The Catcher in the Rye is a narrative of the battle of a adolescent between adolescence and maturity. The novel is set chiefly in New York, where Holden Caulfield lives a series of life-changing experiences. In the beginning of the novel, it is made clear that Holden is really telling the narrative from a topographic point where he had been remaining after acquiring ill. Holden Caulfield is a really judgmental individual, he puts tickets on everyone he knows and makes usage of the work “ bogus ” rather a spot. He is a troubled sixteen-year-old who is kicked of his school, Pencey Prep for neglecting four out of five topics. This is when the chief secret plan and struggle of the narrative are introduced, as Holden decides to travel place to New York earlier than expected, his escapades begin. He unravels to different frailties and maintains a acrimonious position towards his milieus, knocking the loss of artlessness in the universe. Holden besides starts acquiring funny about his gender, even engaging a cocotte ; nevertheless, he gets nervous and asks her to go forth. Holden negotiations to his small sister, Phoebe because she can understand him more than anyone. He so goes with his old instructor Mr. Antolini. Holden finds his old friend to be great aid with his battles about his life and his aims in life. The flood tide of the narrative occurs when Holden thinks that his instructor is doing homosexual progresss on him, he runs off but regrets it subsequently. At this point, Holden realizes that people have more in them than merely one characteristic and that they can non be put into classs. Subsequently on, Holden reveals to his sister Phoebe that he wants to run off from place and ne’er come back. Phoebe tells him that she wants to come with him but he refuses, doing Phoebe angry at him. The declaration of the narrative occurs when Holden watches his sister Phoebe siting a carousel at the menagerie ; he experiences utmost felicity to the brink of cryings. It is revealed that Holden gets ill after the carousel episode ; Holden subsequently expresses sorrow at holding told his narrative. ( 354 words )

Word picture

Holden Caulfield: Holden is a really baffled adolescent with a really acrimonious position towards life. This rebellious stripling is the supporter of the narrative whose end is to happen himself and larn more about people in general. As he is really widely described by J.D. Salinger, Holden is a circular character. He is besides complex because although he might look detached and apathetic towards the people around him, he really does care about some people as it is demonstrated when he convinces his friend Mal Brossard to allow Ackley label along to the films. Holden ‘s dream is to “ hold to catch everybody if they start to travel over the drop ” ( 173 ) , he wants to be the backstop in the rye. Holden Caulfield ‘s chief struggle is internal ; he feels a sense of uncertainness as he does non truly cognize what to make with his life. He besides rejects many people in society, labeling so as “ hypocrites, ” but he learns to look at people in a different manner. Holden learns that people are non merely a class, they have defects but they besides have qualities. Recognizing that, Holden was besides able to cover with himself better. Furthermore, he struggles with the loss of his small brother Allie ; he misses him and experience a deep regard for him. As the chief character of the narrative, Holden Caulfield goes through some pertinent alterations throughout the narrative, doing him a dynamic character. His chief alteration is that he stops taging every individual individual he knew ; he learned to hold a more unfastened head towards different personalities. At the terminal, Holden acquires a spot more understanding of himself. ( 270 words )

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Phoebe Caulfield: Phoebe is Holden Caulfield ‘s ten-year-old younger sister. This great small miss is a secondary character in the narrative ; she is of great aid to Holden because she understands him like no other individual can. As she is described by J.D. Salinger through Holden ‘s voice, Phoebe Caulfield is a circular character. She is described as truly smart for her age and more mature than what she appears to be. Although she is a unit of ammunition character, she is non complex because she merely shows one type of personality throughout the whole narrative. She is the loving sister who altruistically helps her older brother in his hunt for a sense of intent and a deeper apprehension of society. She is guiltless and pure, and does non demo any intricate or surprising feelings at all. Phoebe Caulfield ‘s chief struggle is external. She has to cover with her brother ‘s tempers and brainsick thoughts. She worries about him greatly, invariably stating “ Daddy ‘s gon na kill you. ” ( 165 ) . She tries to speak her brother out of making many incoherent things ; she is besides worried about what her parents might make to Holden when they find out that he was kicked out of his 5th school. Because her chief aim is to seek to do Holden Caulfield see ground, she remains inactive for the whole length of the narrative. Near the terminal, watching Phoebe drive unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition in a carousel makes Holden experience “ so damn happy all of a sudden ” ( 213 ) that he is close to cryings, soaked in rain. ( 252 words )

Mr. Spencer: Mr. Spencer is a really old adult male who lives in a house by “ Anthony Wayne Avenue ” ( 5 ) with his married woman Mrs. Spencer. This history instructor from Pencey Prep is a secondary character in the narrative. His end is to seek to convert Holden Caulfield to use himself at school. When he finds out that Holden has been kicked out of the school, he sends him a note inquiring him to halt by to state adieu. Mr. Spencer gives Holden a talk about how “ life is a game that one plays harmonizing to the regulations ” ( 8 ) . He feels guilty for giving Holden a weakness class, but he explains that he had no other pick due to Holden ‘s utmost deficiency of involvement. Although it is seeable that Holden feels a deep sense of regard for his history instructor, the latter is called a hypocrite after Holden is fed up of Mr. Spencer ‘s talks. Holden describes Mr. Spencer widely ; hence, Mr. Spencer is a circular character with a “ rough old thorax ” ( 7 ) and “ white and unhairy ” ( 7 ) legs. Mr. Spencer is a stereotypic character ; he is the typical older instructor figure who tries to assist a troubled and dying adolescent. Mr. Spencer has two external struggles ; he has to cover with Holden and besides has to get by with a terrible influenza that wo n’t go forth him, deteriorating his wellness every clip. Mr. Spencer ‘s map as Holden Caulfield ‘s wise man makes him remain inactive for the interval in which he appears in the novel. Caulfield leaves Mr. Spencer when he does non desire to hear any more sprawling advice from him. ( 265 words )