Myanmar is a autonomous state in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is located between India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand. Myanmar is the 2nd largest state in Southeast Asia with the population more than 48.33 million people ( statistics adapted from the Google Public Data, 2011 ) . Myanmar is made up of 135 national races which are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon and others.

Myanmar has been under military regulation for 49 old ages since 1962 to 2011. In 1989, the governments Burmese officially changed the state name from Burma to Myanmar. During twelvemonth 2010, the Myanmar state became the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Even though state located its strategic location and had rich in natural resources but Myanmar still is the poorest state in Asia because with about a 3rd of its population estimated to be populating in poorness ( U.S State Department, 2012 ) . This is because the political state of affairs in Myanmar and besides the civilization of the Myanmar affect the economic sciences of the state. After Myanmar independency from Britain, the state became one of a member in many international organisations such as the United Nations ( UN ) , the Association of Southeast Asiatic Nations ( ASEAN ) and the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) ( U.S State Department, 2012 ) .

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Although Myanmar economic is less developed and the political state of affairs is non stable, it still had some investing can be invest in Myanmar. In add-on, harmonizing to the intelligence by Myanmar Business Network, a new foreign investing jurisprudence was promulgated by Myanmar in order to open up or provides chances for foreign investors to the Myanmar, which is the resource-rich Southeast Asiatic state. Besides, the most attractive and benefits for the foreign investor under the Myanmar ‘s new investing jurisprudence is the land rentals can up to 50 old ages and five-year revenue enhancement freedom will be granted for foreign investors. If the undertakings run by the foreign investors are profitable for the state, the foreign investors will be granted up to eight twelvemonth revenue enhancement freedom. ( Magenta Global, 2012 ) Therefore, the revenue enhancement freedom non merely supply a really good beginning for the alien investor in the first 5 old ages ( cut costs ) , but besides provides motive for the alien investors to endeavor for eight twelvemonth revenue enhancement freedom, which is good for both foreigner investors and the state, Myanmar. Therefore, foreign investors can put their concern into Myanmar. The investor can be puting in Myanmar base on the natural resources like excavation industry and forestry industry. Besides that, cordial reception industry besides can be invest in Myanmar because Myanmar presents already accept foreign come to their state and open more countries for foreign to see their state. The excavation industry, forestry industry, and cordial reception industry sure will convey a tonss of benefit and profitable to Myanmar which we will discourse following.


Before we invest into the Myanmar, we must cognize what are the currency and international pecuniary policy for Myanmar. The official currency of Myanmar is known as Burmese Kyat and the currency codification for Kyat is MMK, and the currency symbol is K. First, when speaking about the Myanmar currency, it involves official and unofficial exchange rate. People ‘s Daily Online ( 2012 ) said that since 1975, around 6 Kyats per USD was traditionally designated by the Myanmar ‘s foreign exchange rate against USD, but the rate between 780 to 1000 Kyats per dollar was fluctuated in the market exchange rate.

Most of the minutess are done by utilizing kyat ‘s unofficial rate. In twelvemonth 2009, the unofficial rate has up to 1,000 Kyats per USD due to the foreign investor pump into the Myanmar for treasure, lumber and energy sectors. In add-on, the official rate is used for stated-owned endeavors ‘ import and the authorities gross. However, the double exchange rate has been eliminated by Myanmar ‘s cardinal bank which we will discourse subsequently ( portion of international pecuniary policy ) and the rate of 1 to 800 kyats per USD will be officially designated in the foreign exchange market. ( Xinhua, 2012 ) Furthermore, 815 kyat per USD was officially fixed by Myanmar in April 2012 and the rate reached 878 kyat per USD in the first hebdomad of July 2012 and up to a rate of 883 kyat in the last hebdomad of July 2012. Harmonizing to The World ‘s Favorite Currency citation, the current exchange rate between Myanmar Kyat and USD is 851.499A MMK = 1.00A USD or 1 MMK = 0.00117440A USD. One Myanmar Kyat is divided into 100 pyas.

