The subject of alteration is explored throughout the novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. Penguin Books 1992. where she confronts the readers about the assortment of alterations go oning in Josephine Alibrandi’s life. Similarly Bing Sixteen by Michael Khan besides explores the changing of the character as she grows up and alterations her position. Change may be caused by many influences. such as household. civilization. society and the environment ; these influences are shown in both texts. therefore. alteration can be unexpected and unwanted but it must be understood that alteration is a natural portion of life. The fresh Looking for Alibrandi efficaciously explores the subject of alteration. it is seen through the novel that Josephine Alibrandi. the chief character and storyteller. significantly changes as an person. friend and household member as her position on life alterations throughout the twelvemonth.

First individual narrative gives the respondents an penetration into Josie’s head and uncover how her feelings alteration towards Jacob Coote and the alterations that occur in her life. As she is “beginning to recognize that things don’t turn out the manner you want them to” the readers feel empathy and suspense as she narrates her inspirational narrative. Another technique Marchetta uses to make suspense and besides add tenseness to the plot line is by adding eclipsis which leads up to what Josie reveals to the readers. As Josephine is about peer pressured into going confidant with her short term fellow. she stops and says “until … possibly until I’m engaged” . The usage of eclipsis illustrates the tenseness between Jacob and Josie. but reveals that Josie does non alter even though Jacob is coercing her. this adds to the character of Josie and proves to the audience that she is strong and will stand up for herself.

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Therefore Marchetta portrays that alteration may be difficult to avoid. although the right alteration is needed to go the individual we desire to be. Josephine is strong plenty to province her ideas and non be easy influenced by others ; this inspires readers to be like her. Similarly. the verse form “Being Sixteen” besides explores the subject of alteration and turning up into a strong person. the character experiences the negative effects that alteration may hold on an individual’s sense of individuality. The repeat of “never been easy Sixteening” emphasises to the readers how difficult the life of a 16 twelvemonth old is while populating in a barbarous universe but besides implies that it has been hard for all coevalss. non merely the current. This shows that we as people change. but some things like equal force per unit area on adolescents may ne’er alter and this must be confronted and later dealt with.

This message is besides seen in Looking for Alibrandi where Josie’s female parent and grandma experienced the same hurting such as people judging and peer coercing them which is what Josie is digesting. The character in “Being Sixteen” is “trying to connect” and is “searching for meaning” although non accomplishing it. The usage of active verbs places the verse form in the present and causes the reader to measure their life and how it may associate to these phrases. The enjambement throughout the verse form escalates the gait and shows the deficiency of control that the character has of her life ; it besides confuses the reader which relates to how baffled the character feels. By adding the enjambement. it illustrates the battles of accomplishing the coveted alteration that the lonely 16 twelvemonth old wants in this chilling universe.

Michael Khan suggests that alteration is difficult to accomplish. and that doggedness and difficult work can demo positive alterations in self-identity. Thus. Khan clearly conveys the negative deductions and battles associated with alteration. Marchetta uses assorted literary techniques in Looking for Alibrandi to appeal to the audience and prosecute them in understanding the positive and negative alterations involved with being a adolescent. these alterations shown in the novel may be relatable to the audience or may be helpful for subsequently throughout the reader’s life. It can steer younger readers and assist them do informed picks. The conversational linguistic communication used throughout the fresh sets the scene. temper and ambiance of the book.

Jacob says “Mate. I’m non traveling to see a Viola tricolor hortensis movie” this linguistic communication is used so the readers are able to farther relate to the linguistic communication used. alternatively of utilizing formal linguistic communication which does non accommodate the high school universe which Josie is in. Sarcasm is used in Looking for Alibrandi to convey in an interesting manner the relationships that she has with the other characters. When Josie was holding a conversation with her male parent she replies. “What a pathetic inquiry. I suppose you’re traveling to inquire me if I like pasta following? ” The usage of irony by Josie. clearly demonstrates the temper in the novel this sets the foundation for the father-daughter relationship to develop and alter over the class of the novel.

At the terminal of the fresh Josie admits to holding “Italian blood fluxing quickly through” her venas. this usage of metaphor symbolises that she now accepts herself. the life that she has and the household and friends that are a portion of it. Josie understands that the alteration that occurred in her life led to a positive result and she now is thankful for who she is and what she has become. Through the altering positions of the characters in both Being Sixteen and Looking for Alibrandi it can be seen that alteration can convey upon experience. apprehension and growing. Both texts likewise identify the construct alteration with similar literary and structural techniques every bit good as differing 1s. Josie and the character in Being Sixteen accept and understand that alteration must happen for them to develop as people and that there were battles while the alteration occurs. but they must get the better of these obstructions to go the best people they can. Overall. the cardinal construct of alteration is successfully conveyed by Marchetta and Khan in Looking for Alibrandi and Being Sixteen through assorted literary and structural techniques.