This study will supply a critical analysis of three cardinal direction issues within The Virgin Group Organisation. It will get down with a concise description of The Virgin Group Organisation. The study will travel on to analyze the cardinal direction theories associating to the usage of leading manners and squad development and organizational civilization. In the procedure the theories reference will be explained and analysed in relation to The Virgin Group Organisation. In decision key determination will be identified that will back up hereafter development in an event direction function. An extra stuff will supply personal leading accomplishments appraisal.


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Virgin is a taking “ branded venture capital ” ( Virgin, 2011 ) administration and is one of the universe ‘s most recognized and well-thought-of trade names, which was founded by the concern baron Richard Branson. Virgin Group is classed as a Private Limited Company by Companies House. Virgin Group day of the month of incorporation is listed as 1985 ( Companies House, 2010 ) , nevertheless, concern and trading activities originally started in 1970 ( Virgin, 2011 ) . Virgin Group has gone on to turn really successful concerns in nucleus sectors runing from music to transit, travel, fiscal services, media, drinks, books, bet oning and fitness etc ( Virgin, 2011 ) .Virgin has created more than 300 branded companies worldwide, using about 50,000 people, in 30 states. Global branded grosss in 2009 exceeded ?11.5 billion ( Virgin, 2011 ) .

The Virgin Group is construction is rather interestingly complex, although Numberss of people recognise the Virgin Group to be a individual concern entity but this may non be the instance. In actuality, each of the Virgin trade name companies operates as a separate concern entity ( Grant, 2005 ) . Although, Richard Branson holds full ownership and control of the Virgin Brand, the commercial set-up of the companies utilizing the Virgin name is varied and complex ( Grant, 2005 ) . Even though each of the 300 companies operates as a individual entity, Branson wholly owns the bulk of them either separately or through household trusts and is keeping bulk bets in the others. However, on occasion, Richard Branson merely licenses the Virgin trade name to a company that has purchased a division from him such as Virgin Mobile USA & A ; Australia, Virgin Radio and Virgin Music. ( Grant, 2005 ) . However, what connects the companies is usage of the Virgin hallmark, Branson ‘s functions as president and stockholder and his direction function as the face of virgin in promotion, public and authorities dealingss. He besides has duty for naming senior executives ( Grant, 2005 ) . Appendix 1 illustrates the construction of the Virgin Group of companies, including some major operating companies and the keeping companies that own them.

First, the study will research and analyze theories associating to organizational civilization for illustration, definitions, degree and types of organizational civilization, and will look at the manner these theories relate to the Virgin administration. Finally, leading manners will be addressed with cardinal theories back uping the importance of leading and different types of leading accomplishments. In relation to the Virgin instance study the peculiar value of the transformational type of leading and the importance of squad development will be highlighted.

Case Study Analysis

2.1 Organizational Culture

Organizational civilization plays an of import function within any administration. Although the bulk of us will hold our ain apprehension of organizational civilization, it is a cosmopolitan construct that is “ hard ” to specify or “ explain exactly ” ( Mullins, 2007, p. 721 ) . It has been explained, for case, as “ the dominant values espoused by an administration ” ( Deal & A ; Kennedy, 2000 ) , whereas, Bower ( 1966 ) merely described it as “ the manner things are done around here ” . However, despite there non being a consentaneous recognized definition, there is a common subject within Deal & A ; Kennedy ( 2000 ) and Bower ( 1966 ) . Their definitions uncover a cardinal subject, that is, organizational civilization refers to a system of shared significance. A more elaborate definition is:

“ The aggregation of traditions, values, policies, beliefs and attitudes that constitute a permeant context for everything we do and believe in an administration. ” ( Mclean and Marshall, 1993 cited in Mullins, 2007 )

This clarifies that organizational civilization is a mixture of imposts and patterns and the beliefs and attitudes that these are based on that make up the manner of working and the attack of an administration.

Harmonizing to Mullins ( 2007 ) , the civilization of an administration is besides frequently likened to the personality of an person ; this could be said of Virgin. Virgin describes it civilization and trade name as “ doing a difference. Virgin bases for value for money, quality, invention, merriment and a sense of competitory challenge ” ( Virgin, 2011 ) . These traits are frequently used to depict Richard Branson, laminitis and president or the Virgin Group. The company aims to present a quality service by authorising its employees and easing and supervising client feedback to continually better the client ‘s experience through invention ( Virgin, 2011 ) . It is apparent that Virgin ‘s values and attack to concern entreaty to the clients and make an adventuresome spirit in the administration that has contributed to its success which has enabled it to ramify out into other sectors such as those described above.