Besides, the currency of a state can considered as exchange freely when the authorities of that state let the member of the state or foreigners such as aliens or those who making concern to purchase the foreign currency boundless, which mean limitless sum ( Hill & A ; Hernandez-Requejo, 2011 ) . The Myanmar Kyats non considered freely exchangeable currency, because even if the foreign currency exchange control has been eased by the Myanmar authorities but the Myanmar authorities is still commanding foreign currency exchange, which is merely allowed up to 10,000 USD to interchange with Myanmar Kyats. ( Xinhua,2012 )

International Monetary Policy

International pecuniary policy is a system that adopt by one state to regulate the exchange rates ( Hill & A ; Hernandez-Requeqo, 2011 ) . Harmonizing to the Hill and Hernandez-Requeqo, this system involves assorted type of exchange rate, which included drifting exchange rate, pegged exchange rate, dirty float ( managed float ) and fixed exchange rate. In add-on, drifting exchange rate is the exchange rate that determined by the market ( Torahs of supply and demand ) . The pegged exchange rate means a state ‘s currency value is based on a mention currency, such as Nipponese Yen, U.S. dollar and Euros. While in dirty float, the exchange rate is float freely between the currencies, which mean fluctuating daily, but the state ‘s cardinal bank will step in by purchasing and selling currencies in order to accomplish a mark. For the fixed exchange rate, the exchange rate for change overing one currency to another is predetermined.

Before we invest into a state, we must foremost understand and cognize good what international pecuniary policy is adopted by the state. In our mark state, Myanmar, managed float, known as dirty float was adopted by the cardinal bank of Myanmar for its currency from 1 April 2012, which replaced the fixed exchange rate that adopted by Myanmar ‘s cardinal bank up to 35 old ages. ( Daniel and Lilian, 2012 ) Myanmar ‘s cardinal bank follow this system to do all the unofficial foreign exchange trades been eliminated in order stable the rate to the dollar every bit good as monetary values and Bankss. In add-on, the International Monetary Fund ‘s ( IMF ) particular pulling rights was pegged by the kyat with 6.4 kyat equal one dollar in twelvemonth 1977 before following the managed float and the rate of 800 kyat per dollar occur after following the managed float, which is same with the current black market rate ( street rate ) ( Arno Maierbrugger, 2012 ) . Furthermore, one of the purposes that Myanmar ‘s cardinal bank following a managed float exchange rate system is to unite the exchange rates, which is extinguish the double exchanges rates – functionary and unofficial rates. The Washington-based IMF said that, by extinguishing the double exchange rate would assist Myanmar in growing and have the potency to go “ the following economic frontier in Asia ” ( Daniel, 2012 ) . Meanwhile, the jurisprudence supply and demand will so find the external value of the kyat from now and a mention exchange rate will be published every twenty-four hours, the cardinal bank of Myanmar said.

Furthermore, independent pecuniary policy was implemented by Myanmar in order to pull off big sums of money injected by alien investors due to open for foreign direct investing in their state ( Arno Maierbrugger, 2012 ) . Before that, the “ informal ” money market is the topographic point where hard currency minutess done, now the Myanmar give governments to the Bankss, so the Bankss have the ability to command the in and out motions of money in Myanmar, therefore the hard currency minutess shifted to Bankss ( Arno Maierbrugger, 2012 ) . In add-on, up to six private Bankss been granted by Myanmar ‘s cardinal bank to open money exchange counters and will run in Yangon. Banks, shopping centres, hotels, airdromes every bit good as the major tourer finishs is the recommended topographic point for set up the counters, because these topographic points will convenience for both aliens and Myanmar citizens ( Xinhua, 2012 ) . Besides, harmonizing to the International Monetary Fund, authorised Bankss are allowed by the new pecuniary policy to manage the foreign exchange minutess up to about $ 2 million per twenty-four hours, compared with the informal markets which are up to about $ 5 million. ( Arno Maierbrugger, 2012 ) Besides that, the Central Bank of Myanmar has permitted up to 11 private Bankss that located in Myanmar as authorised traders to merchandise three foreign difficult currencies. The three foreign difficult currencies are Singapore dollar, US dollar and Euro ( Xinhua, 2012 ) . Thus, after we understand and know good the currency and international pecuniary policy for Myanmar, we now so can discourse about the 3 concern sector to put into Myanmar, which is forestry industry, cordial reception industry and excavation industry.

