In this essay I would wish to see the deductions of Odysseus ‘ refusal to accept Calypso ‘s offer of immortality and what it means to be human. Furthermore, I would wish to compare this issue with the state of affairs of Achilles in the Iliad. To get down with it should be noted that both Odyssey and Iliad are immortal verse forms of outstanding Ancient Greece poet Homer and in both these verse forms considerA the life andA exploitsA of greatA heroesA like Odysseus and Achilles. It can be said that Odysseus in Greek mythology was the male monarch of Ithaca and celebrated participant of the Trojan War, the clever and resourceful orator.A Besides, Odysseus is one of the cardinal characters of the Iliad, the hero of the verse form “ The Odyssey ” that tells of long old ages of roving and returns of Odysseus to his homeland.A As a affair of fact, Odysseus was distinguished non merely bravery but besides a sly, far-out head individual. In bend, Achilles – is the bravest of the heroes in the heroic sagas of the ancient Greeks that have taken under the leading of Agamemnon expedition against Troy.A He was half-god and was the supporter of the Iliad.

It should be noted that nymph Calypso, who lives among the rustling of the sea on a distant island, truly glad Odyssey, that was brought by the storm.A She has appeal and do Odysseus bury about his fatherland, but, she attracts the Odysseus non merely by adult females ‘s appeals – for him, in order non to draw a bead on to his Ithaca, Calypso unachievably promises ageless young person and immortality.A However, Odysseus withstands this hard test.A It should be noted that the antediluvian heroes expected nil from the universe, but most glorification and did non appreciate life. Furthermore, slogans of their lives was following: “ for posterities retrieve for the long clip their gallantry and glorification ” .A Very interesting is the fact, that earlier geting to Calypso ‘s island, Odysseus visited the dark state of Hades, where he saw the shadow of Achilles. During this meeting Achilles said that if it were possible, he would hold to function the some hapless individual than being here in Hades with other souls.A Therefore, Calypso can non understand why Odysseus rejected ageless life and decided to construct a raft and go on his rolling to his fatherland in unsafe noisy sea.

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In my sentiment, to show the resistless pull of Odysseus back place to his darling married woman and boy, Homer needed some remarkably attractive image and dizzying unbeatable temptation.A Without any uncertainties this image is embodied in the individual of bright nymph Calypso. On the beautiful island with goddess Calypso Odysseus spent seven happy old ages. As a fact, Calypso loved Odysseus, like persons do and decided to show him immortality and to bind with the bonds of marriage.A It can be said that she took attention of and loved the doomed hero after he experienced a shipwreck and finds that he belongs to her.A Unfortunately, she must subject to Zeus and the other Gods and letA himA to decideA where heA wants toA pass his life. Without any uncertainty, Homer compares Odysseus power of love to Ithaca and his household with the most powerful enticement – immortality.A Calypso promises to give him ageless life – it is the apogee of a long series of obstructions and enticements, which filled the way of Odysseus returning home.A Before run intoing with Calypso, all the enticements that arose on the way of Odysseus were perfectly human nature, but the promise of the nymph – was royal gift. As a fact, Odysseus was offered the destiny of the God, and alternatively requires that he preferred Ogygia to rocky Ithaca, and Calypso – to Penelope.A Thinking about this hard pick he stands and cries.A What is he shouting about? A What could be more expensive than the immortality and ageless young person? I presume that he shouting because of his duties to himself return place, to the married woman and boy. Of class, he spent seven fantastic old ages with beautiful Calypso, but he has responsibility, which takes the first topographic point. He decided to hit the route – a manner in which it henceforth to run into Cyclopss, storms, decease menaces and obstructions, and he needs to overcomeA all these barriers to accomplish a thin bouldery Ithaca and happen his ain house.

Further I would wish to see what this thaumaturgy Ithaca has, which caused him to pretermit the young person and immortality. In my sentiment, Odysseus is ready to detect something more of import and fantastic, instead than the immortality and ageless young person – he seeks to carry through this cryptic circle of moral quest.A He has already seen the visible radiation to the underside: we are all worlds and we must be at that place, where we love and where we are loved. I presume that Odysseus understands that the power of love is more of import than the desire of young person and immortality.A Furthermore, Odysseus understands that he is human and do non desire to go immortal, because for him immortality – is reunion with his darling married woman and boy, with his fatherland Ithaca.

