This article is to reason about the consequence of captives ‘ quandary in common resources during the development of the coastal countries in northern Vietnam. To see the actions of all resource users every bit good as authorities ‘s functions in this instance, it is good organized harmonizing to the celebrated game theory including the nature of the game ( the participants, schemes, final payments, game types ) and stairss taken in the direction procedure. After that, analyses of the all the direction schemes would be given. And the general lessons that could be learned from the instance are besides involved.


The economic system of the coast country of Vietnam took a fly in1986 because of the economic revolution and the gap policy. But before that, many endeavors ‘ concern activities are greatly prevented by authorities. For the portion of natural resources use, corporations are limited to hold attack to them. As these natural resources are common belongings and normally the original stuffs of many industry merchandises, resources are extremely valued. At this clip, the authorities seems to forestall them traveling frontward to some grade. So claims have been widely made to alter the state of affairs ( Meyer et al 2009 ) . Besides, the competition in taking ownership of public resources has bit by bit become a war among companies. They all want to take usage of the resources every bit much as possible, go forthing others have no entree to them. As these resources are free to utilize and limited in measure, companies are brainsick about them. Then over-using becomes a large job. In a long tally, the economic activities of companies are besides limited due to the deficit of natural resources. The calamity of the parks appears and companies run into the Prisoner ‘s Dilemma.

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Nature of the Game

Games theory refers to the procedure that persons, squads or other organisations choose their schemes to acquire corresponding consequences and implement based on the information available ( Osborne 2003 ) , it provides a counsel for the alteration of modern endeavors ‘ direction construct. There are 4 major game elements: participants, schemes, playoffs and game types. And the instance would be analysed from these four parts as follows.


In a game, every participant with decision-making power comes to be a participant. In the instance of the calamity of the parks looking in Vietnam ‘s public resources use, there are so many participants. At first, the innovator, a local man of affairs Mr. Lam, set up the place vang genteelness industry. And it achieves great success due to the abundant and free natural resources and the superior geographics location. Shortly after that, others in the same country follow behind and go game participants to portion the public resources. The authorities besides set pes in the direction of resources. The game can be divided into the concerted one and non-cooperative 1. Concerted game is that game participants may hold opportunities to collaborate. While non-cooperative game is that the participants failed to make a binding understanding. In the Vietnam instance, to assist protect against the participant outside, the local little vang bargainers formed a community to contend for their benefits together. And that ‘s why when the vang aggregators take control of the market, all the little bargainers refuse to sell vang merely to desire their involvements back. It is their same involvement that brings them together. But when it comes to the public resource sharing, if one return more, so others would hold less. And they would non hold the same net incomes any more and it is besides impossible for them to collaborate. So from this portion, it could be seen that participants are non ever aggressive and when it comes to their same involvement, they would joint together.


When in a game, a participant has the right to do a complete and practical action plan. That is, the programme is non merely used in a certain stage but to steer the full operation. And this is known as the participant ‘s scheme ( Dixit & A ; Skeath 2004 ) . There is a typical game theory called Nash equilibrium and it, in kernel, is a non-cooperative game province. Although participants sometimes cooperate with each other, they would non state the truth merely to keep the best involvements of the whole. Again in the instance of the vang genteelness in Vietnam, the schemes taken by the local bargainers is truly efficient. And it is a contemplation of the perennial game. As the authorities attempts to put pes in the direction of natural resources, the Lam ‘s concern has been greatly prevented. First, the Lams call on other household vang bargainers and together organize a community to pull the national attending. What ‘s more, they besides keep an oculus on the authorities. So it would non be so surprised that every now and once more the local authorities corruptness is reported. Excess net incomes have been made. But merely after the force per unit area from the authorities has been released, some of the business communities in the community stand out and go the large aggregators and seek to engage the little household bargainers as their employees. Though they are spouses when confronting the authorities, once it comes to their ain involvements, they tend to be rivals.


