Should we continue old edifice as historical memorials? I believe that different people will keep different position to this inquiry. In my point of position. a metropolis should continue the old historic edifices. Bing a container of human activity. Building. evidently. is besides a reservoir of human history and civilization. To some extent. continuing old historic edifice means esteeming the old coevalss. An old edifice can insinuate historical events happened in the metropolis.

Old edifices. as a symbol of architectural heritage. memorise the important episodes. Looking at the moth-eaten Rome metropolis. about devastated temples. demolished castle. it is non difficult to conceive of the comfortable land of the ancient Rome. We can besides admit that these edifices are ruined after the land was vanquished by the enemy. Therefore. historic edifices are one cardinal method to larn about important events in the history.

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The old historic edifices of a metropolis would stress a city’s civilization and feature. The Kashgar metropolis is the best illustration ; Chinese authorities has approved a measure of reconstructing the Kashgar old metropolis. which is 1500years old and chief heritage of Uyghur civilization. a important civilization of Central Asia. Although a new modern metropolis have been built near to the old 1. the most attractive topographic point of Kashgar is still the old metropolis. which has many old historic edifices.

The people who want to cognize about Uyghur civilization. one of chief civilization of Central Asia. ever go to see the old Kashgar metropolis. Continuing old historic edifice means esteeming the old coevalss. Possibly some old edifices have negative consequence on the cityscape or its map. nevertheless. with the consideration of regard old people. we have no right to destruct or replace them for modern edifices.

On the other manus. we have the duty of continuing them to our following coevalss so that they could hold the chance to cognize about their predecessors tangibly. Nevertheless keeping historic edifices needs enormous sum of money and old edifices are easy destroyed by temblor. the cultural value of a historical edifice is deserving continuing on economical disbursal. To larn more about the history. to more distinguish from other civilization. for following generations` interest. halt destructing the historic edifices.