My company, i-PM Consult Sdn Bhd has been appointed as Development and Project Management Consultant by the client, Blue Diamond Realty Sdn Bhd for a new township undertaking, in which will take 18 months to finish for the Phase 1 with GDV of RM300 1000000s.

As a Managing Consultant, I am required to take a squad of professional members consists of designers, applied scientists ( civil & A ; structural and mechanical & A ; electrical ) , measure surveyors and others specialist advisers. It is of import for me as leader to guarantee the whole undertaking completed within stipulated clip, budgeted cost and coveted quality.

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I will propose design and physique as the suited procurance method for this fast path undertaking in order to guarantee that the whole undertaking will be completed within the stipulated clip, budgeted cost and coveted quality.

I will discourse:

The responsibilities of a development and undertaking direction adviser as undertaking leader,

The most suited procurance method for the above fast path undertaking,

The contractual relationship between all the parties involved in undertaking,

The challenges faced in implementing fast track procurance undertaking.

The responsibilities of a development and undertaking direction adviser as undertaking leader

Project direction consulting is when an independent contractor with experience in undertaking direction is hired to execute a specific undertaking. This contractor frequently holds project direction ( PM ) appellations that provide confidences of the degree of instruction and experience at the appropriate degree. All undertaking direction advisers have a minimal four-year undergraduate grade and at least two old ages industry experience.

There are different types of undertaking direction consulting, depending on the industry, the accomplishment set required and the undertaking to be completed. Project direction consulting in building requires professional applied scientists or designers, with many old ages senior project direction experience in the building industry. Extensive mention checking is standard before engaging a undertaking direction adviser.

In the package industry, project direction consulting is used to supply impermanent support when execution or migrating package. Their expertness and experience is typically with that peculiar merchandise. The educational background is more varied with this type of undertaking direction adviser, with a minimal undergraduate grade in computing machine scientific discipline or concern.

In undertaking direction consulting, the adviser is to be responsible for the successful completion of the undertaking within a specific clip frame and on a specific budget. In undertaking direction consulting, the house defines the deliverable points, benchmarks and timelines. It is the duty of the hiring section to guarantee that the range is decently defined.

Peoples who go into undertaking direction consulting have a combination of expertness in the specific industry or package merchandise and the ability to pull off people. Excellent communicating, dialogue and administrative accomplishments are necessary to successfully organize a group of people to accomplish any end. Project direction advisers are normally hired for complex, large-scale undertakings and must hold above norm accomplishments in these countries.

Project direction adviser ever acts as the undertaking leader of a building undertaking. The figure below shows the relationship between the Project Management Consultant and all parties involved in the building undertaking.

The services provided by a Undertaking Manager vary harmonizing to the undertaking and the client ‘s specific demands, and may include, but are non needfully limited to the undermentioned duties and responsibilities which are listed in a typical undertaking sequence. The agenda of services to be provided by the Project Management Consultant may be typically divided into three stages, as discussed in the undermentioned subdivision.

General Services Phase

General Objective

The basic aim of the Project Manager ‘s services under this Agreement is to set up the design and building of a installation which -will adequately meet the Client ‘s demands as moderately appropriate of quality, map, cost, clip and lastingness.

Undertaking Brief

Except where otherwise required, the Undertaking Manager shall with the cooperation of the Client, become familiar with the Client ‘s undertaking needs and resources, reach an apprehension of the footings of mention for the undertaking and set up for the

Client ‘s blessing all relevant standards and public presentation aims which shall function as a footing for the undertaking brief. The Undertaking Manager will roll up the basic undertaking brief and as the undertaking returns will augment this with specific inside informations to be obtained from assorted Advisers. Briefing stuff is to be clearly explained to the Client and blessing obtained before continuing with any relevant phase of this committee.

General Nature of Service

The Project Manager undertakes as follows:

To interpret the Client ‘s demands into a undertaking brief and programme of work covering all facets of the undertaking from origin to completion and commissioning.

To specify all direction and proficient maps and set up their boundaries.

To guarantee that systems and processs for transporting out the undertaking are decently applied throughout the undertaking.

To set up the functions and duties of all parties to this undertaking clearly and organize them so that separately and jointly they are enabled to transport out their undertakings expeditiously.

To guarantee that progressive reappraisal takes topographic point of the range, cost, programme and quality of all facets of the undertaking.

To measure alterations quickly and do recommendations where necessary.

To measure the position of the work at regular intervals, hint causes of lacks and take and hasten disciplinary action.

To describe on a regular footing and maintain the Client to the full in formed on all facets of the undertaking.

To set up undertaking accounting processs and cost controls, which are capable of being audited, and to cover all stages of the undertaking.

Undertaking Reports

The Project Manager will describe in composing on a monthly footing to the Client who is to be kept to the full informed on all facets of the undertaking. Reports will include:

outgos against budget and estimated cost at completion.

advancement compared against programme in footings of work completed and works yet to be completed.

required alterations to programme and budget.

design and building alterations.

all other affairs critical to the undertaking and to the involvements of the Client.

