The Canis familiaris is a loving comrade to a adult male. He is happy to travel everyplace with his maestro. He shows his fondness for his maestro by wagging his tail and creaming his manus or face. If his maestro is blind. the Canis familiaris helps him to traverse the street and acts as his loving usher. No adult male can experience lonely when he has a Canis familiaris for company. A dog supports ticker over his master’s house. He will non let anyone to touch anything belonging to his maestro. He will bark when a alien approaches the house.

He might even seize with teeth a stealer who is non scared away by his bark. A Canis familiaris is utile to a shepherd to look after his sheep. If any of the sheep stray from the flock. the Canis familiaris will convey it back. He will non let a wolf or fox to assail the sheep. A Canis familiaris is utile in catching stealers and felons. The stealer may conceal anyplace. Yet the Canis familiaris will utilize his acute sense of odor to happen out where the stealer is concealing. Police Canis familiariss are used to catch liquidators and felons.

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The Canis familiaris by his sense of odor will take the constabulary to the concealing topographic point of a liquidator. A Canis familiaris is loyal and faithful to his maestro. Nothing will bring on him to go forth his maestro. His maestro might be a hapless adult male or even a mendicant but. still his Canis familiaris will non go forth him to travel with anyone else. A Canis familiaris worships his maestro as if he were a God. A Canis familiaris has a crisp sense of hearing and odor. He can hear footfalls from a great distance. At dark he will be up and approximately at the least sound.

He can smell his maestro from far away. He will hotfoot out of the house to leap on his maestro and welcome him place. A friend is one who is ready to assist a adult male in his minute of demand. So a Canis familiaris is truly man’s best friend. He is prepared to decease instead than let any injury to come to his maestro. Dogs have been known to decease to salvage their Masterss. A Canis familiaris might even decease of heartache after his maestro is dead. He is surely a true and faithful friend. It is right to name him man’s best friend.