E-commerce is a immense sphere on carry oning concern over cyberspace and e-retailing is portion of it. When we discuss on digitally or Internet enabled commercial minutess between organisations and persons utilizing latest web engineerings and nomadic engineerings as per the policies of the Organization it takes in the signifier of e-business. Nowadays, ‘e ‘ is deriving impulse and most of the things if non everything is acquiring digitally enabled. Therefore, it becomes really of import to clearly understand different types of commercialism or concern normally called as e-commerce.

In today ‘s scenario all concern executives were busy and want to make fiscal dealing without traveling physically to bank. For Example, Consumer want to pay their public-service corporation payments viz. , Insurance premium, Telephone measures, Income revenue enhancements etc. , Transfer money to anybody in this universe via nomadic banking ( e.g. ICICI Bank iMobile ) opens up the new engineering of e-commerce as Mobile commercialism. Further the regular online shops were besides optimising their site user interface design in order to do consumers shop from their nomadic devices viz. , iPad, iPhone, Android enabled phones, Nokia Symbian, and Microsoft Windowss mobile 6.x enabled devices. There are other types of e-commerce concern theoretical accounts excessively similar Business to Employee ( B2E ) , Government to Business ( G2B ) and Government to Citizen ( G2C ) . But in kernel they are similar to the above mentioned types.

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E-Retailing is known as Electronic Retailing. Besides known as e-tailing. E-tailing is the merchandising of retail goods on the Internet. It used in Internet treatments every bit early as 1995, the term seems an about inevitable add-on to electronic mail, e-business, and e-commerce. E-tailing is synonymous with business-to-consumer ( B2C ) dealing.

DINESH.E, Ph.D. , Research Scholar, Dept. of Management Studies, Velalar College of Engineering and Technology, Erode, Tamilnadu. Electronic mail: vipdinesh @ gmail.com ; +91 9994889803.

Dr.T.VETRIVEL, Professor and Head, Dept. of Management Studies, Velalar College of Engineering and Technology, Erode, Tamilnadu. Electronic mail: vetreemba @ gmail.com ; +91 9843658303.

E-tailing is synonymous with business-to-consumer ( B2C ) dealing. E-tailing has resulted in the development of e-tailware — package tools for making on-line catalogs and pull offing the concern connected with making e-tailing. A new tendency is the monetary value comparing site that can rapidly compare monetary values from a figure of different e-tailers and associate you to them.


What is Android?

Android is a package stack for nomadic devices that includes an operating system, middleware and cardinal applications. The Android Software Development Kit provides the tools and Application Platform Interfaces necessary to get down developing applications on the Android platform utilizing the Java scheduling linguistic communication.

Features of Android:

Application model enabling reuse and replacing of constituents

Integrated browser based on the unfastened beginning WebKit engine

Optimized artworks powered by a usage 2D artworks library ; 3D artworks based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification ( hardware acceleration optional )

GSM Telephony, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi ( hardware dependant )

Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer ( hardware dependant )

Rich development environment including a device copycat, tools for debugging, memory and public presentation profiling, and a circuit board for the Eclipse IDE.

Android supports tethering, which allows a phone to be used as a wireless/wired Wi-Fi hot spot.

Android Applications

Android will transport with a set of nucleus applications including an email client, SMS plan, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. All applications are written utilizing the Java scheduling linguistic communication.

Google Play ( Android Market )

Android Market is changed as Google Play Store. Google Play is a digital distribution service operated by Google. It includes an online shop for music, films, books, magazines, and Android applications and games, every bit good as a cloud media participant. The service is accessible from the web and the Play Store nomadic app on most Android and Google TV devices. Purchased content is available across all of these platforms/devices. Google Play was introduced in March 2012 when Google rebranded its whole digital distribution scheme and merged the Android Market and Google Music services into Google Play.

Android Market is a robust publication platform that helps to publicise, sell, and administer the Android Applications to users around the universe. When you release your applications through Android Market you have entree to a suite of developer tools that let you analyse your gross revenues, identify market tendencies, and control who your applications are being distributed to. You besides have entree to several revenue-enhancing characteristics, such as in-app charge and application licensing.

Prepare for Release

Prepare Promotional Material

Configure Options and Upload Assetss

Publish App

Pre-Publishing Undertaking

( Required )

Android Market Publishing Tasks


Printing the application on Android Market is a simple procedure that involves three basic undertakings ( see Figure.1 ) :

Making assorted graphical assets that accompany application on Android Market.

Using the Android Market Developer Console to configure publication options, stipulate listing inside informations, and upload your app and graphical assets to Android Market.

Reviewing the publication scenes and altering the release position of android application from Unpublished to Published.

Android Shopping Application

Using Android Shopping Application, we can use the undermentioned benefits.

Charging to mobile phones and land lines

Cash on bringing ( C.O.D. , offered by really few online shops )

Cheque / Debit card / Direct debit in some states

Electronic money of assorted types

Gift cards / Postal money order / Wire transfer/delivery on payment

Back Office Management

Index Page

Class Page

Cart Page

Check Page

Confirmation Page

Index Page – The first page of the shopping application. It shows the index of the merchandise list of the retail merchants.

Category Page -The class lists shows the merchandises class and we can choose the class as we wish. For illustration, Computer and Accessories class.

Cart Page – Select the merchandise to purchase and its move to haul. If we want to shop more, we can purchase more merchandises and add cart list. We can besides alter the class and store once more.

Checkout Page – Check page is for to stop the shopping. It ‘s moves to payment option. We can take the payment option through cyberspace banking, recognition card, debit card, hard currency card, etc.

Confirmation Page – The concluding verification page is to corroborate our purchase of merchandise in retail merchants shopping application.

Merits of E-Retailing on Android

Android applications have Linux nucleus, which safeguards them against anomalousnesss and forestall them from crashing which leads you to acquire robust and stable humanoid apps by Android scheduling.

Simple and easy Android application development procedure and Easy to utilize APIs and development tools

Ability to garner information fast and Web Kit engine integrating for rich browser installation

Hassle free application porting and Low nomadic application development costs due to its unfastened beginning nature

Save clip of developers which tend to understand them client ‘s demands.

Android is based on Linux Kernel scheduling linguistic communication so high public presentation stableness and security.

Demerits of E-Retailing on Android

Continuous Internet connexion – Most Android phones require a coincident Internet connexion alias continuously active. That means must be prepared to subscribe once more GPRS package that suits your demands.

Advertising – Application in the Android phones can so be obtained easy and for free, but the effects in each of these applications, will ever be ads on show, either the top or underside of the application.

Android Market is less control of the director, sometimes there are malware.

As a direct service supplier, is sometimes really hard to link users with the Google. Sometimes there is frequently ad: because it ‘s easy and free, sometimes frequently Ridden by advertisement. In position does non interfere with the public presentation of the application itself, as it sometimes is at the top or underside of the application.