and may even be loath to raise valid safety issues for fright of farther ridicule.

Its aid this surveies to cognize what is the consequence of sexual torment towards victim in Sungai Petani in footings of physiology. In this survey, the research workers will concentrate on few component on physiology consequence such as increased dependance on intoxicant ( Ulman et al,2005 ) and every bit good as concerns ( Golding, 1999 ) .

  1. Psychology

James ( 1890 ) defined psychological science as the description and elucidation that is the probe of the grounds, state of affairs and prompt consequence so far as these can be determined, of status of consciousness like esthesiss, feelings, desires, knowledges, concluding, determination, wills, and the similar in human existences. Its cause an impact at victimized where sometimes, the victim is so disturbed by the torment and endures serious emotional and to non be able to execute her work accurately. In this survey, the research workers will concentrate on the elements of psychological science affect which are anxiousness, depression, sleep upset, and lower self-pride ( Bergman, Bruce, & A ; Lichty, 2008 ) . This cardinal term of psychological science for this survey is mentioning to the psychological science consequence towards victim of sexual torments in Sungai Petani.

  1. Health

Health as defined by the WHO ( 1946 ) is a complete province of physical, mental, and societal well-being, non simply the absence of disease or frailty. Sexual force will lend to the load of disease toward victim such as physical hurts, inauspicious impact on generative wellness, mental well-being and worst portion is decease. Consequently, the victimized are enduring hapless mental well-being for about two-third of this burden of disease as stated by VicHealth ( 2004 ) .

In this survey, the research workers will concentrate on few elements under the wellness consequence which are bosom disease, mental wellness, insomnia and others wellness unwellness. This cardinal term for this survey is mentioning to the wellness consequence toward the victim of sexual torment among Sungai Petani’s citizen.

  1. Job Related

Job related is associated with work. It merely refers to when a individual perceives the work environment in such a manner that his or her reaction involves feelings of an inability to get by. Health and Safety Authority ( HSA ) ( 2010 ) Specific job-related effects include reduced satisfaction ( Gruber, 1992 ; Morrow, McElroy, & A ; Philips 1994 ; Schneider & A ; Swan, 1994 ) . The sexual torment experiences, get bying responses, and job-related and psychological results of 447 female private-sector employees and 300 female university employees were examined. Most of them are confronting occupation emphasis. The occupation done by the victims become less productiveness and the victims besides ever absent from the workplace due to the sexual torment. Therefore, throughout the definition, occupation related is wholly related to the research that has been conducted by the research workers.

  1. Decision

Sexual torment and favoritism have existed in the workplace, in public society, and in the household for centuries. Sexual torment can go on to adult females, work forces, or kids, and victims should be protected from such maltreatment as a basic human right. This survey is of import to happen out how widespread the job is, and to raise consciousness among adult females. Therefore, sexual torment is wholly become a serious job in organisation.