Commentary – Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara
In Gabriel Okara’s verse form. “Piano and Drums” . Okara expresses his feelings and ideas of a crude society in contrast to a western society. Bing an African himself. and holding studied in a western society. the verse form reflects the confusion in his emotions every bit good as the loss of self-identity. The rubric of the verse form itself. “Piano and Drums” displays a sense of unsimilarity and contrast as the instruments are so dissimilar in footings of edification. Throughout the full verse form. Okara incorporates the instruments to farther express. through music. how the talker is experiencing. By utilizing well-structured stanzas and poetic devices such as imagination. symbolism. centripetal item. personification. and enunciation. Okara is able to plunge the readers into the troubles of cultural struggle and the confusion of a individual in the thick of the two contrasting societies.

Throughout the patterned advance of the verse form. there is a changeless usage of images to help in exposing Okara’s conflicting emotions about the two separate universes. Poetic devices
Some of the most of import poetic devices utilized in this verse form by Okara are imagery. symbolism. centripetal item. personification. and enunciation Figures of address

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The subjects
Piano and Drums is a verse form which fundamentally themed and created by two different and opponent civilization in the verse form. the soft civilization and membranophones civilization which suggested by the poet whenThe civilization of membranophones is consecutive frontward. and direct. and this merely like the universe and civilization in the antediluvian old ages which before civilisation. Peoples do non conceal their existent egos. screening and communicate without feigning every bit good as demoing what they truly are in the dictions. ‘raw’ . ‘primal’ . and ‘rugged’ . They call out for danger by crushing membranophones as to warn others. although the universe is competitory.