The planned undertaking was sing the demand of a new office block to the client, which is a jurisprudence house. Their proposal is to construct an office block in which they can utilize the top two floors for themselves, allowing the staying floors for rent.

In order to set up the value for the proposed installation, it is indispensable to use the value direction technique to guarantee and analyze the functional demand of the different stakeholders for the proposal. It will guarantee to deduce a common Goal/ Mission for the undertaking, which will give value proportion to the client ‘s concern activities.

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Why Stake Holder Analysis

Value direction is a good structured, facilitated procedure in which squad member ‘s of the group have worked together to place the value based results of the proposed office to the different stakeholders of the proposal. Right through the application of the Value Management procedure, involvement of the client has been the nucleus point of encephalon storming session. However before geting at the goal/mission statement of the undertaking, it is indispensable to bring out the possible stakeholders and execute an analysis of the functional demands of the stakeholders which will enable to obtain most favorable value on a degree as determined by the client. It would besides enable to consolidate the value analysis for the different demands of the stakeholders in to a common goal/objective.

Stakeholder Analysis

The squad members started using the Brainstorming tool to place undertaking stakeholders and specify their personal/business aims. This phase is indispensable in order to obtain all possible information about the party to be involved in the undertaking therefore supplying better overview on the undertaking as a whole. After brainstorming activity, the demands & A ; aims of the stakeholders were defined by the squad members are as follows: –

After geting the information through the stakeholder analysis, the following phase was to form the information that would assist the squad member in deducing the functional demand of the undertaking. The map of the undertaking is analysed by reiterating the brainstorming activity. All the functioned listed was recorded on post-it notes.

Stakeholder Analysis through a Brainstorming session

Functional Analysis Identification of stakeholder

Through the FAST diagram client ‘s involvement are structured consequently, by making a hierarchy of maps, which are the demands of the stakeholders.

Based on the above client/customer oriented FAST diagram, the undertaking aim has to be positioned on the left side of the diagram to depict on the flow of how income can be generated, which forms the main/ primary aim of the client. Further, it should reflect the principal demands and involvements of all the stakeholders.

Before geting at a Mission/goal statement for the undertaking, a careful analysis of the stakeholders and their demands have to be established through a brainstorming activity and it should incorporate the undermentioned characteristics:

To increase the confidentiality of the concern

To increase the competency of the concern by pulling more client and clients.

To supply comfy substructure and services in the edifice to guarantee client ‘s clients involvement.

To use and suit the modern engineerings to act upon the concern operation.

To supply good nexus with the vicinity and local country development.

To supply employment chances to the people around the local country.

To pull the possible lessees and find the future occupancy under uncertainity.

Finally, the Client in the jurisprudence house should hold to supply appropriate infinite to suit and keep all their concern map. From the stakeholder analysis which was carried over through FAST diagram, the undertaking mission statement has been derived as follows:

“ To make a topographic point for jurisprudence house which will enhance/increase the jurisprudence house ‘s public presentation and which will supply extra net income and value to the investing made ” .

2. C ) Recommendation for the Clients to better the value proposition of the undertaking

There are four sets of stakeholders needed to be satisfied in this undertaking while subjecting a recommendation.



Leaseholders, and

Local communities

These are the identified stakeholders of this undertaking whose several outlook and their demands to be fulfilled. In the class of obtaining the best solution, each and every stakeholder should take portion in deducing to the undertaking mission statement to do certain that everyone ‘s sentiment has been measured. Because this proposed undertaking will non merely reflect the investors ‘ demand, but the jurisprudence Firm ‘s community as a whole. Most of the programs to better value to the Client as discussed below, are chiefly to cut down the building cost, nevertheless, this propositions are non made to downsize the undertaking value.

Consequence from the stakeholder analysis indicated that the primary aim of the house in the undertaking is to bring forth income by constructing a new office block to prolong concern operation and rental office infinite. Conversely, options and different recommendations to this proposal can be investigated to offer better solution to the Client.

No. of floors to rent:

An optional recommendation is to maximize the gross by constructing lesser no. office floor for to be rented out. This option may cut down the income of the client by cut downing the possibility of leasing of office infinite. Contrarily they cut down the cost of building. Renting out of the office block falls under the class of wants instead than the demands.

Therefore supplying extra infinite is non the demand of the client, but to develop the concern by supplying better legal services to the clients. A position of this in a different angle will do us clear that renting is an option for the client to increase the income but non straight related to the client concern map as legal house. To take the proposal of renting the office infinite is an alternate to increase the undertaking value for the client. It facilitates the client in developing their concern services by non affecting in gratuitous concern map.

Another alternate proposal is to better the value of the undertaking by leasing out all the office floors of the edifices in an purpose to make more project value to the client. However it wholly blows apart the chief concern activity of the jurisprudence house. Even though, in this option, client has to compromise on the concern activity, the possible returns from renting six floors would be higher.