Forestry Industry

Forestry industry is one of the sectors that have potential for our company to put into Myanmar in position of both current chances and future chances of its. Harmonizing to a web site named MONGABAY.COM ( 2011 ) , a per centum of 48.3 % of land country in Myanmar is forested in twelvemonth 2010 and Myanmar ‘s forest coverage lost an norm of 0.95 % each twelvemonth, so so estimated more than a per centum of 40 % of land country in Myanmar is forested in twelvemonth 2012 which is still considered handful natural resources ( forestry ) for this concern. Aside from abundant in forestry resources, the quality of teak wood in Myanmar is highest quality and outstanding from other state. ( B.I.G, neodymium ) Teak wood is the tropical lumbers that are valuable and sought-after in the universe. ( Khin Htun, 2009 ) In add-on, non many states in the universe have the ability to vie with such high quality of teak wood from Myanmar. Myanmar have such high quality of teak wood is because Myanmar holding the right sort of dirt and favourable conditions every bit good as the rainfall is equal. ( B.I.G, neodymium ) Furthermore, the Ministry of Forestry in Myanmar has better their forest direction accomplishments or forest plantations to turn the trees more effectual and efficient in order to forestall run out of forest resources in their state, which will so profit the forestry industry. Therefore, the grounds of suitableness of environment, bettering of forest direction, smattering and renewable natural resources ( forestry ) have provided many chances for the forestry concern in Myanmar.

Furthermore, one of the major economic sciences of Myanmar is export of lumbers and forest merchandises and Myanmar state earned immense sums of foreign currencies by exporting lumbers. In add-on, Myanmar is a critical exporter of teak in the universe which is taken up a per centum of 75 % of the universe market. ( BERNAMA, 2012 ) The major importer of the lumbers from Myanmar is India, which buying about half of all exports and followed by China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh. Harmonizing to a study by the Central Statistical Organization, 890,000 tones of lumber was exported by Myanmar in the 2009-2010 financial twelvemonth and earned about US $ 400 million. While in 2010-11 fiscal twelvemonth, more than 864,000 tones of veneer, hardwood, teak and plyboard was exported by Myanmar and earned about US $ 569 million which is increased around US $ 169 million in a twelvemonth. ( Myanmar Business Network, 2012 ) As you can see, the export sum of lumbers in 2010-2011 fiscal twelvemonth was fewer than 2009-10 financial twelvemonth, but the returnable net incomes is higher. This is because the lumber becomes more and more valuable. In add-on, the growth of both ship building and truck edifice industries has benefits the forestry industry in Myanmar because both ship building and truck edifice industries agreed the Myanmar Teak is most favorite wood for constructing the deck on ships and trucks and prefers to utilize it for more than hundred old ages ago due to its hold better strength and endurance in the rough surrounding conditions. Both ship building and truck edifice can either import teak wood from Myanmar and procedure into deck by themselves or import the needed deck from Myanmar straight which is more expensive ( more net incomes ) . ( Thar Hein Co. , 2011 ) For all of these grounds, our company must put forestry concern into Myanmar and catch the chance to go one of the exporters of lumbers and forest merchandises before it ‘s taken by others because this concern is turning twelvemonth to twelvemonth, able to bring forth higher net incomes with fewer resources in the hereafter and holding possible demand for the ship and truck edifice industries.

Furthermore, harmonizing to the intelligence by The Myanmar Times, the Ministry of Forestry will suspend the export of natural teak and hardwood in the twelvemonth 2014 and cut down the logging in their state in order to continue and protect forest from illegal activities and promote exporters to exports more on value-added merchandises or finished merchandises which is “ unable to make in the yesteryear for assorted grounds, ” Minister for Environmental Conservation and Forestry U Win Tun said. ( Su Hlaing Tun, 2012 ) This execution seem like have a damaging consequence on the forestry concern in Myanmar, which is unable to gaining from export of lumbers. But it ‘s really benefits to the forestry concern in Myanmar. Why? First, this execution provides chance to our company to export the higher-earning finished merchandises such as furniture with higher monetary values to other state, particularly for the states that are to a great extent import wood log from Myanmar, because those states will confront deficit of wood log due to the Myanmar suspend wood log export. In short, those states did n’t hold adequate natural stuffs ( lumbers ) to bring forth finished merchandises like furniture themselves, so they merely can import high monetary values finished merchandise from other state like Myanmar. Besides, Myanmar provide teak wood to many ship building and truck edifice industries around the universe, now those industries unable to import natural teak wood from Myanmar, but merely can import required deck which in value-added merchandise from Myanmar. Thus, forestry concern in Myanmar can utilize the forestry resources to gain higher net incomes in the hereafter ( twelvemonth 2014 ) . Besides that, U Win Tun said that “ many occupation chances ” will be created after prohibition on export, because the purchaser of exported natural teak and hardwood will put production installations inside Myanmar. The purchaser of exported logs will so convey in some capital and expertness. ( Su Hlaing Tun, 2012 ) So so, by puting forestry concern into Myanmar and go “ brag ” before the purchasers of exported logs invest production installations inside Myanmar we will hold many benefits, such as additions the market portion before others, aliens will convey in expertness and pump in capital to our company and our company have the ability to negociate with the aliens who interesting in amalgamations and acquisition.

