The Australian National University School of Accounting & Business Information Systems BUSN7008 Financial Statements & Reporting Group Assignment Semester 2, 2011 Total Marks: 15 Due Date: 4pm Friday, 14th October 2011 Suggested Length: 3,000 words (not including references, and appendices) Submission: l Assignments are to be submitted with an ABIS Assignment Cover sheet attached to the front page (available from the school office or course website). All members of the group MUST sign the cover sheet for the assignment.

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STUDENTS THAT DO NOT SIGN A COVER SHEET WILL BE ASSUMED TO HAVE MADE NO CONTRIBUTION TO THAT ASSIGNMENT AND WILL RECEIVE NO MARKS FOR IT; l All Assignments must be prepared on A4 paper, single-sided, typewritten or word-processed (no handwriting), and should not be submitted in plastic cover sheets/ folders. Simply staple the assignment at the top left-hand corner; l Place assignments in the assignment slot under the counter of the ABIS office by 4pm on the due date. All assignments are cleared, sorted and date-stamped at 4pm on the due date.

Instructions: This assignment is to be completed by students working in groups, normally comprising two to four individuals. It is important that group members begin to meet and collect information about the chosen company early as possible. Groups are required to: · Assume that each member in your group is employed by Wealthy Funds management in the Analysis Division. The firm is considering a long-term investment in your chosen company and your group has been requested to analyse the company’s performance; 1 Analyse the business model and operating environment (including social , economic and industry factors) of the chosen company; Interpret and analyse the annual reports, including financial statements of the chosen company (Trend analysis for the past 5 years); Interpret and analyse the annual reports of at least one competitor of the chosen company; Evaluate the independent valuation of the company; Gather and interpret other relevant nformation (such as the company’s continuous disclosure and media comments etc); Recommendations as to whether or not they should invest in this company based upon the company’s closing share price on 4th October, 2011. o o o o o · Available in the ANU Library, provide worldwide financial information, including securities data, historic share prices and dividend payments, full company information and financials, (overviews, news and key financial data) currencies and market indices and is updated daily.

You must choose one of the following companies : o o o o o Wesfarmers Harvey Norman Myer Holdings Nick Scali Country Road · · Each group should also submit a statement: o o That the contribution of each of the group members are equal; If the contributions are unequal, set out the reasons why they are unequal and the level of contribution of each group member. · Each member of the group is expected to contribute substantially to the work of the group.

You are required to keep brief notes of group meetings and major conversations between group members, including the details of the topics discussed, the duration of these meetings and conversations and the group members involved. These notes should not be submitted with the assignment but must be made available to the Course Coordinator if she wishes to read them. · Your report must be clear, concise and professionally presented and assignments will be graded on: 2 § § § §

Accuracy of calculations; Depth of analysis of performance; Choice of additional information Grammar and presentation (including appearance, adherence to page limit, use of headings, and appropriate use of appendices); Depth of discussion. § · You should provide appropriate and consistent referencing where required. Please pay attention to the issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please refer to the ANU Code of Practice for Student Academic Honesty. College policy: The College regards plagiarism as any appropriation of the ideas or expressions of another without relevant and appropriate acknowledgement.

This includes unattributed appropriation of text or content and may extend to improper referencing. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this course and all discovered instances would be pursued to the full extent allowable under the rules. Where students have doubts as to how to deal with or acknowledge source materials in the assignment, they should consult the lecturer or tutor. Please also refer to the ANU Code of Practice for Student Academic Integrity: http://policies. anu. edu. au/policies/code_of_practice_for_student_academic_integrity/polic y · 3