A figure of important reappraisals and studies have revealed that adult females in both full clip and portion clip work earn less than work forces.

Critically reexamine the grounds for the being of the gender wage spread and measure the steps that administrations should and could take to extinguish it.

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The current state of affairs sing the gender wage spread and how it is calculate

Factors that have contributed to the being of a gender wage spread

The different steps that establishments and administrations have already taken and measures that they should take to extinguish the gender wage spread



One of the biggest historical stereotypes across the civilization in the universe, whether modern or non, is to believe that work forces have to work and adult females have to remain in the house to cook, to clean it and to take attention about the kids.

But today, times have changed, and adult females are more and more legion to do surveies, peculiarly high surveies. Thereby, more adult females enter every twelvemonth in the labour market with different degrees of making. Therefore, adult females possess a batch of different competencies harmonizing to their surveies but besides harmonizing to the ain adult females specialnesss.

While the misss have all the necessary features to hold a occupation like work forces, it exist segregation in the labor market in different degrees.

This market is really far to be equal for all the different histrions. In fact, batch of favoritisms exist, for illustration it is the instance refering the age or the racial favoritism that have an impact sing the enlisting of people who have some specialnesss ( cultural or whatever ) , sing the possibilities of a sort of intimidation, or more frequently a favoritism about publicity and pay.

Refering the pay, adult females are non spared about this favoritism ; they are besides really concerned about this job. In fact, they are run intoing a batch of different favoritism that have non needed to be, for illustration the trouble to happen a occupation or to hold publicity as this paper will explicate subsequently. But the biggest segregation refering the gender favoritism in the workplace is the difference sing the pay for work forces and adult females. This job exists all over the universe, whether in hapless states than developed states like United Kingdom or France for illustration.

Therefore, Eurostat and European states calculate that the difference norm refering the gender wage spread in Europe is about 18 % in 2010, which means that adult females earn 18 % less than work forces in Europe.

To better understand and explicate this fact, this research will be divided in three parts. First, this paper will specify what the gender wage spread is, explicate how it is calculate and analyze the current state of affairs sing this world.

In a 2nd portion, this research will depict the different factors that can explicate the being of this gender wage spread.

Finally, in a 3rd and last portion, this paper will research the different steps that establishments and administrations have already taken and the different solutions that they should take to extinguish the gender wage spread.

This research will involvement chiefly about the European state of affairs with some information refering state by state.

The current state of affairs sing the gender wage spread and how it is calculate

In this portion, this paper will specify in a first measure what the gender spread is truly and how it is calculate. Then, it will analyze the gender wage spread across the universe and more peculiar in European states.

The definition of the gender wage spread and how it is calculate

Harmonizing to Eurostat, gender wage spread is “ the difference between mean gross hourly net incomes of male-paid employees and of female-paid employees as a per centum of mean gross hourly net incomes of male-paid employees ” .

Therefore, for illustration, if the gender wage spread is 18 % between work forces and adult females, as it was in Europe in 2008, that means that when work forces earn 100? , adult females earn 82? for the same continuance of work.

In 2007, the European Commission, Eurostat and all the European states have decided to harmonize the methodological analysis to mensurate the gender wage spread. Therefore, it should be easier to compare the different consequences at the very bosom of every state in Europe.

Estimate the gender wage spread should be easy to determinate ( cipher the difference between male and female in each state and so, make an norm ) , but it is non.

In fact, the gender wage spread is more complex than that and depends of tonss of different factors that should be considered in order to non bias the study.

Harmonizing to the article of Eurostat ( “ Development of econometric methods to measure the Gender wage spread utilizing Structure of Earnings Survey informations ” 2009 ) , the gender wage spread must be adjusted to include all the different complex facets that this capable possesses. Therefore, the heterogeneousness facet is an of import one ; it concerns more sociological facets like single character and single motive ( Dohmen et al. 2005 ) .

