Organized or Disorganized, Who is Superior? It has been one of the biggest subject’s between couples. Is it better neat or sloppy? But in today’s world everybody is more skeptical about disorganized people, thinking because they are sloppy that they are disorganized in their life, knowing that a lot of famous people are or were sloppy. Not to say that neat people are disorganized in life, in the contrary they are also successful. The bad thing is that they are also perfectionist, not wanting to accept defeat in their goals.

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These people have more possibilities in failing the things they do, because they are afraid of failing. While sloppy people really do not care about how they achieve their goal, as long as they complete their goal. But one truth is that neatness and organization encompass both your professional and personal life. Many people think that sloppiness leads to an easier, stress-free lifestyle. That can be a mistake; sloppiness and disorganization can actually cause stress and problems.

A disorganized person with a cluttered home will have a much harder time trying to find something than someone that has an organized home. That is a common problem for people who are disorganized, and as a result, they are usually running late. Neat people are more worried about keeping them self and surrounding organized. While the sloppy are being lazy and enjoying their life, the organized are stressing over how they look. In conclusion, it is better to have part of both worlds. Neat people needs sloppy people, like sloppy people need the neat.