The cardinal aim of this study is to explicate how the existent universe undertakings are handled and what sort of assorted troubles arises and what steps are been taken to get the better of this sort of job. This study besides explains the ways a existent universe undertaking should be analysed and evaluated. The undertaking which I am traveling to explicate in this study is a portion of an bing undertaking, an undertaking activity or can be said farther extension of the old undertaking. It was undertaken by the JSW steel Limited, India with support from the authorities of India and the Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) . This undertaking will cut down the emanation of nursery gases by utilizing the co-generation techniques. The purpose of this undertaking is to set up a power coevals works by using the waste gases produced in the fabrication of steel. Assorted project direction tools and techniques are been to explicate the undertaking, sing myself as the undertaking director.

To explicate how this undertaking was managed, I have used assorted project direction tools and techniques in this study. The assorted tools and techniques used by me are as follows,

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Undertaking choice techniques:

Hazard and sensitiveness analysis

Net nowadays value ( NPV )

Project executing be aftering techniques:

Gantt Chart for the Undertaking Schedule Plan

Undertaking Responsibility Matrix

Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS )

The chief Purpose of this undertaking study to exemplify how the undertakings are been handled by the undertaking director. To depict the functionalities of our undertaking I am traveling to utilize different attacks.


This undertaking activity was undertaken by Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) and JSW Steel Limited. From 2002 CMD is in operation in India and boulder clay day of the month has already approved and supported more than 1500 undertakings. The chief intent of this administration is to cut down the Greenhouse gas emanations by publishing undertakings in developing states. Decrease in the Greenhouse gas emanations gets them certified emanation decrease credits ( CER ) as wages, and each CER recognition is tantamount to one metric ton of C dioxide, which can be sold in the international market. So it helps to excite the tendency of emanation decrease and besides provides industrial states some chance to run into their emanation decrease marks. An environmental investing of such sort is done first clip in the history of human life.

The undertaking activity is undertaken Steel Limited with the support of Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) . This undertaking consists of building and operation of power works with the capacity of 100 mega W. For the coevals of electricity the waste gases from the Corex unit and Blast furnace of the steel works will be used as the fuel with the burning.

The JSW Steel works where is new undertaking is to be build is located in Bellary territory of province Karnataka in India. The works is precisely located 8 kilometers off from the metropolis near the national main road. The map of the location site is showed in the Appendix. 1.

Undertaking Title: Report on use of waste gases for the Electricity Generation at JSW Steel Limited.

Background of the Undertaking:

A undertaking is defined as a non-routine, complex, and one clip attempt limited by budget, resources, clip and needed public presentation specifications designed to run into client demands. ( Gray and Larson, 2006 )

The intent of this works was to bring forth electricity by using the waste gases produced in the procedure of steel fabrication. The capacity of the works will be of 100 mega watt units of electricity per annum. The waste gases from the Blast furnace and Corex unit will the combustible fuel for this procedure. The calorific value of the gases produced from the blast furnace is 800 Calorie per Newton metre regular hexahedron. The surplus of blast furnace gases after in inbound usage for the steel works will used as the fuel, which is boulder clay now been burnt out as per the environmental ordinances of India. Till now the electricity was been supplied to the steel works by JSW electricity which is wholly a different organisation from JSW steel. By bring forthing electricity by its ain the JSW steel will be able to minimise production cost and will be able to go self dependent. As boulder clay now the surplus of Blast furnaces gases are burnt off and the same will be used for the production of electricity the environmental impact of this activity will be Zero, as at that place would non be any extra emanation of green house gases because of carry oning this activity. And this undertaking activity will besides lend to the decrease in the nursery gas emanations as there is no fossil fuel used for the production.

The features of the undertaking activity besides contribute to sustainable development every bit follows as per the Government of India for any CDM Undertaking:

Technological Interests:

The power works using the waste gases for the power coevals by JSW Limited will be the clean engineering presentation of usage of waste gases.

Economic Interests:

Raising financess to patronize power works from the waste gases besides demonstrates the ways to bring forth finance utilizing the new fiscal mechanism.

Environmental Interests:

This undertaking activity provides part to good resource preservation and prevents environmental pollution as it uses waste gases from the Blast furnace which or else would hold used fossil fuels like coal which causes harmful emanation of Greenhouse gases and impacts the planetary environment.

Social Interests:

It is in the constabularies of Indian authorities to advance the use of wastes and this sort of undertaking activity will put a good illustration in forepart of other industries.

Stakeholders and their positions:

The stakeholders of our undertaking activity and their positions are as follows:

The Government of India:

The Indian authorities favoured the undertaking as it will bring forth employment chances in the local country and besides because this undertaking activity is based on the use if waste resources which will lend to decrease in nursery emanations.

The company set uping the works:

For the JSW steel limited company this Undertaking activity is really of import undertaking as it will supply him the good concern acknowledgment in the market, set up a good image place, will pull foreign direct investings and besides will bring forth good net income for the company.

The resident population of works country and works staff:

To cognize the positions of the resident population of the works country, the workers of the steel works and stockholders of JSW steel Limited, a questionnaire based study was conducted by our undertaking squad before get downing the undertaking activity as they are bulk of stakeholders of this undertaking activity.

The inquiries rose by the stakeholders and the replies to their concern addressed by my squad of undertaking are shown in the appendix 2 ( transcript G2 ) . Most of the participants in the study have been in the favor of undertaking as it will command environmental pollution, increase employment chances and create and bring forth new beginning of income for the local are people and for the company. Sing their suggestions and remarks being the undertaking director of this activity, I have developed a design of production line that will run into all the environmental criterions and ordinances.

Project Scope:

The undertaking range acts as the phase on base of which the undertaking program is developed. It is the assistance used by the undertaking directors like me to specify the consequences of the merchandise produced by the pant for the terminal users. The undertaking ends can be defined with the undertaking range and undertaking range is besides used as planning to track the undertaking success.

The range of this undertaking activity is to cut down the environmental impact of nursery gases on the environment and to use the waste resources to bring forth some value for the society by bring forthing electricity from waste gases.


To bring forth electricity with Blast furnace gases and Corex gas, which are the waste gases generated in the procedure of steel fabricating instead than usage of conventional fossil fuel like coal, and to cut down impact of steel works on environment.


To construct and put a power coevals works which will use the surplus of Blast furnace gases after fulfilling the demands of steel works and the gases generated from the Corex unit, which will fulfill electricity demands of JWS steel works by bring forthing 100 megawatt of electricity every twelvemonth. Entire riddance of Greenhouse gas emanations due to the electricity generated from firing the coal for the power demands of the works which accounts to be 7,650,520 dozenss of C dioxide in ten old ages. Get rid of the dependence of the steel works from the external electricity providers.


December 2002: The undertaking of electricity coevals is undertaken for feasibleness surveies

January 2003: Decision for the investing approved

February 2003: As formal beginning of CDM application procedure, contract been signed with the CDM consultancy

April 2003: Received the blessing from the Government of India

May 2003: Loan for the undertaking approved

September 2003: Start of works building

March 2004: Trial tally of the works

April 2005: Commercial operation of the works commenced


Methodology is the simple set of methods or processs. Definitions of methodological analysis are as follows,

Set of processs or a peculiar process.

The systematic survey of methods which are, have been or can be applied within a subject.

‘The analysis of the rules of methods, regulations, and posits employed by a subject ‘ ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) .

The sanctioned baseline methodological analysis used for this undertaking activity is, ‘Power coevals by using the waste gases and/or heat ‘ .