There may be many other grounds for the client ‘s demand for the new infinite. The bing edifice would non be in a place to prolong the technological and societal alterations. It is incontestable, that the value of old edifice would non be flexible plenty to back up the installing of technological alterations. In these instance client will hold to believe about the value created by the future tendency of concern.

After consideration of all the options, the chief purpose of the client is to bring forth more income through the legal concern and leasing activity. A determination on the returns expected by the client has to be decided before finalizing the no. of floors to be rented out besides taking the top two floors for the legal concern. The client has to make up one’s mind on the optimal no. of floors to be leased out based on the hazard direction technique of the value direction. The scheme the client has to take for renting the no. of floors to be leased out, should be to increase the undertaking value of the proposal by giving more returns besides prolonging the bing concern.

Cost Savingss during Construction

Reducing the building cost will cut down the undertaking value. In this instance the decrease in the cost can be utile to accomplish nest eggs. Cost nest eggs attained can be used by the client for farther betterment of the concern operation, therefore making the repute among the clients


To obtain the infinite required by the client to back up the concern activity, it is better suggested for the client to renovate the bing office infinite alternatively of developing a new infinite for the enlargement of the concern. This recommendation evidently reduces the undertaking value for the client yet supplying the same functional value. Renovation can be seen as another possible option instead than increasing the undertaking value to develop the new edifice. Furthermore many advantages could be achieved through renovation. Renovation of the bing infinite would let the client to accomplish the sustainability to the environment. Renovation technique would understate the building waste and could be a solution for the environmental related issues. Therefore, the option for renovation would be able to increase value non merely in fiscal footings but towards the sustainability of the overall development every bit good.

Comfort ( illuming, temperature, equal infinite )

The Light temperature and the equal infinite can be constructed in a more cost effectual manner. The natural airing and lighting are better option which can be executed. The spacing inside the office can be done by impermanent divider walls, which can be removed whenever there ‘s a demand for excess office infinite.

Impressive and Distinctive building

Sustainable edifice is the current country where the Government and the Private building companies show important involvement. Distinctive building would add value to the proposed undertaking, as it reduces the operation costs of the edifice preponderantly. Some of the distinctive options are discussed for this proposal.

Green Roof: To suggest a flora bed grown on roof top. It reduces the temperature of the roof surface and environing countries. It can be installed on broad scope of edifices from industrial, educational and commercial edifices. The Extensive and Intensive are the two types of green roofs. Intensive green roofs are heavy and require a immense investing than the Extensive green roofs.

Passive Heating and Lighting: Passive design integrates the combination of the edifice characteristic to extinguish the unreal warming and chilling ( Burgan et al. , 2008 ) . Passive solar warming is categorized into direct, indirect and stray addition of heating inside the edifice. Passive chilling is really simple and is done by maintaining the country from acquiring hot ( Ugwu et al. , 2009 ) .

Solar ( PV ) cells: The Solar electric or the Photovoltaic system converts direct sunshine to electricity. It works whenever the sunlight ( Cooke et al. , 2007 ) . The PV cells, alternatively of change overing the Sun ‘s heat to electricity it frees the negatrons while interaction with the semiconducting material and captures the electric current. It helps to cut down the sum of electricity to be bought from other beginnings. It reduces the energy cost and saves a batch of it significantly ( Schlueter et al. , 2009 ) .

Rain H2O aggregation: It is a feasible method to accomplish sustainability with respects to H2O resource. The Rain H2O is largely collected in the roof of the edifices. From it, the H2O can be used for both imbibing and domestic intent ( Jack et al. , 2009 ) . The basic usage of this engineering might be different from other but it helps to conserve adequate H2O for the hereafter intent.

These available engineerings will cut down the rapid growing of gas and electricity cost/price inside the edifice. It will cut pollution from fossil fuels including all right atoms particularly in the urban countries. It will better the quality of the environment, by supplying a sustainable environment with good wellness and comfort.

Attract visitants

The Law house can utilize the two floors for their ain. Client can rent the staying floors developed for a commercial intent. Since it is a public house the common people will be in demand of free legal advice. The commercial composite like cafeteria, nutrient shop or a bite shop can be rented in the underside of the edifice to pull the houses. Leaseholders of good commercial capableness can be identified by the client for renting to accomplish a good return on the installations developed.

Health & A ; Safety

Proper wellness & A ; Safety demands are expected to be installed in to the proposed edifice. Employers should be more responsible in order to implement safety of employees at the work topographic point. Proper wellness & A ; safety installings in the proposed edifice could add value to the proposal, as it mitigates the hazard of any possible accidents inside the proposed installation and the eventuality cost involved with that.

Maintain installation

A well-maintained workplace can make the right feeling, better employee efficiency, and cut down your operational costs. Gutters, roofs, walls have to acquire regular review and care. Proper care increases the value of constructing besides increasing the operational period of the edifice.

Development of the local country ( services, stores from the infinites rented )

The Parking zone can be installed near the edifice from which the gross can be collected. The gross can be used for the care and the development of the edifices.