. Information system is a procedure information which is used to derive apprehension of what the information implies. The wide degree categorization of the information system include: the hardware – such as the processor. proctors. keyboard and pressman ; the package – the plan used to run computing machines and related devices ; database – a aggregation of related files. tabular arraies. relation and others which is the built-in portion of IT system as it shops the informations ; and web – this connects computing resources and facilitates sharing of hardware and package.

Based on outlook. the information system can be classified as the followers ; Transaction Processing System. maintain the records required such as paysheet. banking. etc ; Decision Support System performs back uping functions that help people gather intelligence. bring forth options and do picks. ; Executive Information System. facilitates the information needed to make tendency analysis. exclusion coverage and on-line analysis tools ; Management Information System. provides directors with the tools for forming. measuring and running their section.

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; Work Flow System helps to specify. administrate and organize different concern procedures. ; ERP holds company’s critical concern operation. ; and in conclusion Expert System. Organization needs information system because it helps an organisation to be better managed. and procure its critical corporate. client and employee informations. It besides improves the integrating and work procedures within the organisation.

Information system has a critical function in an organisation as it enables employees to seek for tendencies and forms within their organisation and portion informations with others across the organisation. hierarchy and across maps. In utilizing information to do determinations for short-run. long-run and research scheme. the organisation jointly converts information into cognition thereby guaranting proper proliferation of information that can help in wiser determination devising. heighten information sharing. easier file awaying and retrieval of information and less storage infinite required.

As a decision. it would outdo to maintain in head that although information system is the blood that runs the organisation. it besides requires a thorough apprehension of how its people. procedure and engineering support each other in their attempts in accomplishing their ends. Bibliography Petrides. L. A. ( 2004 ) . Knowledge direction. information systems. and organisations. Educause Center for Applied Research 2004 ( 20 ) : 1-12.