Furthermore, the forestry resources will be more readily available after the prohibition of export logs. This is because the local companies that focus on export logs will close down, so the forestry concern with production installations will hold more forestry resources to utilize as natural stuffs and procedure into finished merchandises. Besides, the president of the Myanmar Timber Merchants Association, U Sein Lwin, said the forestry industry planned to buttonhole U Win Myint, the Minister for Commerce to alter the manner revenue enhancements are levied, which is take downing revenue enhancements on value-added merchandises to do it more profitable. ( Myanmar Business Network, 2012 ) Therefore, this will be one of the benefits for forestry industry.

The best signifier of entry to come in forestry industry in Myanmar is through amalgamations and acquisition. In add-on, if entering by utilizing greenfield investing, our company demand to shoot on production machines, plantation, large mill to hive away natural stuffs and finished merchandises and engaging work force. Besides, come ining through greenfield investing, our company necessitate a selling scheme to pull new clients every bit good as deriving trust from concerns. By making all this is really clip consuming, dearly-won and unable to do net incomes in minimal clip. In contrast, amalgamations and acquisition is better because in Myanmar already have good established companies, those companies already have large mill, production machines, plantation, sufficiency of work force, and a platform of bing clients. Therefore, unifying with the company that are good established will provides us many benefits, such as minimise our cost by sharing production assets, cut down the needful clip to set-up, pull new clients, constructing trade name trueness, distribution channels and concern religion. So so, our company merely needs to portion schemes and direction accomplishments and reassign capital and engineerings.

Cordial reception Industry

The twelvemonth 2011 to 2012 are the busiest season for aliens to go to Myanmar ( Goldenpagoda, 2012 ) , therefore it is the best clip for our company to take a consideration of puting in the cordial reception industry in this state before all the chances become expensive. Besides, the lands that are available for constructing a hotel in Myanmar are really short in supply now, hence grabs the early bird before others did. In Myanmar, there are many tourist attractive forces such as Yangon, “ The Garden City of the East ” , Bago, Mawlamyine Moulemein, and more which could pull many visitants to go throughout this state. Besides that, the seasons and conditions there are by and large consistent, therefore activities like aqualung diving or mountain mounting which could merely keep in the suited conditions are available to be developed excessively. In add-ons, Myanmar is a resources land and now opened for the foreign investings, many business communities will see this chance and visit to Myanmar excessively, non merely the foreign tourers. As visitants to Myanmar are increasing drastically, more nice hotels are needed throughout the state.

There are few classs in cordial reception industry, included adjustment which include hotel, motel, hostel, eating house and saloon which include coffeehouse, nightclubs, and travel and touristry like travel agents. In Myanmar, hotel and touristry sector seem to hold a immense potency to be invested in. There are merely 691 hotels with 27000 suites throughout the state, but tourer reachings in Myanmar were 0.8 million in 2010 to 2011 and about 1.3 million in 2011 to 2012. ( Dezan Shira & A ; Associates, 2012 ) In this state of affairs, the demand is high but the supply is unable to run into the demand, this is our chance to acquire in and carry through the possible demand. Furthermore, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism plans to run into the mark of 2.5 million tourers in 2014 to 2015. ( Dezan Shira & A ; Associates, 2012 ) This could anticipate that the future net incomes are really outstanding. Harmonizing to Dezan Shira and Associates ( 2012 ) , merely 25 % of hotels in Myanmar are suited for hosting the aliens, as suited defined by holding all the basic demands like air conditioner, telecasting, bathroom, and more. In this state of affairs, tourers are non convenience to go for a long period due to scarceness of the nice hotels. While our ideal hotel provides all those installations and even better, we could easy pull all the aliens to remain in.