Degrees of Cultures

To assist understand civilization more, Schein ( 2010 ) has categorized the topographic points where civilization is found into three cardinal classs ( Figure 1 ) , each class is recognized by its visibleness and handiness by persons. The deeper one gets, the more hard it is to detect the civilization.

Figure 1 – Schein ‘s Three Levels of Culture

Beginning: ( Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, 2007, p. 622 )

Schein ‘s first degree is known as “ Artifacts ” , it is the most seeable degree out of the three. It refers to the discernible things that a civilization produces. It includes both physical objects and behavior forms that can be observed freely through what you see, hear and feel in an administration, for case, the architecture and physical milieus ; its merchandises ; its engineerings ; its manner ( shown through vesture ) ; its published values and mission statement ; its linguistic communication and temper ; its myths and narratives. In the instance of Virgin their uniform is systematically ruddy, their linguistic communication manner is informal ‘hip ‘ and the company has its ain myth that Richard Branson ever walks around with a notebook to record and pick up on every originative thought from employees and how he surprises employees with trips to his islands.

The following degree is less seeable and is referred to as the “ espoused values ” degree. It is the beliefs and values, sometime mute shared within an administration and its members, that have significance and worth to the laminitiss and senior direction of an administration ( Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, 2007 ) . The espoused values may hold their roots and be based on values that were learnt through childhood whether it ‘s spiritual, social or moral upbringing ( Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, 2007 ) . These values can give the administration its distinguishable character and supply a sense of way for employees. The Virgin Group has a distinguishable organizational civilization which is characterised by its laminitis ‘s single values, personality and personal manner the company reflects his aspiration a thrust for success coupled with his informal “ anti-corporate ” attack, really much a merchandise of his upbringing and the popular civilization of his clip ( Grant, 2005 ) .

Finally, located at Schein ‘s 3rd degree, known as the deeper degree of cultural analysis are “ Basic Assumptions ” . This “ deeper degree ” is more normally known as the “ concealed beliefs and premises ” or “ shared silent premises ” . Basic Assumptions are indispensable, frequently incognizant, determiners of an administration ‘s attitudes, thought procedures, and actions. These premises are cardinal to its civilization. Valuess that gain long-run credence frequently become so embedded and taken-for-granted that persons are normally incognizant of their influence. They normally provide a silent sense of security and an undisputed push for perceptual experiences and behavior.

Schein ‘s three degrees of civilization has proved to be utile as an attack to analyzing Virgin Group organizational civilization. Schein ( 2010 ) emphasises the fact that if organizational civilization is understood to the full it can be manipulated and managed within the administration to run into the administration ‘s intents. For illustration, Virgin has been able to utilize organizational civilization to further trueness, committedness and difficult work within its employees by offering freedom, authorization and by giving them a sense of being portion of something cool and different whist supplying societal activities.

Schein ‘s three degree of civilization has besides help clarified why Virgin Group should give importance to organizational civilization ; it is a mixture of executing and civilization that makes the difference between one administration to another. Organizational civilization is indispensable ; it is the gum that binds everyone together. Virgin Group holds onto the values, symbols, and rites that have guided them for several old ages, and anything new that add to the civilization should ever back up what already exists.

In drumhead, organizational civilization possibly identified through companies utilizing Schein ‘s degree of civilization. Though, Schein ( 2010 ) does provinces that there are no systematically speedy ways to place the cultural premises of people in organisations. He does recommends detecting, speaking to people, roll uping archival informations, listening to narratives, and etc, until a form eventually emerges. However, organizational civilization can be developed through effectual leading, empowered employees, strong development plans, good communications and a existent focal point on clients. All attributes that Richard Branson uses to run his administration. One thing that is clear is that the civilization which Branson created through his ain alone leading manner was one that is strongly influenced by his personal manner and personality, doing it a hard theoretical account to follow or mime if he was to go forth.

2.2 Leadership Styles and Team Development

Due to the success and efficiency of Virgin Group, the media often cover the leading and direction schemes of Virgin Group. Sir Richard Branson is renowned for his vibrant yet competitory leading manner. Harmonizing to Mullins ( 2007 ) and Daft ( 2002 ) , leading is basically a relationship through which one individual influences the behavior or actions of other people, those people deliberately wish for major alterations, and the alterations mirror intents shared by followings and leaders. In the instance of the Virgin Group, this means that the manner of Sir Richard Branson ‘s leading can non be separated from the activities of Virgin Group and the effectual teambuilding within the administration. This supported by Grant ( 2005 ) and Jackson ( 1998 ) who states that a major subscriber to the Virgin Group ‘s success is the imaginative leading manner of Richard Branson.

