Pirelli C. was founded in Milan in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli.Its chief map in that clip was production of gum elastic. Few old ages subsequently the company started to come in into new markets and started their portfolio variegation by bring forthing insulated overseas telegrams for industrial usage, submerged telegraph overseas telegrams and bike tyres.

In 1894 Pirelli as the one of the top five companies in the universe in that clip made Ercole type rhythm tyre which Pirelli started to bring forth from 1901 onwards ( foremost pneumatic auto tyre ) .

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During the first half of twentieth century Pirelli became ubiquitous in big figure of car rushing competition which partly enables company to come in into other markets as Spain ( 1902 ) , United Kingdom ( 1914 ) and Argentina ( 1917 ) . In 1922 Pirelli became listed on Milan Stock Exchange.

Second half of twentieth century is marked by debut of Cinturato a„? tyre with radial engineering that combined unprecedented clasp with high-velocity capablenesss. Without pretermiting overseas telegram production in the seventiess, Pirelli gave the universe the low profile tyre named P7, their most important technological invention since the Cinturato a„? . Pirelli expand its overseas telegram concern ( fibre optics ) worldwide to Peru ( 1968 ) and Australia ( 1975 ) and during the 80s and 90s moving ridges of acquisitions happened ( German bike tyre maker-Metzeler ( 1986 ) , Standard Telephone Cable, Siemens concern in 9 states ( 1998 ) , Metal Manufactures Ltd and Draka Holding ( 1999 ) .In 1994 P Zero was launched as extremist low profile pace used for more luxuries autos.

During the last 12 old ages Pirelli introduced ( MIRSa„? production system for the machine-controlled fiction of high-performance tyres, futuristic CCM ( Continuous Compound Mixing ) system, Pirelli labs, Pirelli Real Estate ( went public in 2002 ) , Pirelli Broadband Solutions and photonics, Pirelli Ambiente Holding related to environmental issues, the Pirelli Foundation ) .

In 2001 Pirelli became the mention stockholder of Telecom Italia, through Olimpia, a keeping company created with Banca Intesa, Unicredit, and the Benetton household.

In 2005 Pirelli sold its Cables and Energy and Telecommunications Systems concern to Goldman Sachs, with the new company taking the name of Prymsian.

During new millenary, Pirelli expand its production to China, Romania and Russia.

In 2007, the Group ‘s keeping in Olimpia was sold off.

In the 2009-2011 industrial program, Pirelli proceeded with the disposal of non-strategic activities ( Telecom Italia, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine, Oclaro, Pirelli Broadband Solutions ) and whirl off their existent estate concern Pirelli Real Estate ( now Prelios ) , transforming itself into a ‘pure Tire company ‘ .In 2011 Pirelli became the sole Formula 1 ‘s tyre provider for the three-year footings 2011-2013.

1. Introduction

As a 5th largest tyre maker based on operating grosss ( table 1 )[ 1 ]Pirelli & A ; C SpA is an Italy-based company that carries out fabrication procedure through 22 workss in 11 states but with distribution channel in over 160 states. The company operates world-wide, even though Europe is the chief geographical portion, accounting for 41 % of the entire gross revenues in 2011.[ 2 ]

2. The tyre industry analysis – Porter ‘S FIVE Forces

Overview of whole industry – The tyres and rubber market consists of the maker ‘s gross generated through the gross revenues of both replacing and original equipment tyres for autos, trucks, earthmoving equipment, bikes, scooters, bikes and aircrafts. After a strong, dual digit growing in 2010, the tyres and rubber market decelerated quickly in 2011, with weak growing. The planetary tyres and rubber market generated entire gross of $ 131.5 billion in 2011, stand foring a compound one-year growing rate of 1.1 % for the period between 2007-2011.The rider auto and visible radiation trucks section was the market ‘s most moneymaking in 2011 with entire grosss of $ 79.8 billion equivalent to 60.1 % of the market ‘s overall value.

Competitive competition within the industry -Rivalry is intense with the four taking officeholders jointly keeping about 77 % of the market grosss. There is heavy monetary value completion due to the mostly uniform nature of the merchandises. The recent economic downswing has increased competition as the demand for autos lessening. The cardinal participants must vie on merchandise design, public presentation, monetary value and footings, repute, client service and consumer convenience. The chief rivals are:

Continental Ag is taking automotive provider with operations divided between automotive and gum elastic groups. Their primary market is Europe and North America. The company recorded grosss of 39730 million USD in the financial twelvemonth stoping 2011.

