In American literature, one of the periods is the Romantic epoch. The Romantic epoch of American literature had several different facets to it. There were a many writers who wrote on legion subjects. Some authors liked frilly topics full of life and cheer. Others preferred to compose about dark emotions such as heartache and desperation. Gothic fiction was one of the subjects in American literature during the Romanticism period. One of these Gothic fiction authors was Edgar Allen Poe.

Gothic fiction is a genre that was popular during the Romantic epoch of American literature. At first, Gothic fiction was non received good. Many people thought that these plants were hapless quality and non deserving reading. However, shortly after its debut Gothic fiction became really popular, peculiarly among the adult females of that clip. Readers enjoyed the suspense and bang of the secret plans constructed by writers who told narratives of expletives, anguishs, secrets, and decease. Gothic fiction besides included mentions to gloomy, dark scenes and architectural characteristics that symbolize decease and fright such as abandoned palaces and big empty houses ( Wood ) . Gothic fiction can be really emotional. With all of the item and graphic imagination used to depict the ambiance, the feelings can be really intense and one can truly hold on the narrative as if it is go oning the minute they are reading it. One of the “ influential features of the Gothic love affair was its evocation of strong, irrational emotions — peculiarly horror ” ( Brians ) . Gothic authors normally wrote about horror in a graphic mode to arouse these strong emotions in their audience.

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Edgar Allan Poe was a really influential writer. His verse form and narratives impacted his audience every bit good as those of the future coevalss. For this ground, he is a widely known and studied writer. There are several facets of his manner of composing that machination readers. Harmonizing to Jennifer Long, “ his authorship demonstrates stylistic glare in the signifier of changing vocabulary, singular repeat, and instrumental imagination ” ( Long ) . Poe uses some or all of these in each of his plants to portray his narratives and thoughts in the exact manner in which he wishes. For illustration, in “ The Tell-Tale Heart, ” Poe invariably reinforces the thought of cautiousness and stealing while be aftering and put to deathing the slaying of the old adult male. He even uses the word “ carefully ” three times in a individual sentence. In the same narrative, Poe uses unbelievable imagination to the point that one can about hear the pulse of the adult male that the supporter has murdered. At one point in the narrative, when mentioning to the sound of a pulse, he says, “ It was a low, dull, speedy sound — much such a sound as a ticker makes when enveloped in cotton ” ( Poe ) . With this description, one can truly visualise what is go oning in the narrative as though it is go oning as he/she is reading it. These facets of Poe ‘s manner helped to specify him as a author. However, personality plays a big function in this country every bit good.

Edgar Allan Poe had a really dark personality. He was known to hold suffered much sorrow as a kid and as an grownup. When he was immature his male parent left and his female parent died of ingestion. When he grew older, he became married and 11 old ages subsequently his married woman besides died of TB. When she died, Poe about went insane. He even tried to kill himself to get by with the heartache ( Bloom ) . From all of the unhappiness, heartache and anxiousness Poe ‘s personality developed. He became an alcoholic early in life and dealt with his jobs that manner. Another beginning of alleviation was through his Hagiographas.

Edgar Allen Poe ‘s Hagiographas all seem to go around around a cardinal subject of decease and decay. His plants surround these subjects and exhaustively research the horrors that decease can convey about.The sorrow and hurting associated with the grieving procedure are clearly expressed and are outstanding throughout about all of Poe ‘s plants. The chief character in many of his plant is frequently involved in doing the decease of person or is affected by the decease of another individual. In “ The Tell-Tale Heart, ” the chief character slayings an old adult male, dismembers the organic structure, and buries him beneath the floor. In “ The Cask of Amontillado, ” the chief character traps a adult male in room, so that he is left to decease. Other narratives of his reflect similar forms. Poe besides uses an uneven turn to his fiction. Nicole Smith explains that, “ these secret plan devices force readers to believe about decease otherwise while still go forthing them a sense of the supernatural and the grotesque ” ( Smith ) . By this Smith is stating that while Poe was a Gothic fiction author, he wrote in a manner that helped his audience see things in a different visible radiation. His readers would see his narratives from a different position than some of the other Gothic writers.

Many of Poe ‘s narratives were brooding of events in his ain life. They may non hold been based on specific events that occurred in his life, but on feelings and emotional experiences that he was traveling through at the clip. Poe had a tragic life and his Hagiographas truly show that. The pick of diction and phrases to include the repetitive imagination of dark, glooming scenes with a repeating subject of decease and deceasing involved lends toward Gothic fiction. Poe was a most first-class author and really gifted. Poe was and still is a really good cognize writer whose narratives are remembered and revered as great plants of literature and poesy. This is one ground they are still taught in modern twenty-four hours schoolrooms. Today, many plants of literature and movie still reflect this Gothic genre. In the Age of Romanticism there was Gothic fiction, today there is a horror genre filled with the same heartache, anxiousness, decease, and many other elements that are intended to scare and raise specific emotions in the audience.