I think that Ithaca for Odysseus is the little warm circle of the fatherland, household and preset possibility to encompass a wider circle of friends, to accept and understand his ascendants, small towns, towns, humanity, peace, immortality and ageless youth.A After all, as we know, love and decease are with us from the cradle. Before we experience decease, the strongest and the most powerful our experience has ever been love, the ability to love and be loved.

Invisible, but unbroken concatenation of love Odysseus feels for the whole 20 old ages of his journey, and now he faced with a dilemma.A As a fact, Calypso loves him with all her heart.A Of class, she was non merely a route novel for Odysseus. It should be noted that here Homer draws us into the deepnesss of feelings, which is the whole Odysseus ‘s job. Furthermore, Odysseus did non cognize that Penelope was faithful to him all these 20 years.A He does non cognize for certain about it, and possibly she has already been married with another individual, who ruled his land. But, despite all these possibilities he continues to believe in his Penelope, that she still is his queen. Without any uncertainties Odysseus continues to believe in the trueness of the Penelope and this believe is supports him, gives him the strengthA to transport all the troubles of the pathA andA stillA getA toA his darling. I think Odysseus decides to sail from Calypso for his native land, for his older, but still beautiful Penelope, for the interest of his old male parent, for the interest of his immature boy, for the interest of his homeland.A As a fact, Ithaca is the beginning and the terminal of the way, and he must carry through it. In other words, everyone knows the joy and sugariness of travel, freedom, but merely Odysseus is given the chance to cognize the grace of return, the felicity of responsibility, of trueness.

In the 2nd portion of the essay I would wish see what it was to be human for another great Ancient Greek hero – Achilles. Without any uncertainties, Achilles was the bravest and the strongest of heroes, entirely by his personal qualities.A It is interesting to cognize that his female parent goddess Thetis has predicted that Achilles had two picks. The first – make non take part in the war with Troy, find a married woman and unrecorded lull long life, and besides, to raise kids. The 2nd – is to take active engagement in the war, where he will be glorified that peopleA untilA the terminal of timeA will retrieve hisA greatA efforts. However, his life will be short and he will non return from this war. It should be noted that Achilles decided to travel to the war and foreverA remain inA historyA asA the greatest ofA hero of all time known. That is why he went to war with the Trojans.A In fact, Achilles was non interested in the grounds of the struggle and destiny of Helen and Menelaus ; he took portion in the Trojan War pursuits his ain end – celebrity.

I presume that to be human for Achilles was non plenty, he wanted to be immortal. Of class he was the boy of goodness, but merely in a half – his male parent was human. Consequently, he can non feign to be immortal. In my sentiment that was the chief ground why he, despite the prognostication, took portion in the war in Troy. Despite everything, Achilles wanted to be immortal, and he achieved his end. Even today, after about 3500 old ages people remember this outstanding hero, on par with Grecian Gods. I think that he found the best manner to go immortal – to stay in history. Even today people carefully maintain the fables about his workss. I believe that if Achilles has the same opportunity to go immortal, than Odysseus had – he would take it.

It can be said that these celebrated heroes were friends, but they were really different. As a fact, the undermentioned inquiry arises: why Achilles would go immortal, but Odysseus did non take this chance? In my sentiment, the reply is simple – love. It should be noted that unlike Achilles, Odysseus experienced love. He genuinely loved his Penelope and their boy Telemachus and this love helped him to understand that this is something more of import than life or celebrity – this is love. Unfortunately, Achilles consciouslyA rejectedA the way of loveA andA choseA the roadA to fame. Was he right or incorrect – it is non for meA toA justice him.A As a fact, Achilles has chosenA hisA pathA andA achieved hisA ends. WhatA IA canA certainlyA say -A is about thatA HomerA gives usA to understandA how theseA twoA great heroes have hadA different aims. I strongly believe that this underlines theA factA that, above all, A they wereA worlds, A andA like allA humansA theyA have made a choiceA howA to populate their lives.