Government has a figure of policies to implement in the overall undertaking of transporting out its maps to run into the aims of societal & A ; economic growing. For using these policies, it has to pass immense sum of financess on defence, disposal, and development, public assistance undertakings & A ; assorted other alleviation operations. It is hence indispensable to happen out all possible beginnings of acquiring financess so that sufficient income can be generated to run into the increasing disbursals. A budget is a statement of the fiscal program of the authorities. It shows the income & A ; outgo of the authorities during a fiscal twelvemonth. Budget is most of import information papers of the authorities. One portion of the authorities ‘s budget is similar to company ‘s one-year study. This portion presents the overall image of the fiscal public presentation of the authorities. The 2nd portion of the budget presents authorities ‘s fiscal programs for the period up to its following budget.So, every citizen of a state from the common adult male to the politician is eager to cognize about the budget as they would wish to acquire an thought of the fiscal public presentation of the authorities over the past one twelvemonth, to cognize about the fiscal programs & A ; policies of the authorities for the following one twelvemonth and to cognize how their criterion of life will be affected by the fiscal policies of the authorities in the following one twelvemonth.

In the Mauritanian context, the current Minister of Finance Mr. Xavier Luc Duval, has prepared the 2011-2012 budget by sing the European crisis which has some negative effects on the Mauritanian economic system. This assignment focuses chiefly on a sum-up of the budget by saying the chief steps proposed to run the economic system during the current crisis and besides some recommendations to be adopted in the hereafter. In the last portion of the assignment the five economic theoretical accounts consisting of the Keynesian, new Keynesian, classical, new classical and monetarist theoretical accounts are explained.

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Summary of Mauritian Budget 2o11-2o12

The Minister of Finance, Mr. Xavier Luc Duval, presented on the 4th November 2011 a budget based on financial reform where investing was promoted through the remotion of some revenue enhancements and institutional reforms were adopted. The chief focal point was to assist little medium endeavors ( SMEs ) , to rightly cooperate with the private sector and to develop societal public assistance in the current economic system. The curate expected to keep the budget shortage by 3.8 % and at the same clip get rid of some revenue enhancements, finally Government disbursement will increase by sing all the new steps adopted. Through the sale of certain authorities assets, the gross generated for 2012 will be used to accomplish the shortage aim while besides set abouting public substructure undertakings.

The budget comprised of four chief aims which were implemented to cut down the populace sector debt by 50 % by 2018. Those four aims comprised a national resiliency fund worth Rs 3.7bn, investing in public substructure of about Rs 21.2bn ; keep the stableness of the fiscal system with the aid of the International Monetary Fund and implement the right pecuniary policies to guarantee that rising prices is kept within an in agreement scope.

Key Figures 2011

Real GDP growing rate 4.2 %

Unemployment rate 7.8 %

Inflation rate 6.5 %

Estimated budget shortage 3.8 %

Public sector debt 54.2 %

BOP Surplus Rs 3bn

Entire Revenue Rs 75bn

Entire Expenditure Rs 102bn

Measures presented in the 2011-2012 budget

Sing the financial steps, solidarity revenue enhancements on dividends and involvement have been abolished every bit good as capital additions revenue enhancement on immoveable belongingss. Solidarity Income Tax on dividends was peculiarly criticized by economic participants as amounting to a dual revenue enhancement of income. Solidarity levy imposed on telecommunication companies in 2009 has been extended boulder clay 2013. For 2012 and 2013, offshore direction companies have been charged of 10 % income particular levy, divesting from some commercial and industrial assets such as the casinos and the Port Louis waterfront retail mercantile establishments. Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) will be computed as 2 % of indictable income alternatively of book net incomes. Protected Cell Companies will now pay revenue enhancement on the indictable income of each cell separately. Companies with an one-year turnover of less than Rs2 million are exempt from entry of returns under the Advanced Payment System ( APS ) and the Current Payment System ( CPS ) . Indefinite freedom of revenue enhancement for companies runing in the Freeport Zone every bit good has been implemented.

The fiscal services include the release of Rs 3bn of loans from the banking sector to SMEs till 2014 at an involvement rate of 3 % above the repo rate that is 8.5 % and processing costs and related charges will be renounced. There has been the assignment of two embassadors for Africa and Indian Ocean to help in widening the web of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements and Investment Promotion and Protector Agreements with African provinces ( such as Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and South Soudan ) . Such determination comes from the new Trust and Foundation Torahs with respects to the Global Business Sector after the passing by the Parliament of the Limited Partnership Act. There has besides been the repeal of the statute law to let local assets to be insured with insurance company based in a foreign state as from 2013 and a legal model has been set up to widen the scope of fiscal vehicles in our legal power. On the revenue enhancement disposal and conformity side, the Minister announced the enlisting of more inspectors to clamp down on revenue enhancement equivocation and to administrate new strategies designed to convey more gross to the revenue enhancement governments. Overall, the revenue enhancement steps contained in the 2012 budget are just. The income revenue enhancement rate is maintained at a low degree and the revenue enhancement system is being kept every bit simple as possible.

