Motivation Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals; or desire to do something. What motivated me to enroll at Grand Canyon University and pursue a degree in higher education because I believe in God and I have him within, family and friends pushed me, and I also motivated myself. Seeing all my close family and friends prepare themselves for the upcoming school year. I was tired of sitting around not doing anything with but just going to work was pointless.

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I have been trying and wanting to get back in school for a while but there was things holding me back like school loans that were in default and at one point I have had health issues/problems. Pursuing a degree in a higher education motivates me because I want to live better and good by the age of 30, I actually want to be more of what I am today, and that’s somebody. Every day I wake up and thank God just for allowing and blessing me to be here and to get to see another day of life because tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

I have a lot of goals in life that I am going to pursue and pursuing my education is a MUST. With an education and having that degree in Accounting, you are more than what you were before, you have the ability to live better with a better career and you have success throughout your life beginning now. Motivation is important for student success because it determines the success of a student; it can come with “in” or from the outside. It has needs, wants, values, or desires; the student has a balance of self-confidence, self-esteem, patience and persistence.

It drives the student to work and learn, it also has that desire to achieve greater success. The Cyber Cafe can help you feel connected with your classmates because it creates a relationship with them, allows you to work and help each other, very interactive and it’s a great benefit for us all. The connections will help you stay motivated because that’s we as classmates are here for to help and learn off each other, if you were to have a problem the professor may not around at that point our fellow classmates are.

We are here to push one another, any every way as possible, even if you having that bad moment, and begin struggling at a point. That’s why it’s good that we all get to know each other, make friends. Really I have had no concerns or difficulties during this module. I am happy and excited to have enrolled in such a great school, met new and wonderful people, and ready to further and finish my education where I had left off by earning my degree in Accounting. With that being said, “It’s going to be a great Success! ”