Cost Planning

The Project Manager will fix overall and elaborate cost programs for the full undertaking with cost demands that fall within acceptable bounds and are realistic and accomplishable, and will invariably supervise cost public presentation.

Time Planning

The Project Manager will fix overall and elaborate programmes for the full undertaking with clip demands that fall within acceptable bounds and are realistic and accomplishable, and will invariably supervise clip public presentation.

General Organisation of Project

The Undertaking Manager shall put up an effectual undertaking direction system designed to take into history the size, nature, complexness, range and intent of the undertaking.

Employment of Others by Project Manager

The Project Manager may from clip to clip employ such other individuals as the Project Manager thinks tantrum to help him, with the anterior blessing of the Client, such blessing non to be unreasonably withheld, to supply the services referred to in ( 3.2.1 ) General of the Agreement. Such other individuals will be required to hold the necessary security clearance.

Project Design and Construction Stage

Conventional Design

The Project director should supervise quality and production of conventional designs, illustrated by preliminary study drawings and/or studies. The Undertaking

Directors besides required in supplying declarative estimations of cost.

Design Development

The Project director should supervise quality and production of developed designs including as appropriate developed study drawings, theoretical accounts, studies, advice or designs of architectural and specialist services. The Undertaking Managers besides required in providing clip plan and estimations of cost.

Contract Documentation

The Project director should supervise quality and production of paperss sufficient for the naming of stamps and/or negociating Contracts including as appropriate, coordination and integrating of assorted Advisers ‘ work. The Undertaking

Directors besides required in supplying estimations of cost.

Contract Administration

In this regard the undertaking director should closely supervise some of the procedure which will be discussed in the undermentioned subdivision.

( I ) Career and Reporting on Tenders

Call stamps and/or negociating Contracts in concurrence with or on behalf of the Client.

Analyse and rede in regard of stamps received.

Organise readying and executing of contract paperss.

( two ) Administering the Contract

Administer quality of the Contract including review of the Works by the assorted Advisers as appropriate. Issue contractual certifications for quality conformity, payments, fluctuations, cost accommodations, extensions of clip, Practical

Completion and other affairs included in the edifice contract and, where appropriate, authorise on behalf of the Client.

Cost Planning

The undertaking Manager should closely pull off cost public presentation.

Time Planning

The undertaking Manager should closely pull off clip public presentation.

Undertaking Handover and Commissioning Stage


Unless otherwise stated, the Project Manager will help with or set up for handover of the undertaking in a province of preparedness for business upon practical completion of the building contract.

Commissioning Aid

Unless otherwise stated, the Project Manager will supply and set up direction aid in the account and use of systems and equipment, initial start-up and testing, accommodation and reconciliation, audiences to and preparation of forces.

Post Construction Documentation

In this regard the undertaking director are required to:

arrange proviso of “ as constructed ” drawings demoing location of services and the similar including any important alterations made in the work during building, together with any other informations as appropriate.

arrange proviso of care and operational manuals for edifices, coatings, services, works and equipment.

arrange proviso of all records of proving, conformity and blessing.

supply revenue enhancement depreciation agendas.

Defects Liability Period

The undertaking director should supervise the public presentation of the completed edifice during the defects liability period of the building contract and guarantee that coverage of defects and attending to rectifications is thorough and punctual and of minimal break to the Client and residents of the edifice.

Final Accounting

The undertaking director should decide the concluding accounting for this undertaking including all fluctuations and claims and study to Client.

Concluding Certificate

The undertaking director should set up for a Final Certificate to be issued upon satisfactory completion of the Contractor ‘s contractual duties.

From the literature reappraisal, it can be noticed that there are three major phases that requires the services of Project direction Consultant: general phases, undertaking design and building phases and undertaking handover and commissioning phase. The list of services that should be provided by Project Management Consultant as been discussed can be viewed in figure below.

Agenda of Services to be provided by Project Management Consultant

The most suited procurance method for the above fast path undertaking

Procurement method is the method that industry organizes itself for building undertaking because there are excessively many parties in a building undertaking. Besides that, procurance method is a path of obtaining the eventual technology and building contract to recognize the undertaking aim.

In this fast path undertaking, I am appointed as a adviser director and given RM300 1000000s and within 18 months for completion. I think the most suited procurance method for the above fast path undertaking is design combined with building method in the class of ‘Design and physique ‘ method. Thus, I will propose this method to the client. The grounds are as below.

First, ‘Design and Build ‘ method is ever better than ‘Design detached from building ‘ method in footings of clip or we regard efficiency. I ‘m given merely 18 months which is non more than 2 old ages to carry through a edifice building work. By utilizing traditional method it is rather impossible to accomplish an Rm300 1000000s work in such limited clip. In ‘Design and Build ‘ method, the design does non necessitate to be finalized before some of the work can get down. This brings the significance of we can straight concept while some portion of the design has come out. This will be a really efficient method if there is less fluctuation.