In order to come in the low developed cordial reception industry in Myanmar, the best signifier of entry is through the Greenfield investing. Although amalgamations and acquisition confronting lower hazard, but big sum of cost is needed to retrace and redesign the bing developing hotel to run into our company ‘s ideal hotel. Besides, by utilizing amalgamations and acquisition, the hotel name and policies and being locked by the bing hotel, this will be a disadvantage for our transnational company to command the hotel oversea. Using Greenfield investing allows our hotel built by our ain name, and the services provided could be every bit personalized as our company desires. Furthermore, our company could reassign the engineerings and direction accomplishments oversea and adapt with the local one, this could increase the efficiency of working procedure comparison to merely utilizing the local 1 with zero betterment. By come ining through the Greenfield investing, we could aim an country with higher possible demand instead than unifying with the bing hotel and topographic point. For illustration, we could construct our hotel near the airdrome, or country that provides convenience transit to make those tourist attractive forces, this could fulfill most of the visitants and maximise the possible demand. The lone disadvantage seen by our company is the return of investing will merely be generated after a twosome of old ages, but by catching the early bird of this chance, the period for bring forthing a net net income could be minimized to the shortest clip. Furthermore, as Myanmar provides low cost labours, while new hotel provides occupation chances, a win-win economic place is formed and our new hotel would go more recognizable.

Before get downing a hotel service, a best location is needed, as most visitants would see a hotel which has the most convenience location to remain in. Harmonizing to the Myanmar Tourism Statistics ( 2011 ) , Yangon had become the most demanded metropolis in Myanmar, which means most foreign visitants are gathered in at that place. Yangon, the capital metropolis, is the most of import gateway to Myanmar as most of the flights halt at Yangon straight from the foreign states. In this state of affairs, most visitants will happen a hotel which is nearest to the airdrome, provides best environment, provides best services, provides nice installations with an international magnitude, and that is our ideal hotel.

There are 3 sort of targeted clients who are foreign tourers, business communities, and besides the local occupants. By supplying the most convenience web engineering presents, the Wi-Fi in our hotel, most foreign tourers or business communities will establish their involvement and attracted to remain in. This is due to visitants who travel across the sea are able to reach with their household and friends while business communities could update their electronic mail, and contact with their company or holding on-line meeting at that place. In add-ons, with swimming pool, gym, sauna room and green Parkss built in the hotel, even the local travellers will come in for a restful vacation excessively. Furthermore, in order to smooth the adaptation of foreign visitants in Myanmar, in-house mulct dining eating house which provides assorted sort of nutrient of different civilizations such as Nipponese nutrients, Indian nutrients, steaks, and more, including the local Myanmar nutrients are built in the hotel. In-house saloon could allow visitants to hold a relax dark after a whole twenty-four hours going excessively. Furthermore, travel and touristry section is set up in the hotel to assist travellers who are non familiar with the tourer attractive forces in Myanmar. In add-ons, the hall in hotel could lease out for events like marrying dinner, festival party, and more and the meeting suites could supply comfortss for business communities excessively. With all the characteristics and installations supplied by our ideal hotel, we could run into the possible net income in a minimized period.

In a nutshell, it is advisable for the company to come in the cordial reception industry in Myanmar through the Greenfield investing as it provides more freedom on the creativeness and policy in our ideal hotel. While Myanmar supplies low cost labours and lands, the company ‘s cost could be minimize, meanwhile the possible net income could be maximized in a short clip.

Mining Industry

The excavation industry in Myanmar has a batch of possible for a company to put. This is because Myanmar is rich in mineral resources such as gemstones, Zn, Ag, nickel, gold, gold, Sb, cinnabar and Cooper sulfate. In Asiatic states for mineral possible ranking, Myanmar is ranked high among Asiatic states ( Kyaw, n.d. ) . Harmonizing to Hall ( 2012 ) , the study from the Asian Development Bank ( ADB ) information stated that the excavation industry from old ages 2000 to 2010 part to Myanmar GDP has increased from MMK15 billion ( $ 2.3 billion ) to MMK367 billion ( $ 56.2 billion ) at a Compound Annual Growth Rate ( CAGR ) of 37.6 % . With such a big mineral potency in Myanmar, the local policy aim of the Ministry of Mines instantly boost up the present production in order to fulfill the rapid grow of domestic demands of mineral and metal merchandises every bit good as advancing exports at the same clip.

