TASK: Parents should not apply corporal punishment on their children. I strongly recommend that parents should not apply corporal punishment on their children for the following reasons. First and foremost, the parents ‘s corporal punishment is harmful to children ‘s health because it can cause bruises and injuries to them. For example, when the parents hit their children on their ears much, they can even be deaf.

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Second, corporal punishment results in children ’s emotional issues. Almost all children not only become more violent and aggressive but also have psychological problems after being applied corporal punishment such as autism, overstress, etc. For instance, they are always having to live under pressure with the fear of being hit, they are likely to be mentally disordered. In addition, it creates a great gap in the children’s relationships with their parents.

The children often feel that their parents do not love them because of their parent ‘s rough treatment. they are separate themselves from the community and getting isolated. Whereas, the opponents argue that corporal penalty will make their kids more obedient and well-behaved because corporal punishment is the most effective way to show their children what they are allowed to do and not to do.

Maybe it’s partially true but it also teaches children that violence is an acceptable and appropriate strategy for resolving conflict or getting people to do what they want, so they will be no longer well-behaved as their parents expect. In short, there are many positive ways without corporal punishment to educate and discipline children which both are better for their health and development and contribute to the establishment of relationships based on trust and mutual respects.