In the field of health care. patients have several rights they can or should use in order to have the maximal benefit out of the intervention they receive. The patient should be exhaustively evaluated and one should do certain that all their rights and duties are respected. However. we should besides be cognizant that there is more than merely accepting the rights and duties of the patient. The determination made by the health care professionals should be legal and ethical in every sense.

In my survey. I present a instance of a 14-year old miss ( let’s name her Sara ) who was presented to the infirmary when she was found with spasms. Unfortunately. upon ultrasound scanning. it was revealed that she was pregnant. The gestation was ectopic. She was evidently wavering to uncover this to her female parent and she planned to undergo the surgery by subscribing the legal consent herself. However. the miss being minor. consent is decidedly an issue as one has to be 18 old ages old or more to subscribe the legal consent.

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There are pros and cons of the issue here that will be discussed intricately based on several apparent diaries back uping my statements. As stated earlier. it is perfectly indispensable to do the patient aware of his or her rights and in our instance. Sara is negligent sing her rights as she is minor ( 14 old ages old ) . How has she truly utilized her rights and what rights she didn’t utilize that could hold benefited her? The first right that Sara had utilized right was the right to utilize the free infirmary services as a public patient.

The 2nd right that can be applied in Sara’s instance is her right to be treated with regard. self-respect and consideration without taking into consideration of her age. gender. faith or civilization. The 3rd right that can be applied is the right to information where she can take either to be a private patient or a public patient. The 4th right that is applicable in Sara’s instance is her right to intervention based on how ailing she is. The 5th right that fits into Sara’s description is her right to take part in doing her ain determinations sing the health care.

Sara besides has the right to larn more information about her intervention and hazards in her ain manner so that it is easy for her to understand. This can be regarded as her 6th right. Her right to give permission for the intervention can be her 7th right and Sara’s eighth right is her right to maintain her information confidential and private ( Queensland Health Public Patient’s Charter. 2002 ) . While all her rights have been outlined above exhaustively. let’s expression into each and lucubrate into each construct by back uping the statements as good with illustrations.

Each right mentioned above conforms with her age and her right to intervention. In the first right. she additions entree to liberate wellness services from the infirmary which is perfectly critical as she is a occupant and under the plan she is insured in. she is entitled for benefits. The 2nd right is her right to intervention irrespective of her age and other properties. Obviously. Sara is minor and by no agency does her current age position deprive her from having the right medical intervention.

The 3rd right that has been explained above is her right to be a public or a private patient. She can pay her ain measures or have Medicare wage for her. Since she is minor. this right will use but as a public patient as private patient right makes no sense in her instance as she is non gaining ( or her fiscal temperaments have non been displayed ) . Sara’s 4th right is her right to intervention based on her status diagnosed. which once more. tantrums into her class. Her right to intervention here is a surgery for her ectopic gestation and that should be done at the right clip.

The suggestion given by the wellness professionals is accurate and hence. she can continue with the intervention whenever she wishes ( Queensland Health Public Patient’s Charter. 2002 ) . Sara’s 5th right is to take the sort of health care intervention she wants to continue with. Obviously. in her instance. we see that she is negligent sing this right. However. the health care professionals such as the nurses or doctors may advice her ( merely ) sing her options. Sara’s 6th right. as entitled. is to larn more information about the intervention in her ain manner.

In her instance. it would be a simplified linguistic communication ( and non in medical footings ) to explicate what has really happened to her and what she has to make for her ectopic gestation. Sara’s 7th right is her right to give permission for the intervention. She can decline or accept to execute the surgery but as in her instance. a surgery is perfectly indispensable as she has an ectopic gestation but if she refuses to make so. the health care professionals or doctors can non coerce her into altering her determination and allowing them the permission to prosecute with the surgery. And eventually. Sara has the right to maintain her information confidential.

Since she doesn’t want her female parent to cognize about her gestation. any information about her gestation and surgery should be kept purely confidential unless perfectly necessary to uncover. merely by the patient’s permission ( Queensland Health Public Patient’s Charter. 2002. All the patients have their ain rights and therefore they should be respected every bit good as taken attention of without any sense of ill will towards them. Sara’s foremost right. as stated. is her right to utilize free infirmary services as a public patient and consequently. she has utilized her first right.

Medicare was foremost introduced in Australia in the twelvemonth 1984. Under the public sector of wellness funding. it has two critical maps. one of them being to cover the cost of public infirmary attention and other of medical doctors or practicians. As quoted by the article below. “Under Medicare. all lasting Australian occupants are entitled to liberate public infirmary attention when taking to be public patients. Doctors who are appointed in the infirmaries provide their medical intervention.

State and district authoritiess provide public infirmary services and work closely with the federal authorities and professional organic structures to guarantee that quality of attention and appropriate criterions are maintained… Medicare besides meets the majority of costs for all out-of-hospital services such as general practician and specialist audiences. ” ( Australia Now. n. d. ) . As per the quotation mark above. Sara must hold been insured under Medicare which is how she was able to continue for the surgery or even derive entree for the check-up where she was diagnosed for ectopic gestation.

As the ICN codification of moralss for nurses provinces in its preamble. Built-in in nursing is respect for human rights. including cultural rights. the right to life and pick. to self-respect and to be treated with regard. Nursing attention is respectful of and unrestricted by considerations of age. coloring material. credo. civilization. disablement or unwellness. gender. sexual orientation. nationality. political relations. race or societal status” ( ICN codification of moralss. 2005 ) . Ethically and lawfully. Sara has utilized her rights and hence. it is ethical and absolutely legal for the health care practicians such as physicians or nurses to handle her in the manner she should be treated.