The cardinal premise in the sanctioned baseline methodological analysis in the instance of the present undertaking activity is that the waste gases from the Corex unit and the Blast furnace will be burnt off in absence of this undertaking activity. I have prepared the descriptions of relevant state of affairss of the planned undertaking and attendant decisions are mentioned as follows:


The proposed Undertaking Activity

To project activities that industry electricity from waste gases from the companies ‘ production units or burning or waste heat from the procedures, the methodological analysis ACM 004 becomes applicable.

Waste gases from the Blast furnace and Corex unit are utilised in our power works for the coevals of electricity.

The methodological analysis applies to the undertaking activity of electricity coevals where there is no alteration of fuel is done in the procedures from which waste gases are produced after beginning of the undertaking activity.

There is no fuel alteration is predicted in the steel fabricating procedure from which Blast furnace gases and Corex gases are produced.

Both bing and new installations are considered in the methodological analysis.

Our undertaking activity is been in commercial operation by 2005 of April and it is an add-on to the bing undertaking installation.

The undertaking activities of electricity coevals in which undertaking activity displaces confined coevals from fossil fuels and/or displaces electricity coevals with fossil fuels in the power grid are applicable to this methodological analysis.

Our proposed power unit provides electricity to JSW steel Limited to fulfill its electricity demands and displaces power coevals with fossil fuels like coal. And the proposed power works is a confined power works.

Decision: The sanctioned methodological analysis ACM0004 / Version 01 is applicable to the proposed undertaking activity.

Technical demands:

The undertaking activity we have under taken is to bring forth 100 mega W of electricity by utilizing surplus of Blast furnace gases after fulfilling demands of steel works and the waste gases from the Corex unit. The job faced in this activity was both the waste gases have the relevantly different features and so the combined firing them is hard, to get the better of this job my squad of undertaking directors developed the first power generator of its sort in the universe which can utilize the combination of Blast furnace gas and Corex gas as fuel or 100 per centum of Corex gas. This steam based generator can bring forth 400 tonn/hr of superheated steam at the force per unit area of 94 kg/cm2 and at the temperature of 550 degree Celsius. The light fuel oil is been used to get down up the combustion procedure.

A individual cylindered steam turbine machine rotates the turbo generator at the velocity of 3500 revolutions per minute bring forthing end product of 100 mega W. There are separate feeders are there are to feed the light fuel oil, Blast furnace gas and Corex unit gas. The fire stableness in the boiler is attended by blending blast furnace gas and Corex gas in changing proportions. While planing this steam boiler the toxic and explosive nature of the gases are taken in history. This boiler is foremost of its sort which is able to accomplish the coveted steam temperature with assorted gases different in calorific value. The 330 KVA of exigency DG automatically supplies the electricity to the of import equipments in the instance of power failure. The steam coming out of the turbine is cooled with the aid of capacitor and fed back to the boiler.

Work breakdown Structure:

The undertaking work can be divided and subdivided in to smaller work elements to be performed. The result of this procedure is obtained in the signifier of hierarchal tree of procedures to be undertaken this dislocation of the undertaking work in to smaller elements is called work dislocation construction and it acts as the map of the undertaking. After the WBS is developed it becomes easier to be after and schedule the undertaking and budget each undertaking activity ( Gray & A ; Larson 2008 ) . The work breakdown construction of this undertaking activity is shown in the appendix 3. All the major procedures of the undertaking are indicated in the WBS. The WBS enables undertaking director to associate and prioritize the undertaking activities and schedule the activities.

Undertaking Scheduling and Constraints:

Undertaking programming is the procedure of sequencing the undertakings activities mentioned in work dislocation construction. It allows the undertaking director to understand which activity needs to be performed foremost. Once the resources are assigned to project activities we can schedule the undertaking. Time and resources are the two major restraints of undertaking agenda. The undertaking clip additions and leads to increase in project budget if resources are unavailable on the needed clip. In the instance of deficit of clip we can finish the undertaking on clip by supplying more resources to the activities, but supplying more resources besides increase the budget. Appendix 4 shows the programming for the mentioned undertaking.