Always refering the Eurostat study, endogeneity is besides a factor that can bias the consequences, it refering for illustration the instruction or the experience.

Gender wage spread across the universe and more peculiar in European States

As this research will turn out, the gender wage spread exists all over the universe, all across the states, whether in developing states than developed states. But it is more complex than it, in fact each states has its ain specialness refering the gender wage spread. Therefore, one state can possesses a immense gender wage spread and another a small one in the same continent or economic country like Europe.

In 2008, The IUTC ( the International Union Trade Confederation ) decided to set about a immense run to cognize precisely what it was refering the gender wage spread across the universe. To make this, this administration asked to the IDS ( Incomes Data Services ) to set about an international study and survey 63 states on 245 states bing in the universe ( 30 in Europe and 33 in other states ) . After this study, it appears, harmonizing to IDS methodological analysis that the norm of the gender wage spread is 16.5 % in the universe.

As the appendix 1 and 2 ( page? ) show, there is a planetary disparity refering the geographical gender wage spread across the continents. Therefore, this study shows that Europe and Oceania have smaller gender wage spread that Africa, Latin America and Asia. But refering these three last continents, the consequences are bias because there is no truly dependable informations refering the subject, but besides because there is a immense informal economic system in these states and where the engagement of adult females in the economic life of their ain states is low.

After this universe analysis, it is interesting to look into the Europe state of affairs. And in a first point, it is interesting to state that the gender wage spread in Europe lessening small by small since the last decennaries, but each state with its ain velocity ( illustration of United Kingdom in appendix three page? ? ? ) . This research will explicate the different ground in the 2nd and 3rd portion of this paper.

As the tabular array shows holla, at the very bosom of European state, there is a existent disparity refering the gender wage spread for each state. Therefore, there is some model pupil like Belgium, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Slovenia which have a gender wage spread under 10 % . But there is besides really bad state refering the equal wage like Germany, Estonia, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom or worst Austria.


Gender Pay Gap



Gender Pay Gap









Czech Republic
















Irish republic


Portuguese republic












Slovak republic












United Kingdom




But these consequences have to be reconsidered. In fact, these consequences depend on legion inside informations. When the consequences are really low like Italy, it can originate from a small proportion of low or non qualified adult females in the labor market and in the same manner for states which have an high wage spread where many adult females work in parttime occupations.

Factors that have contributed to the being of a gender wage spread

This paper, after specifying what the gender wage spread is and what is the state of affairs in the universe and Europe, will explicate in this portion the different factors that contribute to the being of a gender wage spread.

Every twelvemonth, extended researches and probes emerged. They are by and large undertaken by public administration specific by the State or by international establishments.

A survey undertake by W. Olsen and S. Walby in “ Modelling Gender Pay Gaps ” ( 2004 ) propose to analyze the gender wage spread by per centum of each factors.

Therefore, harmonizing to this survey, 38 % of the gender wage spread is due to the direct favoritism and by the differences of behavior and motive between adult male and adult females.

Then, 36 % of the spread is explained by the type of work that adult females choose or take by default, i.e. adult females are more legion than work forces to work in parttime occupation, “ more than three-fourthss of the sum of parttime workers are adult females ”[ 1 ], for many grounds. In fact, they have to do a interruption in their calling when they give birth to a kid, and for other household duties.

Furthermore, 18 % of the spread is explained by the fact that the labor market is stiff ( amongst other thing by favoritism ) and besides because adult females are more likely working in little private companies. The tabular array[ 2 ]below shows that adult females are under stand foring in the duties occupations.

Finally, 8 % of this spread is the effect of the under making of older adult females. Indeed, despite the fact that adult females make survey like work forces, before it was non the instance.

Trough these accounts, it is interesting to research some point. First, the under valuing work of adult females is an of import point to explicate the gender wage spread. Refering this topic, D. Grimshaw and J. Rubery[ 3 ]construct the theory of the 5 V ‘s: