About everyone has some sort of leisure clip whether it is a couple hours or a couple yearss. What varies is the type of recreational activities people choose to make during that clip. Although leisure and diversion is chosen based on 1s alone single involvements. there are many sociocultural factors that influence the type of recreational activities we do. when we do it and how frequently we do it. These factors include political. spiritual. societal. biological and many others. The sociocultural factor that is most dominant in act uponing my leisure and diversion is the environmental factor.

Environmental factors that influence my leisure include the vicinity or country that I live in. the weather/climate. and besides the household civilization I was raised in. These factors facilitate the leisure activities I am able to make and restrain certain activities as good. The economic factor besides has some influence on my leisure and diversion. I find involvement in many recreational activities but these factors have great influence on the activities I can make. When building my seven twenty-four hours clip map. there were a batch of general forms that I noticed in footings of when I do my day-to-day activities.

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First of all. working out in the gym was one of my most regular recreational activities. I worked out at around the same clip every afternoon. right after my forenoon university categories. On some occasions. after my work out. I played hoops and that was the lone other physical activity I engaged in. Furthermore. a batch of my leisure was used socialising at place with my household and watching films with them. Other activities I did in my leisure was watch telecasting. look into my societal media messages to maintain in touch with friends. and watch games and high spots of the athleticss I follow.

These are all indoor leisure activities which I have easy entree excessively. In my clip map some activities were ambivalent as to whether they were considered leisure or non. For illustration there are infinite periods throughout the hebdomad where I engage in supplication. I do non hold this activity leisure because it is considered a spiritual responsibility or duty. Although my clip map has periods of leisure. overall there is non much clip for leisure and diversion as bulk of my clip is sacrificed for school.

To sum up. my clip map shows that many of my recreational activities are molded in distinguishable ways alternatively of being placed at random. which shows that there are many factors that influence my leisure. An environmental factor that has a large influence in restraining my leisure is Toronto’s cold clime. Before I came to Canada. bulk of my diversion consisted of playing out-of-door athleticss such as cricket and association football. I no longer play those athleticss as the conditions is excessively cold and unsuitable for those out-of-door activities.

One thing to observe is that in Canada. encouragement for kids to play athleticss is missing and there has been a tendency demoing fewer and fewer kids take parting in athletics since the 1990s ( hypertext transfer protocol: //publications. gigahertz. ca/collections/Collection/CH24-1-2000-1E. pdf? ) . It could be possible that turning up in that sort of environment as a kid influenced the deficiency of importance I give to feature during my leisure clip. Many immigrants who come to Canada hold to accommodate and alter their manner of life. including what they do in their diversion ( Khandor. 2011 ) .

Most fledglings easy start absorbing to the athleticss that are popular in Toronto ( Khandor. 2011 ) . In Parissa Safai’s talk on fledglings. she stated that the more younger the immigrant is when they arrive to Canada. the more easy they assimilate to Canada’s athletics civilization. When I came to Canada I easy started playing hoops more and more every twelvemonth because that was the best manner for me to do friends and tantrum in to the new environment. Furthermore. during the winter months. hoops was the lone athletics I had entree excessively because there were indoor tribunals available.

These environmental factors inclined me to take hoops as my chief diversion in footings of competitory athletics and now it is one of my favourite athleticss. It was difficult for me to prosecute in my old recreational activities because cipher enjoyed playing association football or cricket. This constrained my picks in footings of what sort of recreational activities I wanted to make. Another factor that separated me from playing athleticss such as association football and cricket were economic factors. During the winter season. the lone manner I could play these athleticss was if I joined the indoor conferences but these conferences were rather expensive.

Coming from a in-between category household. these excess disbursals were difficult to pull off and prolong. Soon it became excessively much and so I had to discontinue and happen other recreational activities to make in my leisure. Due to these assorted sociocultural factors. my engagement in certain athleticss was badly hampered while other athleticss such as hoops were vastly facilitated. Another environmental factor that truly controls when I do my leisure is the country or vicinity where I live. I do non populate in a esteemed country and therefore there are many things missing such as diversion centres and gyms.

Your built environment influences how physically active you are because you are more likely engage in healthy recreational activities if they are close and easy accessible to you ( Handy. Susan et Al. 2002 ) . As Professor Humana discussed in his talk. your environment and community plays a large function in what sort of recreational activities you do and how often you do them. The closest gym to me is on my university campus. about one hr off and the rank is besides inexpensive. As a consequence. I tend to ever make my weight-lifting exercise right after my forenoon university classes as shown on my clip map.

I know that if I commute place right after category alternatively of traveling to the campus gym. it becomes a batch more hard to accomplish that diversion subsequently on. Waiting in the cold and taking the coach for one hr merely to exercise is a batch more unsympathetic and therefore would drive me off from prosecuting in this recreational activity. Because I am already on campus. I realize of course that it is my lone opportunity to travel to the gym and exercise as there is no recreational installation around where I live. This infinite and environment factor encourages and facilitates me to take portion in this recreational activity at that specific clip.