For personal income revenue enhancement, there has been an addition of the Income Tax Thresholds by Rs15, 000 for each class as from January 2012. The 10 % Solidarity Income Tax ( SIT ) collectible by persons gaining more than Rs2 million was to be removed as from income twelvemonth 2012 and compulsory for persons gaining more than Rs2 million to register income revenue enhancement return electronically. Freelance persons deducing an one-year income of less than Rs2 million are exempt from registering quarterly returns under the CPS, there has been besides an addition of 50 % in regard of nonexempt periphery benefits for company autos from January 2012 and infliction of revenue enhancement on lodging benefits provided by an employer based on the existent rent paid. Government will lend to the National Pension Fund ( NPF ) and Transitional Unemployment Benefit for employee gaining less than Rs3, 000 monthly and employees are allowed, as from January 2012, to utilize their monthly National Savings Fund part as payment for private wellness.

The touristry industry has besides been considered as it represents a profitable sector bring forthing high net incomes for the authorities. To place Mauritius as a new regional hub, air entree has been made more unfastened. The Tourism Authority has set up an official hotel evaluation system to measure the operation of all hotels in the island, and at that place has been the debut of a voluntary Green enfranchisement that can be used as a selling tool. Promotional runs on traditional markets have been intensified and new markets are being cost-effectively exploited. Singaporeans experts have been employed to reexamine the operation of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. Double tax write-off for abroad selling and promotional disbursals abolished for companies in the touristry sector or engaged in export activities was to be effectual from January 2012.

The Ministry of Agro-industry and Food Security has been awarded a budget of Rs2.6bn to increase its efficiency for the public assistance of the population. The Sugar Insurance Fund Board was to allow 70 % price reduction on premiums due for 2011 which would cut down cost by around Rs3000 per arpent. Regulations have been imposed to enable the blending of sugar cane ethyl alcohol with gasolene.

The ICT sector has besides been stated where a 2nd undersea fiber ocular overseas telegram, LION 2, will be operational by mid-2012. Some amendments of ICT Act were done to let ICT Authority to step in more efficaciously to guarantee competition and competitory pricing of services. Long distance telecom operators have obtained the chance to entree international gateways straight via the two landing Stationss instead than traveling through Mauritius Telecom. This has provided chances for other rivals to come in the telecommunication market of Mauritius which have resulted in low-price cyberspace charges and greater efficiency of communicating within the island.

Other revenue enhancement alterations include VAT refund for little plantation owners, breeders and registered fishermen on designated agricultural and fishing equipment. VAT freedom on several goods within the touristry sector, societal sector or wellness sector such as life-jackets, societal lodging undertakings or gums used as replacements for smoke and no involvement and punishment on VAT liability for late enrollment between January and June 2012.The remotion of Capital Gains Tax on immoveable belongings with immediate consequence and no Municipal Tenant ‘s Tax as from January 2012. Abolition of land transportation revenue enhancement levied on fiscal establishments with regard to the sale of immoveable belongings originating from a debt recovery, effectual instantly provided the belongings is sold within 12 months of acquisition. Not-for-profit Housing Development Trusts exempted from the payment of Land Conversion Tax, Registration Duty and Land Transfer Tax. Abolition of land transportation revenue enhancement on the building of lodging estates consisting of at least 5 units for a maximal monetary value of Rs2.5m each over the following two old ages.

Duties include Abolition of usage responsibility on refrigerated vehicles and tyres for all types of vehicles. Excise responsibility increased on alcoholic merchandises, coffin nails and cigars and freedom from enrollment responsibility for first clip purchasers buying a place from the not-for-profit Housing Development Trust. Sing revenue enhancement disposal, revenue enhancement have been deducted on payments made to attorneies, physicians and tooth doctors, rent collected by circuit operators and tooth doctors, rent collected by circuit operators and other mediators and on all payments made to non-residents for services performed in Mauritius. Incentives have been introduced by the Mauritius Revenue Authority to promote taxpayers to regulate their personal businesss by voluntary revelation of income agreement, by incentive strategy for VAT enrollment, by revenue enhancement arrears colony strategy and expeditious difference declaration of revenue enhancement instances. The payment of the NPF part by the employer to the employee gaining less than Rs 3000 should be collectible as portion of the one-year income revenue enhancement return without extra involvement or punishment.

