Love is merely an fondness that we feel but friendship is the 2nd most of import thing in the universe. friendship weighs more. because we can happen another particular person but you can’t happen that true friend even if you search for a really long clip.

one more thing. survey foremost earlier prosecuting to that really complicated thing. harmonizing to the wikipedia. Love is a assortment of different feelings. provinces. and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal fondness ( “I love my mother” ) to pleasure ( “I loved that meal” ) . It can mention to an emotion of a strong attractive force and personal fond regard. [ 1 ] It can besides be a virtuousness stand foring human kindness. compassion. and affection—”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another” . [ 2 ] It may besides depict compassionate and fond actions towards other worlds. one’s self or animate beings. [ 3 ]

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Ancient Greeks identified four signifiers of love: affinity or acquaintance ( in Greek. storge ) . friendly relationship ( affection ) . sexual and/or romantic desire ( eros ) . and self-emptying or godly love ( agape ) . [ 4 ] [ 5 ] Modern writers have distinguished farther assortments of romantic love. [ 6 ] Non-Western traditions have besides distinguished discrepancies or symbioses of these provinces. [ 7 ] This diverseness of utilizations and significances combined with the complexness of the feelings involved makes love remarkably hard to systematically specify. compared to other emotional provinces.

Love in its assorted signifiers acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and. owing to its cardinal psychological importance. is one of the most common subjects in the originative humanistic disciplines. [ 8 ]

Love may be understood as a map to maintain human existences together against threats and to ease the continuance of the species.

This is merely my manner of showing but its up to you if what will you take. but be wise and courageous plenty of whatever your determination is.