In add-on. I have a close friend who besides goes to the gym at around the same clip and we ever workout together. Whenever I go to the gym with him. exercises are done more expeditiously and aptly because we ever motivate one another and force each other to the bound. Being in an environment where the exercise is intense and done exhaustively gives me added inducement to travel to the gym at that specific clip. On top of that. I enjoy being in an environment where I am making diversion with a friend as opposed to making it by myself.

These environmental factors. particularly the locality/area factor. manipulate when I choose to make this type of leisure and ease how frequent I am in making it. A good sum of my leisure clip comprises of disbursement clip with my household at place. whether it is watching a film with them or merely socialising. This recreational activity has a batch to make with the household environment I was raised in. Asiatic civilizations tend to set a large accent on household duty and holding positive household relationships ( Fuligni. Tseng. and Lam. 1999 ) .

In these civilizations. a person’s value in society is measured by how strong their household bond. including their distant relations ( Fuligni. Tseng. and Lam. 1999 ) . In my household civilization. disbursement clip with your household is of import as it shows good etiquette and regard. Whenever my parents have leisure clip they ever spend it making something with the household as opposed to traveling out with their friends or making something on their ain. My male parent has ever had a tradition of conveying place films for the whole household to watch together on the weekend. This gave me a family-first outlook so whenever I get leisure clip. they are my first precedence.

As a kid I have ever seen this positive household atmosphere so it is natural for me to pass my leisure clip with them. All in all. taking to pass my leisure with my household is greatly facilitated by the environment I grew up in. One facet of my diversion that is badly prevented because of environmental factors is the chances I get to socialise and travel out with my friends. All my friends live out of walking distance from me so it takes rather a spot of travel to make their topographic points. The cold. winter environment makes it even more hard for me to run into up with them and frailty versa.

Other environmental factors such as coachs taking so long to get besides do it difficult to socialise or travel out with anybody. Furthermore. there is a batch of building around the country where I live and therefore it is a long walk before I can acquire to any sort of transit. In developing vicinities and countries the built environment are ill constructed and therefore there is minimum conveyance or conveyance is difficult to entree ( Handy. Susan et Al. 2002 ) . The freezing winter conditions. along with all these other factors truly constrains my ability to socialise with my friends and travel out.

The lone times I am able to socialise with my friends are if we meet up right after our university categories. In add-on. sometimes economical factors besides constrain my ability to socialise with my friends. Often times when my friends want to travel out. the leisure activity requires a batch of money. Some illustrations include traveling to the films. fancy eating houses. counters. skiing and many more. I do non hold a occupation and my parents do non believe it is necessary to be passing so much money on leisure and recreational activities.

As a consequence of all these many factors. I am restrained from traveling out with my friends and therefore they are rarely portion of my leisure activities. A large portion of my leisure and diversion includes traveling on the cyberspace. This includes all the societal media sites such as chirrup. facebook. skype and many others. Furthermore. it includes the assorted athleticss web sites I go on to see the high spots and acquire updated with the latest tonss. Surfboarding the cyberspace is a type of diversion that about every pupil is familiar with. The sum of pupils that spend clip on the cyberspace has gone up at an exponential rate over the past five old ages ( Aguiar. 2006 ) .

I believe there are many factors that lead me and many others to utilize our leisure clip surfing the cyberspace. First. we live in an environment where the cyberspace is accessible about anyplace you go. You can entree it through your cell phone. laptop or computing machine. Besides. I do non populate near to any of my friends and it is hard to run into up with them in such cold conditions conditions. In a manner. this gives me inducement to travel on these assorted societal media sites so I can maintain in touch with my friends and remain updated. In fact. statistical analysis shows that societal media is by far the most popular sites that pupils visit on the cyberspace ( hypertext transfer protocol: //nces. erectile dysfunction. gov/pubs2006/2006065. pdf ) .

I besides use the cyberspace to remain updated with my favourite athleticss. During the school twelvemonth there is non adequate leisure clip to sit down for hours and watch athleticss games. With the cyberspace available about all the clip. you can happen out the mark and ticker speedy high spots so you can still hold some leisure in a work filled twenty-four hours. On the whole. with the cold winter environment maintaining me indoors bulk of the clip. there is a batch more inducement for me to utilize an indoor activity such as the cyberspace. during my leisure clip.

The cold conditions clime besides has influence on the staying leisure activities I portion take in. These activities include watching telecasting. listening to music or merely loosen uping on my bed. What all these activities have in common are that they are indoor activities and easy to entree. Of all the environmental factors. the clime had the greatest affect on my leisure. Although leisure and diversion may look to be things that are done with a batch of freedom and bureau. that is non the instance. There are many concealed factors and fortunes that dictate what type of recreational activities you take portion in and when your leisure clip occurs.

Because I was born outside of Canada. in a hot and humid state. I feel that environmental factors had the biggest and most blazing affect on my leisure and diversion. The forms and frequences of my leisure activities made me reflect on what factors facilitated some of my diversion. My inability to take portion in some of the leisure activities I liked. showed me the factors that constrict some of my diversion. In decision. I learned that although we choose the type of leisure and diversion we participate in and bask. that excessively is influence by certain factors. Mentions Aguiar. M. ( 2006 ) .

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