The Study of Postmodern literature has ever been really interesting because of its modern-day relevancy to us. Literature of postmodernism emphasizes the subjectiveness of a work of art than the objectiveness of it. It besides attempts to deconstruct the so called modern and it promotes obscurantism. This new signifier of literature describes the antithetical to the conventional systems of so called morality. Literature of postmodernism rejects the modernist system of beliefs such as historical, rational and scientific impression in favour of dry, self-aware and experimental work of art. We do happen the postmodern authors do non show the ideal universe alternatively they project the existent universe and the jobs in different ways. Hence this paper presentation focuses on the Harry Potter series written by J K Rowling with a particular mention to the station modernist characteristics in them. J K Rowling gives prominence to techniques such as charming pragmatism, archetypical characters and metafiction. This paper would venture into geographic expedition of the calendered screen of popular fiction attributed to the Harry Potter series so as to understand and analyse the facets of postmodern literature in it.

J K Rowling ‘s Harry Potter Series

J K Rowling is a British author born in the twelvemonth 1965. She presently resides in Scotland with her hubby and three kids. She became most popular for the Harry Potter Series. After composing for more than five old ages, she got her topographic point in the literary universe. In the words of J K Rowling, “ I am an inordinately lucky individual, making what I love best in the universe. I ‘m certain that I will ever be a author. It was fantastic plenty merely to be published. The greatest wages is the enthusiasm of the readers. ”

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Harry thrower series has drawn the attending of audiences of all ages around the universe. She bagged the Hugo Award, the Whitbread Award for Best Children ‘s Book, the Bram Stocker Award every bit good as many other honours. She has been besides names as the most influential adult female in Britain by taking magazine editors. In the recent times, she extends to the plants of charity such as one parent households, amusing alleviation and Lumos. She is considered one of the best complete narrative Tellers, who have the existent sense of teenage mind in her plants. It is widely accepted that J K Rowling being a modern-day novelists in the station colonial epoch has contributed more to the literary sphere. She is alone in her authorship manner with respect to the following facets such as crafting her ain characters, animals, enchantments utilizing Latin words and using contemporary events. J K Rowling speaks that, in some ways, she merely writes what she sees in her head. “ I have a really ocular imaginativeness. I see a state of affairs and so I try to depict it every bit vividly as I can. And I do love composing duologue. Dialog comes to me as though I ‘m merely catching a conversation. ” It is widely accepted that J K Rowling being a modern-day novelists in the station colonial epoch has contributed more to the literary sphere.

Postmodernist facets in Harry Potter series:

Harry Potter series is considered to be one of the most read and enjoyed work in the modern-day universe. We do come across some of the outstanding station modernistic facets in them to a great extend. They are such as charming pragmatism, metafiction, archetypical characterizes and so on.

Charming Realism

“ Magic becomes art when it has nil to conceal. ” – Ben Okri

Charming pragmatism is chiefly a literary manner or genre of fiction, in which charming elements

are into a realistic ambiance in order to entree a deeper apprehension of world. A good figure of charming elements are present in the series such as charming animals at Hogwarts. J K Rowling used these animals from the folklore, Greek mythology and other plants of the past. We do encounter many ordinary animate beings with charming qualities. For illustration Owls deliver mails in the narrative. The other outstanding charming factors employed in the series are as follows: magi-zoology, Hogwarts School, the regulations and ordinances of the ministry of thaumaturgy and so on. The writer intentionally deploys these charming facets to craft a realistic environment and it helps us to grok the narrative good. We find the fusion of the muggle and charming universes, viz. the existent and the charming universes.


Metafiction efforts to do the readers belief the artificiality of the work of art and it besides by and large ignores the duty for “ wilful suspension of incredulity ” . J K Rowling makes us belief the charming universe to a great extent by integrating the kernel of charming pragmatism. She supersedes the traditional impressions of storytelling by including fantastical and supernatural elements in the novel adding to the exhilaration and bang of the readers and audience. In other words the technique of fabulation is presented in the series with an consequence of world where one feels portion of this brand believe universe and finds oneself involved to a great extent.


Harry Potter series proves to be possessing elements of phantasy in them significantly. The ace natural animals such as firedrakes, elves, lamias, wolfmans, firedrakes and speaking animate beings are present in the novels. Most of the characters do execute thaumaturgy and the supporter Harry Potter and his friends ain innate strong charming powers. We do hold an extraordinary and powerful scoundrel in the signifier of Lord Voldemort, who is exposed wholly at the terminal of the narrative. There is besides a great conflict as in an heroic poem, which shows the hero Harry Potter is about at the terminal of his life, yet he becomes winning. The arms Harry Potter uses such as Eragon, wand, blade are alone and powerful compared to what others have. The whole series largely happen in the fictional topographic point of Hogwarts School makes the series to be more absorbing to the readers. Finally the linguistic communication used is really much fabricated one and it makes the readers to transform themselves in the charming universe. Hence the Harry Potter series do possess the elements of a phantasy novel.

Archetypal Elementss:

The archetypical elements are really much prevalent in the narrative. In other words, one semen across repeating subjects, symbolic state of affairss, rites, moral characters, colorss, and images in the series. The supporter, Harry Potter becomes the questing hero and he does meet a figure of challenges throughout the narrative. He becomes the totem for unity, agony, difficult work, virtuousness and forbearance to the other characters in the novel every bit good as the readers. Harry Potter ‘s charming universe posses other archetypical figures viz. Hermoine and Ron who become Harry ‘s spouses, Troll and Filch turn out to be threshold defenders. The fabulous trails and pursuits begin with the purpose to suppress the scoundrel Voldemort taking Harry and his friends through many hard and ambitious state of affairss. All these events prove to dwelling archetypical elements in them.


Harry Potter series becomes a portion of the postmodern literature based on the subjects and techniques discussed before. This series has got the ability to appeal to readers of all nationalities and ages. The narrative comprises of dynamic and complex elements of get oning school narratives, faery narratives, detective novels, escapade narratives, fantasy novels and quest narratives. The film version of her work can non be discounted for its literary value while supplying one with amusement. Throughout the series, readers invariably encounter different subjects such as decease, heroic quest, bias, subjugation, normalcy, endurance, self discovery, love, power, maltreatment of power and free determination devising. Besides, J K Rowling engages the involvement of the younger coevals along with that of the grownups with her inventive and originative profusion.