Every individual has his ain dream or aspiration in life. Person wants to go a soldier. person a physician. some an applied scientist or a politician and so on. Some others aspire for the callings of writers. histrions or vocalists. But my aspiration is to go a police officer in my future life.

In the drill category in my school. I was really serious. and ever tried to follow and larn the regulations of parade every bit absolutely as possible because I wanted to go a member of the constabulary force.

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A police officer. every bit far as I know. has to be disciplined. honest and keep the jurisprudence and order in the society. He is besides expected to possess an attitude of aid and deliverance towards the deserving instances with a selfless head.

When I grow and become a police officer. my slogan will be to function the society with an impartial attitude by salvaging the hard-pressed individuals and penalizing the perpetrators. I will decidedly seek to inculcate the sense of responsibility and an kernel of subject into the heads of the common adult male in the society. I promise non to misapply my power and dirt my custodies with the dust of corruptness. I shall obey my higher-ups and give protection to my low-level staff.

That is how I shall seek to turn out myself as a perfect constabulary officer. My male parent is a senior officer in the constabulary force. He is an ideal illustration before my eyes. I want to follow his footfalls in my future life.