Anton Chigurh is a character in the fresh ‘No state for old Men ‘ was written by Cormac McCarthy. Chigurh is a psychopathologic liquidator who was hired to retrieve money from a drug trade that failed to win. However, eh subsequently realizes that the money had been taken by another individual called Llewely Moss and had gone out of the town with the money. He so tries to track Moss along a motel but Moss fooled him by doing him believe that he is in a room next to where Chigurh is by maintaining the money in blowhole. Chigurh so realizes a mighty huntsman called Wells, whom he subsequently kills after recognizing that he wanted to strike a trade with Moss. He so ruthlessly tries to happen where Moss is until he learns that he has been killed by other brigands form Mexico in a different motel. He so goes in front to happen Moss ‘s mourning married woman and contemplates on whether to kill her or non by fliping a coin. On his manner back, he gets involved in a serious accident that leaves him injured and his arm broke. He so pays a immature male child to give him his Jersey but leaves the accident scene before an ambulance comes ( McCarthy, 12 ) .

The rubric of the book was derived from William Butler ‘s verse form ‘sailing to Byzantium ‘ . The rubric therefore carries the subject of the book which is the way of the modern-day universe towards evil and immorality. McCarthy describes a universe that is full of corruptness and evil things, and really small goodness. The novel is dominated by narratives of atrocious offenses and unethical actions. The writer portrays a modern-day universe as a topographic point where the immorality is more than the good. This is the ground as to why the old work forces can non suit in the modern universe since they believe in order and balance of good and evil.

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Merely like most of his old books, McCarthy ‘s novel records a sequence of barbarous deceases along the boundary line of Texas and Mexico. The writer is good known for atavists and a cinematic novel author which is most seen in No state for Old Men. The writer portrays his cognition by usage of perfect idiomatic linguistic communication.

Anton Chigurh in the fresh ‘No state for old Men ‘

Anton Chigurh is they chief adversary in this novel. He plays a cardinal function in that dominates the whole narrative by his barbarous violent deaths. His ability to kill many people is somehow distressing and he is funny to make so. He does non fight excessively much to kill person and does non look disquieted after killing. Even though he commits atrocious actions, he has some sense of intelligence his killing programs organized decently and all goes harmonizing to his programs. He has no emotions and putting to deaths without any fondness. His actions indicate that he has no ability in groking human life. This can be seen from the manner he takes off people ‘s lives and he does it ruthlessly throughout the novel. He had been hired to track money from a drug trade but ends up killing even those who had hired him and starts to look for money and do it his.

When he meets victims who do non hold adequate grounds to be killed, he tosses a coin to make up one’s mind their destiny. However, he has how ain ethical motives where he does non kill without a ground. However, eh assumes that he believes that the grounds for killing are determined by him and those that he wants to kill. In this instance, the writer represents him like person who does non believe in any God since he behaves as of he has right to the lives of those he kills. The writer has brought out his character like that of a Darwinian animal bearing a strong endurance map. He is thereof a survivalist who lead a simple and apparent life. It was non by accident that he was able to handle himself when his leg was shot. When he besides got injured in a auto clang, he did non wait for the ambulance to get. He behaved like person who had all the ability to run his ain life. He was good equipped to pull off his won life and believed in life above all things ( McCarthy, 68 ) .

Factors that motivates the actions of Anton Chigurh

The actions of Anton Chigurh are motivated by his desire for honor which he believes comes with holding money. Most of his violent deaths are in his chase for money so that he can achieve honor. At one point in the book, he asks Moss what was the demand of following the regulations that he followed if they did non take him to good. He tries to make things as they are supposed to be done but he expects that he consequences will be in his favor. He explains to Moss why he let himself to be arrested was because he wanted to see whether he could liberate himself by moving wilfully as he believed that it is possible. He concluded that it is possible for one to liberate himself by moving out of will but it would be a foolish action.

His deficiency of believe in God besides motivates him to kill ruthlessly. This is seen where he tells Carla Jean that he has already given his words and he can non alter them. However, Carla tells him that he has the power to alter the words of he wishes to but he says that even a non truster may happen it necessary to do himself after God. He nevertheless maintains the base that whatever has been done can non be undone. Carla refers to this as blasphemy. He believes that he had the destiny for the lives of his victims. This is the ground why he tosses a coin to find whether to kill the individual or non.

His chase for money was besides another motivation factor for Anton Chirguh. He is trailing after money that had been obtained through a drug trade but Llewelyn Moss had escaped with it after picking it from an unfastened field. In his hunt for moss, he encounters violent Mexicans that left him with a shooting leg. But because he needed to accomplish his mission of acquiring the money, he nursed his leg and continued with the hunt. At this minute, Chirguh could viciously kill anyone who crossed his ways since the motivation factor was to retrieve the money. He finally killed those who had hired him and took the money for himself.

The Relationship that Chigurh had with other Fictional characters in the Novel

Anton Chigurh has a cold relationship with others in the novels due to his ferociousness that makes others to fear him. When Bell learns that Chigurh is runing for Moss and his married woman, he runs to them to inform them of the danger that they are in. Moss disregards this and he ends up in problem together with his married woman. When the force becomes intense, Sheriff Bell takes clip to review his ability in covering with the ferociousness of Chigurh. Sheriff is a former jurisprudence adult male and a merchandise of informal system of honor that existed in the past coevalss. He develops uncertainty as the whether he is still fit for his work. This is because the force represented by Chigurh demanded an every bit barbarous individual ( Raff, 7 ) . The relationship that is between Anton Chigurh and other characters is hence characterized by fright for his ferociousness. There are no incidences he is keeping peaceable treatments with other people in the novel. This could hold been so with those who had hired him to track the money but he besides ended up killing them.

What Anton Chigurh represents in the Novel

The character Anton Chirguh represents force in the whole novel. The novel is full of scenes of force that is initiated by Chirguh. His killing actions are done sometimes with a mission while others are non. His life mission might be to kill who crosses his way in an sturdy mode and decides on their decease by fliping a coin. The victims of his force are those involved in drug trades, those driving the transit autos he steals, and others whom he meets on his chase missions. His actions are strictly evil. He has evil believes and hence Acts of the Apostless harmonizing to his believes. The writer, Cormac McCarthy, uses the character top represent force in the modern state where old work forces who are non used to gun shootings can non last ( Lyons & A ; O’Malley-Younger, 183 ) .


The writer of the novel, Cormac McCarthy, has used the icon of Anton Chigurh to stand for some of the violent Acts of the Apostless that are taking topographic point in the modern states. These actions are hence a justification of the rubric of the book, No state for Old work forces, where whatever is go oning in the state can non back up the old work forces. The fresh indicates a state where people are merely hotfooting and contending, gunfires and auto clangs. It is hence difficult for the old to last in such a state. The state is characterized by violent deaths, drugs trades, gun shootings and a batch of ferociousness where no old adult male can last.