This leads us to closely analyze Richard Branson leading manners. In analyzing Richard Branson ‘s manner, his ability as to act upon and skill to construct a common thought among his employees are renowned. Mintzberg ( 2009 ) maintains that you earn leading from those you lead. He proposes that leading is about gaining the regard of employees, something which Branson appears to make a batch in his calling. One of the ways he does this is through his sense of equality and equity in how he treats people and by advancing level, non hierarchal construction to run his concerns ( Grant, 2005 ) . The early 1980 ‘s saw a great paradigm displacement in the manner of leading, from transactional to transformational. ( Gaughan, 2001 ) . Earlier theoretical accounts to leading, such as the situational or eventuality theoretical accounts of Fiedler ( 1967 ) , Vroom and Yetton ( 1973 ) , and Hersey and Blanchard ( 1969 ) , focused on placing the manners and behaviors, which predicted effectual results depending on a assortment of situational factors. In an administration and environment where changeless alteration is the norm, these writers did non assist to offer any advice. During this clip, the transformational and magnetic theoretical accounts began to emerge ( Bryman, 1992 ) , which comprised thoughts such as magnetic and airy in their construct of what leading meant. Richard Branson manner of leading is best summarised as a transformational attack ( Lussier & A ; Achua, 2009 ) . BransonA has besides been labelled as a ‘transformationalA leader ‘ by direction vocabulary, for his individualist schemes and his emphasis on the Virgin Group as an administration driven on informality and information, one that ‘s bottom heavy instead than strangled by top-level direction. Harmonizing to ( Bass, 1985 ) Transformational leading is a manner of leading that occurs when leaders ‘broaden and promote the involvements of their people, when they generate consciousness and credence of the intents and mission of their group, and when they stir their people to look beyond opportunism for the good of the group.

Transformational leaders are often compared with others who can set rapidly to alter ( Bass, 1985 ) . Branson obviously shows his flexibleness and success in seting to altering organizational civilizations as his been able to convey in new concerns and travel into new sector whilst conveying his people with him ( Grant, 2005 ) . Surveies by Lowe et Al. ( 1996 ) and Patterson et Al, ( 1995 ) have confirmed the positive relationship between transformational leading and public presentation. This has helped to back up why Richard Branson has been able to do Virgin such a success. Bass ( 1985 ) states that transformational leading is more likely reflect societal values and to come up in troubled times and alteration. This lies true with Virgin, an administration that is centred on changeless growing and alteration, as a consequence doing the transformational manner more suited. For illustration, of how Richard Branson demonstrated this transformational attack was when he gave Virgin Atlantic employees his personal contact inside informations and encouraged them to send on any thoughts and suggestions for betterments by reaching him straight ( Jackson, 1998 ) .

Transformational leading theory implies that this attack of leading is likely to convey approximately empowerment and growing among followings ( Bass, 1985 ) . However, Howell ( 1988 ) states this type of manner may do followings to depend on the leader. This indicates on a psychologically degree, followings ‘ ego regard and motive may depend on acknowledgment and positive feedback from the leader. In the instance of Virgin group, this may non needfully an issue despite Richard Branson personality being marked everyplace all through concern he still manages to authorise his employees with a grade of independency. A survey of magnetic and transformational leading theories suggests that such leaders perchance will accomplish act uponing followings who personally identify with this manner every bit good as with the co-workers they work with ( Yukl, 2002 ) . Harmonizing to ( Conger & A ; Kanungo, 1998 ) personal designation with the leader is down to the leader ‘s magnetic attack and is based on referent power. Similarly, Shamir, House and Arthur, ( 1993 ) argues one cardinal manner leaders can act upon followings is by going a function theoretical account.

Social acknowledgment is another facet of Richard Branson leading manner worth foregrounding. Once persons associate with a group, they set up their ego regard and ego belief to some extent on their belonging to that group, with group failures and successes being faced as personal to the person ( Mael & A ; Ashforth, 1992 ) . Followings are inspired by the leader to place with the group aims and moralss Shamir, House and Arthur, ( 1993 ) by linking the followings self belief to the mission statement of the administration and ends of the group.

The ways in which Richard Branson gets his employees to recognize with the administration, every bit good as himself, is through pull offing the temper of his administration ( Jackson, 1998 ) . He has been known to be empathetic and self cognizant which has allows him to instinctively takes in how clients and employees ‘ feel and gauge the administration ‘s emotional province. Harmonizing to Salovey et Al ( 2004 ) , emotional intelligence is the ability to exactly state apart other ‘s emotions plus your ain. Salovey et Al ( 2004 ) besides states one of the chief ways of going a exultant leader is through emotional intelligence, something that Richard Branson has manage to accomplish through the manner he surveies himself and others.