As the right and ordinance itself states. there is no favoritism based on any property in footings of intervention or supplying healthcare services. Her 3rd right. as implied. is her right to be a public or private patient. In Sara’s instance. there is barely any pick as she can non take to be a private patient ( because if you are a private patient. you pay your ain measures and if you are a public patient. they can hold Medicare to cover your costs ) . Sing the health care services in Australia. there is perfectly no fee bound that is charged by the physicians and hence. one has to be highly careful when doing such picks.

However. Dr. Stephen Duckett provinces. “There is. nevertheless. a government-set fee agenda. Doctors can measure patients or direct their measures straight to the authorities insurance authorization. the Health Insurance Commission ( HIC ) . If sent to the HIC. the payment is 85 % of the government-set fee for out-of-hospital disbursals and 75 % of the authorities set fee for in-hospital services ; the money is paid straight to the physician. and the physician is non allowed to bear down the patient an extra fee. About 75 % of household doctor services are straight billed to the HIC.

If a physician measures the patient straight. the patient so applies for the discount of the authorities set fee” ( Duckett. 2004 ) . Sara’s 4th right. as defined antecedently. is her right for appropriate intervention for the diagnosed status. which in her instance. is ectopic gestation. Harmonizing to Megan-Jane Johnstone. the patients have the right to allow instance and therefore she states in her book. “Bioethics: a nursing perspective” . “The right to hold entree to allow attention is a 2nd sense in which a right to wellness attention can be claimed.

This sense raises of import inquiries refering the cultural relativity or ethno-specificity of attention and its ability to suit people’s personal penchants. wellness beliefs. wellness values and wellness patterns. Failing to supply wellness attention in an appropriate mode can hold black effects ( clinically. lawfully and morally ) ” ( Johnston. 1999 ) . Therefore. as stated by Megan-Jane. neglecting to supply inappropriate health care may take to serious effects and even cases ( when taking this in a legal position ) .

The 5th right is Sara’s right is to take the sort of health care intervention she wants to prosecute with. The health care practicians can merely rede her on this affair and can non coerce her to take a peculiar sort of intervention. As suggested by her ultrasound trial studies. Sara is diagnosed with ectopic gestation. In her instance. the rights are her jurisprudence. The jurisprudence protects her rights. Since Sara has no option at all. she plans to continue with the surgery of her ectopic gestation.

Harmonizing to codification of moralss for nurses in Australia. as stated below. Nursing attention is based on the development of a curative relationship and the execution and rating of curative procedures. Curative procedures include wellness publicity and instruction. guidance. nursing intercessions and authorization of persons. households or groups to exert maximal pick in relation to their wellness care” ( ANMC. 2002 ) . Sara’s 6th right states that the health care professionals should do her understand of her state of affairs every bit good as intervention options in an easy-to-understand linguistic communication.

Ethically. it is the right thing to make as the health care professionals should do their patients aware of their wellness status. its effects and the intervention options in the easiest mode. In Sara’s instance. we see that at a really immature age. she is a patient with ectopic gestation and nil except surgery can salvage her life from being ruined. Harmonizing to Mary Ellen Trail Ross. “Nurses must often do backbreaking determinations when faced with ethical quandary that occur in clinical pattern.

Using ethical rules for analysing and reflecting on the issues may ease this hard undertaking. In add-on. the nurse involved may see less anxiousness and uncertainness over whether or non the right determination was made” ( Ross. 1993 ) . We have observed that the health care professionals ( in Sara’s instance ) have respected her rights and have advised her for the most safest and feasible option. The function of nurse is taken earnestly in this respect as she is the 1 who takes extreme attention in such delicate instances.

Sara’s 7th right is her right to give or inquire permission for the intervention. Before any intervention is initiated. her complete permission has to be sought. But here involves a complexness. Sara is minor and they should hold legal consent from their defenders before executing or ordering any medical intervention. Judith M. Cassells and Barbara K. Redman stress on the ethical quandary when refering the informed consent. In the pattern. a nurse should take into history the moral facets of nursing attention when geting on any determination ( Cassells & A ; Redman. 1988 ) .

Using values in order to come into a determination largely works and hence. Sara has been given the option for the surgery. Harmonizing to her right. she can use her free will and subscribe on the legal consent signifier without any inquiries from the health care supplier as her right entails her to make so. However. a legal consent from her defender would hold done her more good as it is basically critical for person who is near to her ( as in dealingss ) to be by her when this surgery would take topographic point.

Ethically and lawfully. what Sara is making and has gone through the surgery is right but morally talking. the presence of person near would hold helped the patient in a great manner. Last. Sara has her right for privateness. Legally. yes. Ethically- the infirmary. the hospital staff every bit good as the physicians and nurses are non allowed to uncover either. The information serves in the best involvement of the patient and without the written consent of the patient. no information is revealed to any individual. even if the individual questioning is a close relation.

Geoffrey Hunt in his book. “Ethical issues in nursing” has stressed on keeping the privateness as it helps in proper direction of records and helps the patient be at easiness sing his or her wellness information ( Hunt. 1994 ) . While all her rights have been served and the ethical facet of every right holding been discussed. we have seen how the public patient charter issued by Queensland authorities helped in doing public aware of their rights. The rights stated therein are the Torahs and the moralss involved stated here are from a nursing position. Marie T.

Hilliard in her journal article. “Nursing. Ethical motives and Professional roles” provinces that there has ever been a turning concern over the ethical codifications and pattern where nurses are involved but today. huge information has been highlighted for the populace every bit good as the medical professionals in order to understand their pattern. their Torahs every bit good as their moralss ( Hilliard. 1990 ) . Overall. the public charter has highlighted on the duties and rights of the patient in a manner that they are able to use it with full cognition and are able to derive the maximal benefit out of it.


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