Myanmar is rich in natural resource because from its geographical placement, in future it may shut to the fast turning economic systems like China and India because of its natural stuffs are in immense demand and supplying a ready market for Myanmar mined minerals. In recent new reported that the US and Australia have cancelled economic countenances antecedently imposed on the state because in order to covering the manner for farther economic development ( Hall, 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to AFP intelligence study ( 2012 ) , President Thein Sein has promised to set the economic system at the centre of his following moving ridge of reforms and following a series of dramatic political alterations since decennaries of military regulation ended last twelvemonth. In add-on, there are seven foreign companies from states like China, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia already have mining operations such as Zn, Fe, gold, and other metals. This shows that the involvements from foreign houses are turning and ready to work together for the survey and use of these resources.

The standard investing production sharing could be either spliting heterosexual on entire production or with the retrieving production cost. For plunging consecutive production type is recommended by the Myanmar Ministry of Mines because in immense volume, with lower monetary value and lower cost of production types of minerals such as rocks, coal and other industrial minerals. However, the cost recovery type of production sharing is through in a manner that a certain per centum of the entire gross is reserved before utilizing retrieving the production cost. On the other manus, for net income sharing agreement type is planned chiefly for bing installation to be upgraded. For illustration, the valued mines and workss installation is valued at US $ 200 million but demands upgrade to another farther US $ 200 million for better production, so if the foreign investors interested in take parting are welcome to add-on in the excess US $ 200 million. These both production sharing and net income sharing agreements are monitored by Myanmar Ministry of Mines and international pattern. As a consequence, there are two types of possible investings can be done in production sharing and net income sharing agreements. This is because the aim for Myanmar Ministry of Mines is non to do new investings by itself but instead would promote foreign investors to do net income sharing production ( Kyaw, n.d. ) .

The Myanmar Ministry of Mines is ready to offered and faired to all the foreign investors to have sensible return together with the Ministry to bask shared benefits for every new development program, supply natural stuffs and bing installations as its engagement in the joint ventures in excavation sector. Through this engagement, it would be treated on sensible and just footing. With these chances of take parting in mineral geographic expedition, reconstructing and upgrading bing installation, the additions of production capacities engineering will be more suited, efficient, and profitable ( Kyaw, n.d. ) .

The best recommendation for a foreign investor to Myanmar in excavation industry is to joint venture with local companies. This is because joint venture will assist the company easy to derive entree larger markets and needed local information, combined endowments and engineering resources, extra working capital, sharing costs and hazards, and built credibleness with the locals. Through this joint venture the Myanmar Ministry of Mines is opening more doors to welcome local and foreign investing beginnings from inside the state. Furthermore, with these some of the local state denationalization owned Sn tungsten mines have been moved to local companies to work in joint venture with the authorities. This shows that in Myanmar has a good potency to get down with joint venture. On the other manus, as the private sector develops, the Myanmar Ministry mark would be to the full privatization in most state owned operations and to foreground even more on the function of regulative authorization for proper environmental safety step and to command the excavation activities to vouch the advantageous usage of the mineral resources over a long term and the sustainable development program in the excavation sector ( Interconsulting, n.d. ) . Last, with this joint venture scheme with local companies, every each excavation undertakings would easy to derive the targeted net income in the shortest clip with together working the authorities. In add-on, as the latest intelligence reported that presently in Myanmar there are seven foreign companies already established their companies in Myanmar, hence, this is the right clip to put our footmark collaborate with others foreign companies to bask common benefits of this Mining sector chance in Myanmar.


In the decision, Myanmar had the possible to accept more foreign company or industry to put in the state. First, all of the industry or company can cut down their costs due to the revenue enhancement freedom, cheap resources and labours every bit good as can acquire the resources and work forces easy. In add-on, the labour with low wage is easy to happen in Myanmar because the unemployment rate still is high and the basic wage for the state is lower. Although the skill labour and professional labour is less in Myanmar, but the authorities has open much chances for foreign investors, so many professional labour will travel at that place develop and many labour will be trained by the foreign companies, which will so better the work forces of state and increase the economic state of affairs for the state every bit good.

Besides that, the authorities status besides is a chief function to impact the foreign investing in Myanmar. Although the political state of affairs in Myanmar already stable and the authorities already exchange from military to democratic, it still had many unexpected state of affairs during following few twelvemonth. However, Myanmar authorities already diminish the control of foreign investing and seek to increase their economic status to the universe ‘s criterion so that Myanmar can became rich and high engineering state. Therefore, mining industry, forestry industry, and cordial reception industry is suited invest in Myanmar.