Finally, perchance one of the most powerful traits in Richard Branson ‘s leading manner is his relentless finding to carry through his ends, despite a few obstructions in his manner. Zaleznik ( 2004 ) states that leaders and directors think about ends otherwise to one another, leaders tend to be active whilst directors are more reactive. The way an administration takes is determined by the influence the leaders uses when altering frame of heads, proposing outlooks and in making specific aims and desires. The net result of this influence, it changes how people consider what is executable or desirable in footings of ends. As a consequence, leaders are able to instil some enthusiasm for peculiar ends on their followings. Regardless of some negative fortunes chiefly external, Richard Branson ‘s relentless defining of the vision for his company and his ability to inculcate these desires to those he hired is the ground for Virgin ‘s continues success and growing ( Grant, 2005 ) .

To sum-ups, Richard Branson ‘s magnetic manner of leading is one that comes from a mostly transformational attack to how he influences those in his administration. He shows clear accomplishments in his ability to read the emotions of others and to measure the temper of his ain civilization, while holding enormous accomplishments in how he can accommodate his manner and attack to the peculiar state of affairs or context he is in. His thrust and finding to win has been a cardinal component of his success, something that stems from a combination of genetic sciences and household fortunes. His success in going and staying an effectual leader of Virgin is mostly due to his willingness and ability to authorise persons within the administration. Branson has shown sensitiveness to the demands of others, such as the demand for acknowledgment, growing and accomplishment. Through his attending to and encouragement of thoughts and enterprises, Branson has gotten the support of his subsidiaries. His authorization at Virgin is extended by his royal poinciana and magnetic personality and attending catching behavior, both of which increased his visibleness and entreaty to staff and the populace. Although alone to Branson himself, this manner of leading is one that works really good within the Virgin imperium.


This instance survey has brought to a light many different schemes that an event director can use in a future function within the event industry every bit good as to keep a healthy organizational civilization. First suggestion would beA to follow a transformationalA leading manner. TransformationalA leading would let your employees to work together for one common end which is indispensable, particularly within the event industry when organizing an event. By working together your employees can come together to accomplish great things and better their overall efficiency.

My 2nd recommendation would be to use deputation. Delegation is a great manner to develop the accomplishments of your employees. When direction can find where a individual will be most efficient it will assist those involved in the undertaking. By seting people in the occupations that they a best suited for it will take to a more gratifying and effectual working environment.A

( alteration to civilization )

In a nutshell, there is a batch to be learnt from the civilization and leading of Virgin Group. ChairmanA Richard BransonA has created a alone civilization that has contributed to the long term success of the company. Although there is a clear differentiation between civilization and leading, the company has been able to incorporate a blend of each in many facets of Virgin Group. TheA transformationalA leading has proved to be a valuable tool for executives, directors, and workers likewise. Employees within the company have a willingness to work together to spread out and better the company in order to make their ain personal success in life.

Personal Leadership accomplishments appraisal

Looking back at the dark before Spy Games Development Day, my initial feelings were excitement, but apprehensive excessively because I did non cognize what was expected from me, nor did I cognize how helpful it was traveling to be. Thankfully, all that changed after the meeting in the forenoon.

Leadership has played an of import function in the completion of our Spy Games undertakings particularly the first one ; it was non the predictable and usual type of leading. There was no member of the group who emerged as a exclusive leader, but we as a group shared and took control of the leading that was needed to finish our undertakings. Each member had the opportunity to voice their sentiments, and from at that place separately we would put up ourselves for each undertaking we felt most confident in or had knowledge or experience in. Our group ‘s strongest property was that we were really organised ; this led to better public presentation and development. Our group was really optimistic, as there was ne’er a state of affairs where a group member was negative even when we failed to finish a undertaking on clip, which was why public presentation was really high and effectual. Even though we were non familiar with each other from the beginning, we still managed to work together without much struggle. The one statement we had was on the subject of whether a group member could be a leader for more than one undertaking. We did decide the struggle which made our group more comfy with each other. Overall the Spy Games Development Day was a success ; I learnt how to portion the leading function with the members within my group. I learnt that public presentation and development is a large factor in squad functions, and learned that struggle is non ever a bad thing.

Shared leading “ does non depend on one individual, but on how people act together to do sense of the state of affairss that face them ” ( Doyle and Smith, 2001 ) . In order to accomplish an effectual leading and an effective consequence at the terminal of the Spy Games, a shared leading needed to be present. In some ways shared leading was present largely through the out-of-door undertakings.

The primary factor