Payoffs are known as the result of a game. It is the concluding end of all the game participants and all their activities should based on it. The final payments can be net incomes, societal benefits and public assistance ( Larbani Moussa 2009 ) . Harmonizing to the final payments of game participants, game can be divided into the zero-sum game and the non zero- amount game. In non zero- sum game, addition and loss of the game participants is non in a zero amount.While when it comes to zero-sum game, one participant make net incomes implies that the other participants are enduring from loss under the rigorous competition. That means the amount of additions and losingss of game participants are ever to be zero. It ‘s impossible for them to collaborate. The calamity a parks mentioned in the Vietnam development is a good illustration. For the natural resource is for public usage, every one have entree to it. No game participant want others to acquire the resource, because once they take off it, there would be less for him. So companies would seek every agency to acquire what they want. They tend to happen the disadvantages of their oppositions to curtail their activities, therefore go forthing more chance for themselves. Game participants are instead selfish for they are seeking to pursuit their ain net incomes. So the consequence of zero-sum game is that one win in the game and one lose ; one ‘s benefits are wholly coming from other participant ‘s loss. Worse still, societal benefit has wholly been ignored.

Why this is a Prisoner ‘s Dilemma?

The coevals of the calamity of the Commons in the instance is related to people ‘s usage of public resources. On one manus, public resources are unfastened to all. But if an person or a company uses them, as resources are limited, others would hold trouble in sharing. On the other manus, public resources choose users themselves. For if there is no warrant of high-tech or big amount of money, one have no thought about utilizing them. So due to this two features of if, the costs of utilizing public resources would finally interpret into societal costs. Persons and endeavors merely maintain over-using the resources ( Koen 2009 ) . Merely as fishing, mentioned in the instance, one time the fish resources acquired by fishermen ; they are going fishermen ‘s ain belongings. As a rational economic adult male, of course they will non take the societal costs or societal benefits into consideration. Each rational fisherman wants the direct involvements every bit much as possible. There is no demand to pay money for utilizing the resource, and others besides have the entree to it, each fisherman would worry about that the resource would be used up by others before he has made full usage of it. So they would non give the opportunity for the fishery resources to retrieve, therefore ensuing in the over-exploitation and decreasing of resources. However, the over-fishing would take to an increasing in the cost of a common portion of all fishermen. As a consequence, persons ‘ rational pick has led to irrational corporate action, and the calamity of the common appears, therefore doing the coevals of one of the representative illustrations game theory, captive ‘s quandary. Merely as the statement above, it is a contemplation of an person ‘s best pick instead than a community ‘s ( Krakauer et al 2009 ) . Harmonizing to the instance, in the early period of vang genteelness, there are no restrictions for occupants to utilize the land resources. To accomplish better benefits, bargainers use the resources every bit much as possible, doing serious deficit of resource. So they merely cut off their future benefits to run into the present. Again, they run into captive ‘s quandary. In the perennial captive ‘s quandary, the game has been repeatedly carried out, which means each participant has the chance to “ penalize ” the other participants in the old unit of ammunition of uncooperative behavior ( Bloch 1993 ) . In this instance, cooperation may come to be a balanced result. The motive to lead on could be overcome when confronting the menace of penalty from other participants, therefore doing it likely to take to better and more collaborative consequences ( Dawe & A ; Thaler 1988 ) .

Stairss Involved in the Management Procedure

Harmonizing to the statement above, the calamity of parks is the consequences of improper actions of both the authorities and economic groups. To better the state of affairs and do the public resources use more rational, tonss of actions are adopted.

For authorities, such actions are taken as below:

– Have clear regulations specifying who the game participant is. As is come to public resources in the instance, the authorities has made certain which 1 have the right to utilize them. The resources spliting criterion is defined harmonizing to their geographic location and it can besides be based on race or accomplishments. Membership is acquired by supplying payment of enrollment fees ( Fernandes & A ; Kulkarni 1983 ) . But with the job of resource deficit standing out, the Numberss of companies which has the entree to the resources has been limited.