Besides that, the ground taking this method is because we have got a confirmed and immense fiscal committedness, we can gauge and pull off everything with the changeless sum. However, client who merely has little sum of fiscal resource is non suited of utilizing this method. The ground is ‘Design and Build ‘ method is like a bundle procurance method. All the parties such as Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Sub contractors, Supplier and etc are in the control and direction of chief contractor. Therefore, efficiency and quality will ensue in money. If the client provides an insufficient or unstable fiscal resource, the whole building advancement will be delayed and in dilemma state of affairs. Therefore, with such confirmed and stable fiscal committedness, we can really disregard the above affairs and be confident with this method.

Last, in ‘Design and Build ‘ method, there will be healthy competition in between contractor and contractor. In this procurance method, client and professional advisor have the governments to take the contractor who is qualified plenty for keep their occupation as chief contractor. Therefore, a contractor will merely lose his occupation if he is non competent plenty with each other. As a consequence of healthy competition, timescale will be reduced and the quality of the undertaking will be increased. This is a large advantage for client and can be considered as one of the ground back uping this procurance method.

The contractual relationship between all the parties involved in undertaking

The figure below shows the contractual relationship between all parties involved in design and construct method.

In design and construct method, the chief contractor Acts of the Apostless as the client ‘s agent to pull off the design and building procedure. Therefore, client can straight pass on with the chief contractor. All the design and trade contracts are direct with the client. Meanwhile, design squad and subcontractors are under the control of chief contractor merely but non with the client. However, design squad and subcontractors have direct contractual nexus with client but non the chief contractor. Besides that, design squad has direct communicating paths with Works Contractor.

The primary difference separating design-build from traditional design-bid-build undertakings is that the design professional is non the proprietor ‘s representative, and is alternatively the contractor ‘s teammate. It is besides a package-modern procurance that being used for today ‘s building undertaking as tendency. Design professionals have contractual inducements to execute their services in a mode to accomplish the design-build squad ‘s ends, which are non ever in the proprietor ‘s best involvements. The design professional may hold a disincentive to name the proprietor ‘s attending to troubles with the building work. Besides, the design professional may value such factors as cost and building logistics over other design or proficient standards of importance to the proprietor, such as life-cycle public presentation.

The being of a squad comprised of contractor and architect/engineer rises alone legal contractual issues. If the design or builder is non already a individual entity, do the contractor and interior decorator form a individual entity to contract with the proprietor, and if so, should the entity be a joint venture, corporation or limited liability company.

The challenges faced in implementing fast track procurance undertaking

In my sentiment, I think that there are many challenges in implementing fast track procurance method because every method has its ain pros and cons. And therefore, better the cons may ensue in flawlessness. I had finally distributed the challenges into few phases that are clip, cost, quality, efficiency and duty.

First, it will ever be the challenges of clip. If I were the undertaking director, fail to finish the whole building work within the stipulated clip, will hold to take the duty for the losingss which will do to client. ‘Time is gilded ‘ so I must ever be concerned about the clip and to command the clip sagely.

Besides that, due to fast path procurance method may non be that consecutive, we sometimes will hold to include extra over-time work. This scene of extra over-time work ever happens to speed up the work. This will be tougher to all the parties compare to traditional method ‘s squad. They probably have to duplicate up their velocity. However, clip and quality must be tantamount though the work is being accelerated.

Second, it will be the challenge of money. If the client could non supply sufficient finance in the stipulated manner, the building procedure will be corrupted and in quandary, we as the undertaking director may confront losingss excessively. Therefore, client who has little sum of fiscal resource is non suited of utilizing this fast path procurance method. The fiscal resource from client must be immense and stable. Besides that, we will hold to pull off the cost brightly so that the cost shall non transcend the budgeted cost of client.

Third, it will be the challenge of quality. As I mentioned above, clip and quality must be tantamount. Although clip is ever the chief component to be concerned of, we have to keep the quality of the undertaking as good. The satisfaction of client for the quality we give will finally impact the repute of company. Therefore, we must be careful in every individual event of the building and supply the best quality to client.

Fourthly, comes to the challenges of duties. In Project Management method, we are responsible for all the design and building work of the edifice. Meanwhile, we are responsible to mange and teach the design squad and the concept squad. Therefore, we shall non be irresponsible for our duty. We must clearly understand our duty and sagely put to death it.

Besides that, we are cardinal function individual of communicating of all parties for the undertaking. We are responsible to understand the client ‘s demand, communicate with the design squad, and co-ordinate with the plants contractor and providers. Therefore, we are besides the chief cardinal function of success. If the communicating among all parties is unimpeded, the efficiency will be improved drastically.

Last, there are many unforeseeable jobs occur every twenty-four hours during the building procedure. We must be experienced plenty in order to finish our undertakings absolutely by utilizing fast path procurance method. Else, everything will be in a either muss or failure. Therefore, many jobs will be faced and to be solved during the building procedure. If we were non experienced plenty, we are non qualified to keep the occupation as a Undertaking Manager.