SUMMARY OF REVENUE AND 2010 2011 2012 2013

EXPENDITURE ( Actual ) ( Revised ) ( Planned ) ( Planned )

Rsm Rsm Rsm Rsm


TAXES 55,208 58,880 64,726 71,273

Taxs on Income, Profits & A ; Gains 13,976 13,763 15,069 17,489

Taxs on Property 3,904 3,716 5,039 5,425

Taxs on Goods & A ; Services 34,633 38,461 41,858 45,374

Taxs on International Trade and

Minutess 1,525 1,650 1,515 1,570

Other Taxes 1,170 1,290 1,245 1,415

SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS & A ; GRANTS 2,998 3,559 4,973 4,784

OTHER REVENUE 7,271 6,768 5,246 5,273

GRAND TOTAL 65,477 69,207 74,945 81,330


Entire Expenditure 75,889 88,683 94,424 99,707

Capital Repayment 4,005 4,759 7,128 5,569

GRAND TOTAL 79,894 93,442 101,552 105,276


The Mauritanian 2011-2012 budget has been positively accepted by economic sciences participants of the society, because of the economic crisis being faced, Mauritius had to accommodate to those fortunes by implementing some cost-efficient steps to cover with the crisis. The decrease in foreign direct investing and the deficiency of commercial activities have forced the Minister of Finance to concentrate on how to hike the economic growing of the state.

With the abolishment of the Solidarity Income Tax ( SIT ) and Capital Gains Tax, investing could be stimulated and this realigns Mauritius with other revenue enhancement legal powers, particularly with the riddance of the dual revenue enhancements of net incomes. The Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) revenue enhancement was another unjust step on revenue enhancement remunerators as the CSR taxA was calculated based on an sum which included exempt income ( non chargeable to revenue enhancement ) such as capital additions and dividend income. The CSR calculation has now been revised to except any dividend income or capital addition. Mauritius is a fiscal centre where the pact web plays an of import function in pulling investings. With the outgrowth of Africa as the following investing finish, the Minister has announced programs to name embassadors to help with the dialogue of new revenue enhancement pacts with African states. Such a proactive step suggests that the Minister understands the sense of urgency and the challenges faced by the planetary concern sector. A more extended pact web, together with the planned debut of the Limited Partnership Act, should assist hike growing and increase dealing flows through Mauritius.

Some favourable step have been implemented to relief the revenue enhancement load on some sectors to promote them, like for case, complete revenue enhancement refund on equipment for sugar cane plantation owners and fishermen, remotion of revenue enhancement on building of house by the Housing Development Trust and VAT freedom on cosmetics surgery. The proclaimed programs would let taxpayers the chance to regulate their revenue enhancement personal businesss and go compliant by paying a minimum punishment. The debut of revenue enhancement aggregation techniques in 2006 through VDIS and TAPIS contributed about Rs1bn in revenue enhancement gross and a similar instance could be seen through the 2011-2012 steps. The MRA is already be aftering to enroll a farther 50 new revenue enhancement inspectors to foster clamp down on revenue enhancement equivocation and to administrate such strategies.

Other steps to increase revenue enhancement aggregations include a 10 cents revenue enhancement on SMS and MMS, a new solidarity levy on seaward direction companies, and the extension of the solidarity levy on telecommunication companies. There was a all right reconciliation act between the remotion of revenue enhancements and the debut of new 1s. The new steps target profitable sectors of the economic system and follow recent tendencies in policy steps which are really encouraging.

But the chief issue is to allow an addition for salary in order to cut down the degree of poorness in Mauritius. The authorities has to follow steps in order to make a 7 % growing, the current autumn in salary and gross is non conducive factors. Measures should be implemented to decide the addition in GDP and the autumn in the demand for houses and land as this suggest that the overall national income is low. The touristry and fabric industry are non executing good since the grasp of the Mauritian rupee and the European crisis which have affected the competitively of our merchandises.

As such the chief recommendations should be:

The stabilisation of the Mauritanian rupee to cut down the economic force per unit area of houses.

An addition in involvement rates for the SMEs in order for them to guarantee their being.

Reduce importing from foreign states which are excessively competitory for little houses.

An investing in the touristry sector to better its selling efficiency in order to hike the overall public presentation of such zone.

An equal investing distribution between big and little houses in the sugar industry.

An addition in worker ‘s income in both private and public sector which will increase the criterion of life of the economic system.

A fiscal aid for the offshore sector to enable them to spread out their production.

An development of sectors identified by the Global Finance Mauritius which are believed to be really profitable for the economic system.

A decrease in internet duties.

A favourable exchange rate to assist houses.

A Maestro Plan for the building of more societal house and for protecting disadvantaged people.

Better entree to investing for persons.