Bridgestone Corporation is a Nipponese maker of tyres and gum elastic merchandises, in add-on the company makers automotive constituents, industrial merchandises and edifice stuffs. Their primary markets are Japan, Europe and the Americas. The company recorded grosss of 38913 million USD in the financial twelvemonth stoping December 2011.

Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin is France based company that manufactures and sells tyres for assortment of vehicles ( including besides aeroplanes and infinite birds ) , publishes maps and ushers and offers digital services. They operate in Europe, the Americas and Asia but besides in Africa and Middle East. The company recorded grosss of 26810 million USD in 2011.

Goodyear Tire & A ; Rubber company, The is the makers of tyres, gum elastic related chemicals for other applications, supplying besides truck and tyre retreading services.Main markets are North America, EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The company recorded grosss of 22767 million USD in 2011.

Dickering power of suppliers- The key inputs to the tyre and gum elastic market includes man-made and natural gum elastic, metals and equipment for fabrication. Suppliers play a cardinal function in bettering the competitory place in this concern because they are big and few in figure. The cost of chief natural stuffs used by tyre industry had a changeless growing from the first one-fourth of 2009 making the high 164.48 US cents/pound. Anyway, the biggest companies tried to make high degrees of efficiency bettering the usage of natural stuffs during the production procedure. At the same clip, the companies are committed in the choice of providers and sub-suppliers to safeguard the quality of the merchandises and to set up of import partnerships in the value concatenation

Dickering power of buyers- Clients could be divided into 2 classs: vehicle makers ( for mounting as the original equipment ) who pay attending on quality and public presentation of tyres, and aftermarket which includes ( tyre menders, retail merchants, garages and fast fitter ) focused on distribution service of regional warehouses. Generally power of the purchasers is strengthen by the deficiency of distinction of the merchandise offered by participants.

Menaces of new entrants- New makers of tyres can non stand for a job for the big companies in this sector ( Pirelli included ) . In order to accomplish a sustainable profitableness in the tyre market, it is necessary a high degree of capital investings and a specific know-how of the full production procedure every bit good every bit good developed distribution channels, gettable merely after old ages of experience and amalgamate place in the sector. New entrants must be cognizant of rigorous environmental and safety ordinances imposed by authoritiess.

Menaces of substitutes- For the consumer market there are non utility merchandises instance of the intrinsic nature of the merchandise itself.

3. SWOT analysis


Strong R & A ; D capabilities- In FY2011 the group spent $ 236.7 million on R & A ; D, stand foring 3 % of the gross revenues. Of this sum $ 183.8 million refers to activity affecting premium merchandises with R & A ; D amounting to 7.2 % of net gross revenues of premium merchandises. Introduction of new patents ( over 4500 ) enabled them to systematically update its line of premium merchandises. The new developments allow decrease in CO2 emanations, energy ingestion and improved merchandise public presentation.

Wide client base- The group sells its merchandises chiefly to automotive industry leaders Daimler, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Aston Martin, BMW, Honda Motor and Toyota Motor every bit good as to the aftermarket clients Advance/Western Auto, ATR, Canadian Tire, Group Auto Union, Kwik-fit/Speedy, Monroe Muffler, National Auto Parts Association, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and Uni-Select. Such big client base enable them steady flow of grosss and increasing the value of trade name.

Geographic diversification-Pirelli is engaged in tyre fabrication in several states including North America, Latin America, the Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.The grosss are diversified across the all the geographic parts it operates in which could extenuate hazard associated with concentrated concern presence every bit good as better the economic systems of graduated table therefore cut downing costs.


Scale size -many of rivals are much larger in size in footings of grosss. Continental Ag for illustration reported turnover in 2011 of 39730 million USD, Bridgestone Corporation 38913 million USD which are significantly higher than Pirelli 7498 million USD. This deficiency of graduated table has influence particularly to the bargaining power of Pirelli as a group.

Increasing liability The Pirelli group increased by 71.9 % sum of debt from 2010 to 2011 ( acquisition of the workss in Russia and pay out of dividends ) .This big sum of debt means that big part of its net incomes should be used for refund of loans and involvements cut downing the growing opportunists every bit good as enlargement programs predicted for future.