– Have clear regulations to specify the permitted and prohibited behavior. The territory authorities in the instance makes regulations including the usage of clip ( runing / angling seasons unfastened and prohibited, arable harvests, specific demands of fallow in certain twelvemonth ) , location ( offshore angling location or stipulate a fixed harvest rotary motion ) , engineering ( the net size ) , every bit good as the sum of resources or portions bounds ( leting each individual removed from deforestation and lumber volume ) .

-Penalties for interrupting the regulations above are made clear and allow all the participants know. To keep the good relationships among participants, Sanctions against those who violate the regulations has been made and it is including: a verbal warning or societal exclusion mulcts, denial of future rights, and in utmost instances, imprisonment.

– Establish an effectual mechanism to observe cheating. In the instance, they make it set up in day-to-day life. As here are good and bad points in the part ‘s piscaries, the fishermen can be assigned in rotary motion in a good fishing country. Those assigned to a good country would pay attending to whether it is against the regulations, and they have the strongest motive for allowing out the lawbreakers to others.

For persons and endeavors, such undermentioned stairss involved in the managment procedure:

Conferences among community on a regular basis are necessary. In the instance, after the constitution of the household bargainers brotherhood, members have frequent conferences to go to. They talk about what sort of behavior is acceptable for most game participants and which behaviour may take to bewraying jobs ( John 2009 ) . Besides, this conference is an effectual tool by which they can pursuit their same net incomes more easy. Just like Mr Lam ‘s taking against the local territory authorities in the instance.

Success of These Stairss

First, taking the right game participant aid cut down the waste of resources and organize a good completion through this manner, the limited resource can be made full usage of. Besides, the corporations would seek to better themselves to get the right. Second, for the scheme of organizing the participants ‘ behavior and the detect system, it can modulate the relationships among participants every bit good as supply a good theoretical account for the participants ‘ action. Third, the stairss taken to guarantee the communicating between the authorities and the participants and that among participants are truly effectual. Though communicating, each side would hold better apprehension and do it possible for cooperate, therefore supplying a good environment for economic development.

General Lessons Learned

1. Happy stoping is possible. To maintain both sides winning is non a dream. Though game participants normally fight against each other, sometimes they may joint together. Sincere cooperation is extremely valued.

2. Social benefits should be put into a higher place. For a long tally, it can advance scientific and technological advancement every bit good as guarantee forces developing. People ‘s stuff every bit good as cultural life would be greatly improved. Social benefits frequently can be shown to travel through a figure of old ages, which is the biggest difference between the immediate net incomes.

3. One should obey the regulations in the game, or the participant would stop up with a failure. Rules help maintain everything in order and push good relationships frontward.

In the instance of natural resource usage in Vietnam, authorities dramas an of import function in work outing the jobs of the calamity of the parks. It is impossible to do the public resources privatized and the belongings right of them can be difficult to specify. The lone manner out is to curtail the actions of the game participants, therefore cut downing the bad consequence of the calamity of the parks.


Commercial and political competitions are greatly influenced by human resources. Behaviours of each side have a important impact on the opposition ‘s playoffs ; but at the same clip, the involvements of both sides besides affect the actions of the opposition. When running into the state of affairs of doing unsure determinations, it ‘s a conflict of marbless competition. However, regulations could be found. And game theory gives a guideline of how to win in the game for all participants. The job caused by the calamity of the parks may be excessively hard to work out, but at least, the influences could be reduced. It needs the co-management of both the political governments and the economic participants. Even though there may be some struggles between them: the political may pay more attending to the societal benefits and public assistance including the environmental protection and societal relationship maintaining, while the economic participants care more about their ain net incomes. Actually, they can acquire on good merely like the natural resource usage in Vietnam. On one manus, the authorities limited the usage of natural resource, but on the other manus, it besides provides other chances for companies, such as good policies for export. And eventually, the economic system of the coastal countries of Vietnam is basking a new development.