Exemption of revenue enhancement on residential belongingss.

The 5 Economicss Models

The Keynesian Model

The Keynesian Model was named after the British economic expert John Maynard Keynes who lived from 1883 to 1946. His theory was based on the thought that as disbursement addition so do net incomes, the construct was that the disbursement of one individual goes towards another individual ‘s net incomes and as such this constitute a rhythm that support a normal running economic system. Keynesian economic sciences considers it is the authorities ‘s undertaking to smooth out the troubles in concern rhythms. Involvement would come in the pattern of authorities outgo and revenue enhancement interruptions in order to promote the society and control rising prices. The theory consists of:

Short term economic sciences


Theory of Monetary economic system

Comprehensive system of idea

Investing oriented

The new Keynesian Model

Like the New Classical attack, New Keynesian macroeconomic survey assumes that households and houses haveA rational chances. But the two schools diverge in that New Keynesian analysis normally assumes a assortment ofA market failures. In peculiar, New Keynesians consider that there isA imperfect competition in monetary value and pay scene to assist clear up why monetary values and rewards do non set instantly to fluctuations in economic conditions. Wage and monetary value stickiness, and the other market failures present in New Keynesian theoretical accounts, suggest that the economic system may neglect to achieveA full employment. Therefore, New Keynesians argue that macroeconomic equilibrium by the authorities ( usingA financial policy ) or by theA cardinal bankA ( usingA pecuniary policy ) can take to a moreA efficientA macroeconomic result than aA laissez faireA policy would.

The Classical Model

Classical economicsA is by and large considered as the first modern school ofA economic idea. Its major writers consist ofA Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, A David Ricardo, A Thomas MalthusA andA John Stuart Mill. Classical economic experts claimed that free markets adjust themselves, when free of any intercession. Adam Smith referred to a so called unseeable manus, which will travel markets towards their natural equilibrium, without necessitating any outside intercession. Compared toA Keynesian economic sciences, classical economic sciences assumes flexible monetary values both in the instance of goods and rewards. One more chief theory is based on Say ‘s Law: supply creates its ain demand – that is, aggregative production will bring forth gross sufficient to buy all the end product manufactured ; this indirectly assumes, in contrast to Keynes, that there will be net salvaging or disbursement of hard currency or fiscal instruments. Another facet of classical economic sciences is the equality of nest eggs and investing, presuming that flexible involvement rates will ever keep equilibrium.

The new classical Model

New classical macroeconomics, at times merely calledA new classical economic sciences, is an premise ofA macroeconomics that builds its hypothesis wholly on aA neoclassicalA model. Specifically, it highlights the significance of strict foundations based onA microeconomics, especiallyA rational outlooks. New classical macroeconomics efforts to supply neoclassical microeconomic foundations for macroeconomic survey. This is in contrast with its rivalA new KeynesianA theoretical account that usesA micro foundationsA such asA monetary value stickinessA andA imperfect competitionA to make macroeconomic theoretical accounts similar to earlier, Keynesian 1s. New classical economic sciences provinces that all agents are assumed to maximizeA utilityA on the footing ofA rational chances. At any one clip, the economic system is expected to hold a uniqueA equilibriumA atA full employmentA orA possible outputA achieved through monetary value and pay accommodation. In other words, theA market clearsA at all times.

The Monetarist Model

MonetarismA is a inclination in economic idea that accentuates the function of authoritiess in seting the sum of money in circulation. It is the position withinA pecuniary economic sciences that disparity in theA money supplyA has major impacts onA national outputA in the short tally and theA monetary value levelA over longer periods and those aims ofA pecuniary policyA are best met by aiming the growing rate of theA money supply. This theory draws its beginnings from two about wholly opposed thoughts: the difficult money policies that dominated pecuniary thought in the late nineteenth century, and the pecuniary theories ofA John Maynard Keynes, who, working in the inter-war period during the failure of the restoredA gold criterion, proposed a demand-driven theoretical account for money which was the foundation ofA macroeconomics. While Keynes had concentrated on the value stableness of currency, with the subsequent terrors based on an unequal money supply taking to different currency and prostration, so Friedman concentrated on monetary value stableness, which is the equilibrium between supply and demand for money.


The Mauritanian economic system is really reasonable to the current European crisis ; any market failures would instantly impact the public presentation of our local concerns because we do non hold the needed tools to avoid this. The legion steps taken by the authorities have to be really precautional in order to keep the operation of the economic system. The authorities chief precedences are the publicity of growing, siting out of the crisis, bettering the societal protection system and doing the financial system more effectual. As for the economic theoretical accounts, accent is put on the control of money circulation, execution of financial and pecuniary policy and so on to accommodate to economic fluctuations.