Turning planetary tyres and gum elastic market – The public presentation of the market is forecasted to speed up, with an awaited compound one-year growing rate of 3 % for five twelvemonth period 2011-2016 which is expected to drive the market to a value of 153,9 billion by the terminal of 2016.Table: Global tyres and rubber market value 2007-11

Strategic understandings and joint ventures in order to accomplish larger grosss -as in illustration with understanding signed with Sibur Holding and Russian engineerings Pirelli contributed by its knowhow in the countries of logistics, quality control and organisation activities in order to derive market portion in cardinal emerging market.

Growth in European replacing auto and new wave tyres market -since the automotive industry show decline tendency in last twelvemonth ‘s, chances arose in replacing auto and new wave tyres market which is expected to speed up in the following 4 old ages.


Increasing gum elastic monetary values -As stated before chief concern is originating from gum elastic monetary values.In 2011 Pirellis natural stuff costs increased by about 30 % compared to 2010.This big volatility contributes to difficulty in pull offing the costs of production and would take to infliction of higher costs to clients which adversely affect borders.

Regulation -mainly in European Union.From November 2012 European Union started standardised tyre labeling. The EU imposed new categorization which should be respected by tyre maker ‘s.This alteration force manufacturers to follow their bing engineering to suit new labeling system. The European operations of the Company are regulated by The REACH ordinance which bans the usage of oils that are high in PAHs ( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ) for all tyres produced and sold in EU.

Competitive pressure- Pirelli is faced with no merely big rivals stated antecedently but besides with little local companies particularly in emerging markets which have better distribution channels in replacing market. This force per unit area may bring on cutting costs and straiten the borders.

Cardinal public presentation analysis

In order to better understand competitory place of the Pirelli we will concentrate our research on four dimensions:

Profitability -The group recorded gross of 7498 million USD in 2011 an addition of around 12 % over 2010. Pirelli generates grosss through two different sections: tyre section which represents 97 % of entire grosss and other activities ( 3 % ) .By sing gross behaviour during period 2002-2011 we can detect dining 2007 which is followed by deep lessening during fiscal crisis. Pirellis new proposed concern program integrated recovery period with stable turnover and get downing in 2011 growing in net incomes. Return on equity during the same period demonstrates big variableness but comparing with the other industry participants Pirelli was in line with them. Such negative values of ROE during 2002, 2006 and 2008 were due to negative values of return on assets every bit good as because high purchase ( due to the big investings ) . By looking at composing of Balance Sheet of the company we can detect that current and noncurrent liabilities sum for 69.4 % of entire assets in the terminal of 2011.Return on capital employed started to increase since 2009 making the highest 13.86 % in 2011.

Liquidity Current ratio which represents ability of the company to run into their short term duties is on mean 1.052 during this clip period but it is still under the mean value of the whole industry. This figure incorporates Inventory in computation so we are non wholly certain about that fact that stock list will be efficaciously sold.The entire sum of Current assets and current liabilities has shown a diminishing tendency over last three old ages. We performed besides an acerb trial to obtain liquidness ratio which shows by and large the entirely presented state of affairs in tyres market but once more Pirelli on norm has lower ratio than major rivals.

Satisfaction of employees Employee satisfaction is a necessary status for the endurance of any concern because of that Pirelli ensures safe working status therefore leting set uping strong and permanent relationships. Since 2005, Pirelli introduced the clime study group of the full population of white collar workers with the purpose to roll up a changeless and immediate feedback from employees and back up the company in advancing and transporting out activities and undertakings line with the demands of both the concern and its employees. Pirelli has adopted wage policies that are sporadically revised harmonizing to general macroeconomic conditions and sector benchmark. Furthermore, Pirelli has introduced long term inducement strategies and non-compete understanding ( with consequence of keeping ) . In add-on, specific policies have been adopted to actuate and retain talent/high performing artists.

Reputation The trade name value ( estimated about 1.8 billion euro ) which represents a possible to be leveraged through its engagement in Formula One represents how good the company is positioned. Based on quality of merchandises and services, fiscal public presentation, leading and invention of production procedure Pirelli is among top 10 Italian transnational companies.

Stock monetary value