A-1: * Vincent usage proficient. human. conceptual accomplishments to keep an environment that encourages invention and professionalism among the virus huntsman by acknowledging his employees that can assist the new merchandise development of the company.

* He know how to pass on. motivate and animate his squad * He understands the relationship of the companies’ fractional monetary units and visualizes how his thing fits into its broader.

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A-2 A. Vincent play the direction function as he had hebdomadal security briefing conference calls with colleagues around the universe because as a director he must had a batch of information that he must give or portion to his colleagues and He must hold ever a new thoughts sing to virus that they had brush so that his colleague may besides larn from him.

Bacillus. Through this state of affairs Vincent play decisional function because he assess the feasibleness of adding web security consulting.

C. in this instance he is prosecuting and linking to his employees by reminding them to maintain focussed n the company’s committedness to the client and this male monarch of activities done by Vincent can be classified as interpersonal functions because he interact and engaged with his employees.

A-3 Symantec is a planetary leader in supplying security. storage and systems direction solutions to assist our clients – from consumers and little concerns to the largest planetary organisations – secure and pull off their information against more hazards at more points. more wholly and expeditiously than any other company. Our company’s alone focal point is to extinguish hazards to information. engineering and processes independent of the device. platform. interaction or location.

* Positioned for Growth * Protect wholly * Manage easy * Control automatically

A-4 The directors learn the following from Vincent Weafer and Symantic attack:

* Every measure in the company’s growing we have expanded both our technological expertness and our apprehension of client demands.

* Ability to successfully incorporate internally developed with engineerings we get has kept the companies at the forepart of its industry and enabled them to supply best-of-breed solutions for 1000000s of corporate and single clients.