A. P. United States History Virtual Historical Documents Museum DOCUMENT ANALYSIS WORKSHEET |1. |Title of Document: Mayflower Compact | |2. |Link to Document: http://teachingamericanhistory. org/library/index. asp? document=143 | |3. Type of Document (highlight type that applies): | | |Legal Document | | |Art / Visual | | |Written Document | | |Speeches | | |Maps | |4. Date of Document: November 16, 1620 | |5. |Author (or creator) of Document: 41 passengers on the Mayflower (such as John Carver, William Brewster, John Alden, Isaac Allerton,| | |William Bradford, etc. ) | |6. |Intended Audience of Document: King and leaders of England | |7. Document Information (address the following questions): | | |List three (3) things the author said that you think are important. | | |One thing that’s important is how the compact mentions self-government. This also leads to the next importance of the compact; the | | |compact was a start of democracy for America. Mostly importantly, the pilgrims who signed it expressed how they wanted religious | | |freedom. | |Why do you think this document was created? | | |The document was created so that the pilgrims who traveled to Northern Virginia could have their own self-government. They also | | |stated on creating political bodies and laws for people to obey. | | |What evidence in the document helps you know why it was created? Use quotes or examples from the document. | | |The compact specifically states “Combine our selves together into a Civil Body Politick,” which meant to create political bodies. | |Also, the compact stated how they wanted a government by the people (democratic government) and not between God and men. | | |List two (2) things the document tells you about life in the United States at the time it was written. | | |United States at this time was still “A New World”. There are many people still emigrating from Europe (specifically England) | | |looking forward to starting a new life in a new place.

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Also, this is the time when democratic government starts developing; people | | |are creating a new government that is not a monarchy. | | |Write a question to the creator that is left unanswered by the document. | | |Who exactly were the 41 men (passengers) who signed the Mayflower Compact? Were all 41 men supposed to sign from the beginning? | Adapted from design by the Education Staff, National Archives and Records Admin. , Washington, D. C. 20408