Karen Horney was a German psychologist who made major parts in psychological science. Some of these parts include things like in feminine psychological science. theory of ego. and self-psychology. On psychological science. about. com it is stated “Her defense of Freud’s theories about adult females generated more involvement in the psychological science of adult females. ” ( Cherry. 2013 ) Although Karen Horney did follow a great trade of Sigmund Freud’s theory. she did non hold the same sentiment with his beliefs on female psychological science. She didn’t accept his construct of male enviousness. stating it was both wrong and mortifying to adult females. Horney proposed. alternatively. the construct of uterus enviousness. where work forces experience feelings of humbleness because they could non give birth to kids. “Is non the enormous strength in work forces of the urge to originative work in every field exactly due to their feeling of playing a comparatively little portion in the creative activity of life existences. which invariably impels them to an over-compensation in accomplishment? ”

Horney suggested. ( Cherry. 2013 ) Karen Horney’s theory of ego was a really of import part to psychology in demoing how the manner a neurotic individual positions themselves is different than the manner that a healthy individual positions themselves. She believed that neuroticism was a changeless procedure. with neuroticisms happening normally at irregular intervals in a person’s life-time. The neurotic’s individuality is more or less split into a loathed ego and a perfect ego. Other theoreticians hypothesize a “looking-glass” ( Boeree. 2007 ) ego. the you that you think others see. If you look about and see. whether accurately or non. others contemning you. so you receive that within you as what you presume to be the existent you. Neurotic individuals create an ideal self out of should and outlooks they believe they should be populating up to.

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The ideal ego is non a constructive end. It is unrealistic and. in the terminal. unachievable. So. in bend. a neurotic individual bouncinesss back and Forth between detesting themselves and feigning to be perfect. ( Boeree. 2007 ) . Horney besides encouraged soul-searching and self-help which still gets small regard in the psychological community. Karen supposed that people were able to move as their ain healers. stressing the personal function each individual has in their ain mental wellness. Karen wrote one of the earliest self-help books. and supposed that ( with instead minor neurotic problems ) we may good be our ain head-shrinkers. ( Boeree. 2007 ) . One failing in all of her work is that her theory is limited to neurotic individuals. in add-on to go forthing out psychotics and other jobs. she besides leaves out the healthy individual. However. given that she does set neuroticism every bit good as wellness on a individual graduated table. she does talk out to the neurotic in all worlds.

It is through Karen Horney’s major parts and work in feminine psychological science. theory of ego. ego analysis and ego aid that the universe of psychological science is the manner it is today.


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