The short narrative Dear Daddy by Lee Maracle brought me back the cryings that I. excessively. had as a kid. I felt pitiful for the chief character’s experience and deeply impressed by the thirteen-year-old girl’s bravery of acquiring over her negative feelings for the past and traveling on with her life. The narrative. written in the signifier of a missive. shows the procedure of a thirteen-year-old miss going more mature as she expresses her grudges from her tragic childhood. At the beginning of the narrative. she described both the emotional and physical troubles her household suffered through because of the absence of her male parent. She felt lonely. insecure and confused as she hoped that her male parent would come back. “Sometimes I had bad dreams. I would woolgather the public assistance took us off and no 1 missed us. non even mommy. Daddy where were you? ” ( Page 163 ) At the terminal of the missive. nevertheless. the miss started to understand that her position of the universe before was imbalanced and uncomplete. “through a thin head covering full of little holes” . ( Page 165 ) She felt more released and started to detect “the illustriousness of the world” . ( Page 165 )

She began to prize all the memories she had with her household alternatively of believing about her wretchedness all the clip. “we carried on life. ” ( Page 165 ) There was a great passage of her character from the beginning to the terminal of the missive. The girl’s narrative reminded me of myself. Although I did non hold a childhood filled with wretchedness. I did hold similar feelings as her when I foremost came to Canada at the age of 13. Unlike a batch of people. I did non hold adequate clip to acquire ready for a new environment. My parents told me that we were immigrating to Canada precisely one hebdomad before we left China. It about felt like my pess were already on the Canadian land before I knew it. For a long clip I felt highly alone. unsecure. and unsure about my hereafter. I missed my friends. my old instructors. and the nice large house we had in China.

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For the 13 old ages of my life in China. I had have depressions. but ne’er every bit difficult as this one because I ever had a best friend that could back up me and soothe me. This clip. I had no 1. Like the female parent in Dear Daddy. my parents had to work. so it was about impossible to show my feelings to anyone. “It was difficult. now that ma was working. ” One midnight when I woke up from a bad dream. I saw two bantam mice mounting on my sleeping room window. I was horrified as I had ne’er seen a existent wild mouse before.

Because of my parents’ difficult work during the twenty-four hours. they were in deep slumbers. Like the miss in the narrative. I did non do a noise when I cried. “It took me such long clip to halt weeping and eventually fall asleep. I knew better than doing noise—just cryings draging down my cheeks. ” ( Page 163 ) For the same intent as the girl’s missive in the narrative. to show myself. I started to compose diaries every twenty-four hours. I bit by bit thought about my yesteryear less and less. Alternatively. I started to analyze difficult and seek to do new friends and “carried on living” like the thirteen-year-old miss.

I greatly admire the miss for her bravery of traveling on with her life alternatively of believing about the past all the clip. I have done the same before and I knew that it was really difficult particularly when her life was such a wretchedness. I believe that the lesson the narrative tries to learn people is that droping in the yesteryear can merely convey more wretchedness. while life is fantastic if we view it with tolerate and placid eyes.